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Natural & Organic Empties September 2017

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Green Life In Dublin
Natural & Organic September 2017 Empties
Blogger's Empties - Green Beauty Edition

This is take two of this post, yesterday I lost a post that was around 2k words long, so it made me kinda mad, but I promised on Instagram I'd do it, so here it is. A promise is a promise!
We all know how empties post work, I pull out stuff in a random order and give my feedback on them, so let's dive in, shall we?

Sambucol for kids x2

Two, because we opened sickness season early this year. Insert a hand palm emoji here!
A repurchase? Yes, on a constant rotation! I have two backups and an adult one too. It helps us not to get sick, and if we are already sick, it speeds up the recovery.

Jack 'N' Jill kids toothpaste x2

Two again, not sure how it happened? We have repurchased it already, that's the only toothpaste my 5yr old princess will use.

Flying Wild Foot Balm

I have review of this and some other Flying Wild products if you want to search for it, and I also talked about it in my Mr Green Life In Dublin products post. Sadly this appears to be discontinued and I have to say I will miss it.

Organii Almond Cream soap

Again, I have a review of nearly all company's products - but I doubt if I will repurchase this soap, I have to be honest. PH is a bit high, the soap is too plain, and it ran out quickly. I like African Black Soap far more.

Blue Iron Nordic Vitality

The only iron supplement my kid would take - the blueberries add so much to it. Another repurchase, this costs a bit more than I was used to, but well worth it.

Isun Soothing Relief Balm

Wonderful product from a truly natural company I fell in love hard! I have a review in my last months post (I think). I would absolutely love to get it again sometime, but as part of my minimising plan, I have to halt a repurchasing for now - I have five other balms to go through. I am keeping luxe dark glass jar though.

Higher Nature Citridal

This I tried as a cheaper alternative to my beloved OreganolP73, but it didn't work that well, so I pushed it aside and sadly found it expired. I tried to use it as a mouthwash but it tastes really bad by now, so I am tossing it. I will probably get it again to try at some point, as I know I it can be used in a few more ways not just as a natural antibiotic. Not at the moment though, as I just dropped a wad of cash at the health store preparing for winter, aka cold and flu season.

Naobay Renew Argan Oil

Good Argan oil from organic brand from Spain (their face and eye cream didn't work out so well for me) and I enjoyed it while it lasted. Not repurchasing it in a bid to minimise my stash. I feel I've done well.

Isun Skincare UK Peptide Eye cream

Great product from the company I love. This eye cream worked very well and I am reviewing it very soon. That's all I am going to say :)

Urban Veda Radiance Hydrating Tonic

This I bought in TKMaxx and sadly this didn't work out for me or for daughter. A bit too strong for my uber sensitive skin, but if your skin not so reactive, the good news is it is widely available everywhere, I've seen it in Avoca, health shops and it is available from Love Lula.

Spatone Liquid Iron

This is my previous iron supplement, and I would get it again if I will not find Blue Iron in the shop at a time.

Warrior Botanicals Natural Cream Deodorant

A natural deodorant that works. I usually use my own DIY, but I find this works too, when so many natural deodorants fail! Hoping to review this Irish company and their products sometime.

John's Masters Organics Lavender Shampoo

Great natural shampoo that came in Love Lula Beauty Box. I went on to purchase a bigger sampler bottle and I am currently deciding if I want to get a full size. Really natural ingredients, but I am having a lot of more flyaways than I am used to, and I am not entirely happy with how my hair looks. It also does not work on it's own, it needs a conditioner to go with it.

Phb Natural Mascara

Came in Love Lula Beauty Box July 2017.
Gives great length and volume, I was really happy with it for a first couple of weeks, but then it started flaking and irritating my eyes. So glad I didn't rush with a review - I normally test products for around 6 weeks before publishing a review, and this product didn't stand the test of time for me. I know a lot of people love it, but I moved onto Inika's Long Lash Mascara, which I like far more.

Ere Perez Lip Bar in Love

I have a review of this and a couple of more products from the brand if you want to see my two cents on them. When it comes to this lip bar, I chose it over a lipstick because of SPF in it, but I got a wrong colour for me, so it wasn't used much, and I have to part with it now because it starts smelling bad, like a crayon. I might pick up another Lip Bar come next summer, in different shade of course, but for now I have two Hurraw Sun Balms to go through, one is a leftover from summer, one came in a Love Lula August Beauty Box. So I am set for at least 6-7 months I think? Speaking of lip products with SPF, what are your favourite ones? Please leave a comment so I could check them out?

Atlantic Aromatics - a few essential oils

All expired, mainly because I didn't do much after purchasing them, so therefore not repurchases. Lemongrass, citronella and jasmine absolute.

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30

I was kindly sent this by lovely Barbara from but by the time it got there, it separated. I have had a generous sample of this before, and I am sad to report it made me break out. I tested it for 10days, getting a new pimple each day, so sadly I have to leave it. Pity, because I really wanted to like it, it is a beautiful natural product, just sadly not for me.

DrHauschka Rose Day Cream

I just published a review of it, and went on to repurchase it straight away, as all the other creams I tried in between didn't come up to scratch. At the moment it is my favourite face cream.

Kiss My Face Strawberry Lip Balm

Usda certified organic lip balm sent from US. Nice scent and feel, sadly this wasn't as long lasting as I liked it to be, so that coupled with the fact it is from US sadly means I won't get it again. Sorry!

100%Pure Caffeine Sheet Mask

My favourite mask of the moment, check out my review of it if you haven't already - in that post I reveal one trick I do to make this mask last three times longer, and no, it is not what you think, not wearing the same mask over and over!
What are your favourite sheet masks that are totally natural?

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