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How To Make Any Sheet Mask Last Longer!

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How To Make Sheet Mask Last Longer

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Enjoy masking? Using one of those 100% Pure or any other sheet masks? Today I wanted to share one little trick with you - you all know I am am all about saving and making things last where I can, and I like sharing it all with you of course :) Why? Because I love my followers, that's why! And if this post helps some of you, or at least one person, to make your hard earned cash last longer, I would be a happy girl!

2017 was the year I really upped my masking game, after only discovering them last year - I know, I can't believe it myself! I am like two thousand years late to the game. Up until then I saw masking as an unnecessary step that nobody has time for - oh boy, how wrong I was! Now that I am well into the "wrong" side of thirties (ahem ahem!), I finally am starting to take care of myself too, and schedule "me time" at least once a week.  I have a decade or so of masking to catch up on :) I have tried a good few of them (let me know if you want a masking post on the ones I have, and I will happily do it for you) and one of my favourite types are sheet masks. Unfortunately they can be quite pricey, so I can't treat myself to them much, so whenever I get my paws on one, I try to make it last as long as possible. I know what are you thinking, and no, I won't be suggesting re-using the same mask three times, no! Some of them can be reused, for example my beloved 100%Pure Caffeine sheet masks (as I love to say, these make your skin red carpet ready, a link to the review can be found at the bottom of this post), but most of them are one time use ones. So, what's my trick you ask? Well, the secret is to save the essence or the clear liquid in the pouch, and that is exactly the secret for making it last! You see, whatever material your actual mask is, be it cotton sheet, algae or plant cellulose (I do hope you are using natural ones!), the actives are found in the essence the mask is submerged in, and that is why I suggest you do not waste it! The amount of this "liquid gold" - not literally, it's what I like to call it - will depend, but 100%Pure ones definitely contain enough essence for three more uses I find! So have small glass bottle at the ready when you are about to mask and you will thank me later :)

Make your 100%Pure Caffeine mask (or any sheet mask) last longer!

What I like to do is to take a rice paper wrapper (yes, the same edible one you make your vegetable rolls with!), cut it in the way you see in the photo below and apply the masking essence after wetting the rice sheets with cooled green tea or a toner/mist and use it as a mask. Rice paper is actually good for your skin on it's own and has multiple benefits to the skin. I talk about it more in "100%Pure Caffeine Sheet Mask Review" post, so I would suggest you check it out after reading this post :) The photo is pretty much self explanatory, the top part goes on the forehead, the bottom on the chin, and those parts in the the middle left and right are for your cheeks, while the last one in the center goes on your nose. I like this cutting method so much more than applying the whole round with cut outs for the eyes and mouth.

Rice paper masking

Don't have or don't want to use rice paper? No problem! You can use those "tablet" sheet masks made out of cotton, you can get a hundred of them pressed into a tablet shape, hence the name, for very cheap on amazon, and they will last you for a very long time. You can use them with different activating ingredients, not necessary essences all time, you can use manuka honey, mix in spirulina, mix in baobab for vitamin C, add your favourite toner or rose water to thin it out - the list is endless!

Don't have those either? Again, no worries! Just pour the essence liquid into a small glass bottle or a spray bottle and use it on it's own! I have started decanting mine into spray bottle, and I find I can make it last for a week or so, after the mask itself is long gone. I apply mine in the mornings after cleansing my face but before moisturiser, and I give it ten or fifteen minutes to soak in, while I drink coffee or green tea and check emails first thing in the morning. Just make sure to keep it in the fridge after decanting. You don't want it to spoil.

So, that is my tip for today for you, I hope you found this post interesting or useful - let me know if it was?
I am all about making things last and saving a few pennies while doing so :) I will be a happy girl if you will too!

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