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Shopping My Green Beauty Stash #2 October 2017

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Shopping My Green Beauty Stash #2

I started this Shop My Stash series last month where I show what products I am reaching for the most at any given month specifically from my stash. This isn't necessarily a repeat of Favourites posts, which I do quarterly - some products do not always translate into faves, even if my initial first impressions are good, you know what I mean? And some products are being used to use it up and never to be repurchased - and as always I will be clear why. Did anyone notice I never followed up my Project Pan post? I guess I was overwhelmed with the amount of products I had to go through and trailed off.. This shopping my stash is also like Project Pan in a way, and I like it this way way better, as I pick around five or seven items each month, rather the whole tray of products to finish, so it seems easy and do-able! So let's see?

DrAlkaitis Organic Healing Gel

I bought this in the summer and I think I failed to mention it anywhere - big whoops! Great for my dermatitis prone skin, as it quickly takes care of flare ups if I am unlucky enough to get them. Pricy, but I already know I will repurchase it once I run out. I will review it sometime in the future too. This has a lot of essential oils in it, and somehow my skin manages to tolerate them very well - must be the formulation!

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

Now that the temperatures are dropping, I am upping my misting game! Am I the only one with the heating on btw? Never mind. I bought this from Amazon as I wanted to see what the green beauty world is buzzing about - seriously, I am to come across a bad review of it! I might be going against the grain here, but I find the scent too sweet, so I am not sure if I will get it again - there are too many toners and mists on my wishlist. After being like 2000 years late to the toning game, now I want them all! See my toners and mists post here - and the list keeps growing! Tell me your favourites so I could check them out too.

Isun Skincare Sapphire & Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Akaliko Facial Oils

Despite loving the hell out of DrHauschka Rose Day Cream (review here), which I mentioned in my Shopping My Stash #1 post, facial oils are re-entering my life in a form of ISUN Skincare Sapphire and Wabi-Sabi Botanicals oils - and I do enjoy both of them immensely! Both amazing, with different ingredients. At the moment I am using either one of them, although I should pick one and leave the other for another month or six weeks. That is how I test products for my reviews, and I am due reviews for both of them eventually. I probably forgot to mention that I dropped facial oils out of my routine last spring - despite loving and using only oils as a face moisturisers for many years, I did some digging and found that dermatitis hates oils and the skin needs moisturisers instead - I guess i knew this deep down, but didn't want to admit it to myself - I was too attached to them. Let's see how it pans out this time round.

Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream For Face and Body

A very recent discovery and it came just in time, as I managed to gluten myself recently and am sporting a breakout on my face. I knew I shouldn't eat out, sigh. So I applied this on my face immediately upon getting it, and the first impressions are good! The insane itching is diminished somewhat, and I think the redness is too. I obviously need a bit more time to fully form my opinion on it. I think I will touch on it when I will write a post on products good for dermatitis, when I will get round it it, that is.

Mahalo Balm

I have won this and a couple of more Mahalo products around the same time last year, and as they are so pricy, I treated them like they are made of gold, and used them as little as possible. Wrong way to go on about it! Now I am using to use them up - I also have a little bit of the Rare Indigo balm left too. They are both amazing, and as I know I won't be able to afford both (oh man, how I wish I had unlimited play money - their Vitality Elixir Serum is amazing and I wish I had that right now!), I think I will choose to get Mahalo Rare Indigo, as it does more to my dermatitis prone skin. Mahalo balm is also amazing, and if you have normal, non reactive skin, you might want to look into it. At the moment I am using it as a hand balm every night, as my Madara balm didn't cut it out of the sudden - I enjoyed it in the summer, but now it's colder, it tends not to do much - five minutes after applying my hands are crying for more product and are dry again. Never the case with Mahalo balm. If you are interested in my two cents aka the review of products, see it here.

Green Life In Dublin
Shopping my stash - natural dental care products

Earthpaste toothpaste

As I wrote in my my dental care post here, I am after a glycerine free carageenan free toothpaste, and this is both of those things free, so when one of the health shops I frequent started carrying it, I bought it straight away. Verdict? Not repurchasing sadly - this doesn't clean well on its own, and I need additional products in a form of dental powders and Living Libation products to do a job well done.

Living Libations tooth drops & Living Libations ozonated tooth gel

I talk about both of these products in the same dental care post, and despite high price I think these are brilliant products and I want to repurchase both of them, as well as explore the dental line further, as well as all other Living Libations products! They have released some new toothpastes too, so I want want want! /insert greedy eye monster emoji here/

Allafia Strawberry Coconut hair and body wash

This is a repurchase from Amazon again and again - one of the clean and affordable clean lines I come back to over and over again. Sometimes found in TKMaxx too, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled & check my post on what else you can find in TKMaxx when it comes to natural products :)

and now a few products that didn't make it into photo, but I am using them nonetheless:

Ooh oils - sampler pack

These came in Love Lula September Beauty Box - and as the temperatures are cooling, I am digging into them! Rosehip oil is my favourite, so I am starting with that one. You might want to check them out here - they come in cutest mini 5ml bottles and you will definitely get multiple uses out of each one. Thus you will be able to see for yourself which one is for you.

Trilogy wash & face cream

The cleanser is good in a way that it hadn't made me react nor is making my face dry and tight, so I am eyeing this for full size purchase. The cream is good too, but I will be purchasing it for my daughter rather than for myself - in a pinch I can use it too, but it seems to be not enough of a moisture now, in October, plus it makes my skin itch somewhat, a sure sign my skin doesn't react well to one of the ingredients.

What are you guys reaching for these days? Please share, I want to know! 

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