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Natural & Organic Empties - August 2017

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Natural & Organic Wellness & Lifestyle Empties - Summer 2107
Natural & Organic Make Up, Skincare & Bodycare Empties - Summer 2017

Well, the name of the post is self explanatory, and we all know what these kind of posts are all about, so let's just dive right in. Make up products review links can be found at the end of this post for those of you interested :) Shall we see what I've finished and/or decluttering?

First let's see what I've actually finished:

Layla London Charcoal Toothpowder

I bought this in Boots for around 13€, so the price is not too bad, and the ingredients are really natural too - yay for it, because Boots does not carry that much of truly natural brands/products, mostly greenwashing ones. Anyways, back to the toothpowder - it does whiten your teeth indeed, but only one or two shades lighter than your normal colour. That's ok with me, I didn't expect miracles from it, so I am likely to repurchase it soon. The only thing is the texture feels a bit powdery/chalky, and it stains everything, I have to clean the sink after every use.


Bio-White 100% Natural Toothpowder With Calcium

This was purchased in Down To Earth Dublin, and it was a bargain at 6.90€ if I remember correctly. I talk about both of them in my Dental Routine post. Great ingredients, and the texture does not feel chalky at all, so I will buy it again, but I also want to try TheraNeem toothpowder I am also eyeing from the same shop, as well as Earthpaste that's new to Nourish - it does not have glycerin nor carageenan in it, two things I want to avoid in my toothpaste. The nuisance thing is, I already visited two Nourish shops looking for one, and neither of them have it, they keep telling me to visit the next branch - little note to the shop if you are reading - please make them available in all shops, so I wouldn't have to go to different places or order one in and then have to come back for it!

Pure Anada Hand and Body Lotion

This was nice, but on a runny side, so not investing in a full size just yet, as we are moving into cold season and my body will need more moisturisation in a form of body oils and butters. This came via Live in the light UK webshop, post here if you want to see it?

NYR Organic Elderberry Syrup

I just realised I don't talk about this wonderful and natural company enough and I really should! I enjoy a lot of their products for the last three years, and i intend to keep it that way. I make my annual order when some sale or the other is happening to make my euros stretch further, and apart from a couple of face products I found too strong, I really enjoy what I get from them - I should blog about them more often!

P.s. You will see a few more products I found too strong here in this post. Oh, the joys of uber sensitive skin!

Whoa, Renata, you just blabbed a whole chapter and didn't say a word about this wonderful elderberry syrup, get back on track girl! I find it great immune system booster, and I regret picking up just one bottle in my order - we kind of opened sickness season way too early this year, and it's already gone. Will be a repurchase as long as NYR will make it. If you are from Ireland, UK, Germany or France, you might want to shop my NYR page?

Allafia Coconut Strawberry Body & Hair Wash

Got if from Amazon & I also have a hair and body lotion in the same scent, which I am mainly using as a leave in conditioner and flyaway tamer.

Living Libations Spirulina Shampoo

This is one of the best if not the best shampoos in the green beauty world, and by the time I'll post this blog post the review will be either up already or coming soon after, so keep your eyes peeled for it. At the moment I am using Rahua, which is also good but does not give me that much shine as this one does. One to repurchase for sure.


Tea Tree Oil 30ml

A staple for more than ten years in my house, used everywhere, for stings, bug bites, spots, hair masks, cleaning, etc etc! I talk about it more in my Top Three Natural Products post, so check it out and let me tell you, you need to have this in your life. A bottle lasts for ages too. A repurchase? Always!

Vitamin D - Solgar 2500iu

I started taking it when I battled my dermatitis, and kept the habit - most people don't realize how deficient most of us are or that it is not only a vitamin, but also a hormone needed for more than 300 body functions daily - so if you don't take it yet, I would suggest you check your levels first (a blood work will show it) and start supplementing accordingly. I would say it is a must if you have any auto immune disease, but do check with your doctor and don't go for measly 10iu sold in most pharmacies - we need more than that. Do your own research and familiarize yourself with the fact that recommended daily allowance is a world away from an optimum levels - same goes for all vitamins & minerals. You can thank me later.

Dermaboost Hydration Spray

Really lovely refreshing toner spray sent to me by gorgeous Natural Beauty Vita (go check her out). Not sure if I am getting it again despite pure and minimal ingredients - I doubt it is available in EU & I moved on to Josh Rosebrook Hydration Accelerator & Amida from Wasi Sabi Botanicals - and I have a good few in my wish list too.

John Masters Organic Conditioner

This mini came in Love Lula Beauty Box May 2017  I mainly used it as a leave in conditioner. I went on to purchase a bigger mini of it, and will share my thoughts after using it up. It is good, but I need to make up my mind if it's worth a hefty price tag? If you happen to know cheaper leave in conditioner that works really well, please do let me know. At the moment I have a huge tub of Alaffia Hair & Body Lotion, which works really well for the hair, but isn't available from withing EU; Child's Farm detangler spray, which doesn't really work, plus it smells of tea tree oil and eucalyptus (I should have checked before buying, doh!) and I am mulling over of buying Calia from SoNaturalBeauty from Belgium, just don't want to pay 15€ for the shipping for it. 

Echinaforce Echinacea Tincture 

Another staple for years, and I always have it on hand in Autumn & Winter, aka The Cold And Flu Season - see my thoughts on it as well as other natural products arsenal against getting sick in my Natural Arsenal Against Cold & Flu post. It has some wonderfully bad pictures, so I am thinking of doing an updated post on it too. A repurchase? Yes. In double the size :)

Natural & Organic Products I am parting ways with - Summer 2017

and now for declutter(s) and the reasons behind it :)

Phb Gentle Moisturiser with Shea Butter and Apricot

This I got in Love Lula May box (if I remember correctly) and was overjoyed to find out it caused zero problems to my dry and uber sensitive skin. I happily used it for around two to three months until it started smelling weird, and with my skin like that, I learned to part with the products there and then, at the first sight of them changing, be it a change in smell, texture or colour; even though my trifty side tells me to keep using the product. My mom, who is against all kinds of wastage (and is equally strict minimalist) was agast when I was about to bin the product at 50% full, so she kept it to herself. I scooped a generous layer of and left her with strict instructions to bin it soon. Even though this particular cream had short shelf life in my case (strangely enough the POA sigh says it's good for 12 months after opening) I still plan to repurchase it at some time as well as write a review on it, but only after my second jar. So glad I didn't rush with first impressions review on it. My overall opinion on it is good, apart from it changing on me after just a couple of month's usage. Maybe I got a bad batch? Please let me know your experiences with this cream if you used before? I want to know how other people who got it via Love Lula Beauty Box. Enjoyed it? Not? Please let me know in the comments!

Ogario London Styling Mist

This came in the same LL Beauty Box and while I initially was very excited to try it, unfortunately I got very limited experience with it due to losing 95% of it to spillage on the plane. S**t happens but I was very sad about it, especially as I was very careful about it. Not sure if I will shell out 18£ for it, not because the product isn't worth it, but purely for other reason - I am super low maintenance when it comes to my hair, I use virtually zero styling products.

**funny story**not**

Another funny thing happened at the same time, and I would be laughing if I weren't so sad about it - my present of OreganolP73 I’d bought to my mom, turned out to be empty sealed bottle! I’d bought it in Nourish health shop and took it to Lithuania still sealed, but to my surprise the bottle turned out to be empty! It was completely empty when I took a plastic seal off it, and I was so shell shocked,and I still don't know what to think of it to this day! I still have a receipt of it and the empty bottle, but as I was away for more than a month without Internet, I didn't go to the shop to complain about it, as I didn't think anyone would believe me. And no, it didn't leak as well as Ogario product, the bottle was well sealed and the cap was screwed on tightly. If it leaked, my whole hand luggage would reek of oregano multiplied times thousand, anyone who has used Oreganol knows it has specific and potent smell. So that's my “funny” story, I got my mom an empty sealed 13.5ml bottle for 30 quid and zero response from the shop when I eventually emailed them about it.

Pure Anada lip shine in Berry Bliss

Really nice lip gloss, but I didn't enjoy the mintiness it has to it. I have reviewed it in my old Pure Anada review post, link at the end of this post if you are interested. Their mineral foundation remains a firm favourite.

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer in Light

I have not one but two reviews of it (again, can be found at the end of this post) and to this day it remains a firm favourite when it comes to under eye concealers, the coverage is insane! I didn't use it up, it expired on me, as you only need a pin prick amount of it, and I am not even kidding you! Thanks goodness it is available in EU now via Glow Organics Brighton, and I will chance to buy it in medium this time, as I find light is way too light on me in summer.

Zao Cream foundation in 733

Even though this was matched to this shade by the brand, I will go a shade down if I will come down to repurchasing, I found it too dark and ashy on me - it worked in summer but not for the rest of the year. Great coverage though and I was impressed with this brand. This is still good, not expired, not finished, I sanitised it well and am passing it on. Review in the link at the end of the post for those of you interested.

Living Nature Volume mascara

I am not sure if the review of it will be published before or after this post, so look out for detailed thoughts on it. Really natural and wonderful company, thankfully available in EU too. I really love their illuminating foundation, but when it comes to this particular mascara, I am not sure if I will get it again. It didn't impress me enough. Natural, great ingredients, gave nice length to my lashes, but I haven't noticed any volume, and my lashes definitely need volume. Didn't flake for the first few weeks, so if you are in the market for a natural looking mascara, this might be the one for you?

100% Pure Lip Gloss in Rainbow Aura

This is a lovely lip gloss with real milled gems, reminds me of my previously loved Juicy Tubes (post with swatches in the link below) but I am not repurchasing this due to changed policy on international shipping by the brand themselves. Free shipping limit is now 125€, when it was 45€; and new shipping for any order below that amount is now 25€, whereas it was 7€ before. Unfortunately it equals big custom taxes for us EU customers, the new shipping cost alone exceeds tax free limit. So this is where they are losing me as a customer, and probably many of you as well. (even if you will buy from EU or UK site, they still ship from US, and they are really cagey about it). Some, but not all, of their make up is available from Naturisimo, you won't get any deals, but at least we can buy it here in EU. These lip glosses are not sold via Naturisimo, and as much as I hoped and pleaded with them to carry them, they started carrying lip caramels instead. Dear Naturisimo, if you are reading this, please add these gemmed lip glosses to your 100%Pure collection, I want to buy those! Peacock Ore is still calling my name, and it has been months and months since I  had it. Sob.

Whamisa Double Rich Lotion (30ml deluxe sample)

This did not agree with my skin, and when I used it together with their famous fermented flowers toner, my skin was really not happy with me! So I shelved them for quite some time, and took it out only recently. I am passing this product on, but giving the toner a second chance.

Sample of DrAlkaitis Nourishing Oil

Way too herbal smelling for me, I am sure it is a great product, but sadly not for me. I invested in full size of Organic Soothing Gel, but even that is too heavy on the essential oils, so I can only use it sparingly. Bought it because it did amazing things for my dermatitis affected areas.

All Natural Face foundation samples

Sent to me by a lovely reader, who turned into Instagram buddy, to try, but as someone who loves full coverage foundations, I wasn't a fan of these - not enough coverage for my liking, plus it only lasted for about two hours on me. Really grateful for a chance to try it without having to order on my own. Now I know what not to buy.

Faerie Minerals Airbrush foundation in Fairly Light

Sent to me by the brand, but not used for the same not-pigmented-enough reasons. They have awesome eye shadows and blushes though - I've included some in my Nars Orgasm Dupes post.

Uma Oils (3 products)

Acquired when I did their IG challenge a couple of months back - the brand was drumming up quite a hype about themselves, so I was dying to try their products. Marketing victim, as my husband says. Unfortunately when receiving products I found out they are heavily scented, way too much for uber sensitive me, so I didn't even use them. Not good of an excuse really. Hmm. But if you are really sensitive to essential oils like me, have this in mind.Two of them went on to someone, and as the mask is dried up and cracked by now, it went to into the bin.

Bellapiere Antique Pink Liquid Lipstick x2

Came via Love Lula Beauty Box June 2017, and one swatch later I am also giving it away to a jobless friend with major health issues, along with some other stuff to cheer her up a bit. Since then I have had a 60£ order from Love Lula, which qualified me for another free beauty box, so I gifted the second one to my sister in law. No longer carried by Love Lula, check them out on Amazon.

Jane Iredale Multiple in Clarity

Not used up, rather drying up and slowly expiring on me, and I doubt if I will repurchase it (it was acquired online, and turned out a bit different in colour from what I expected - the joys of buying online) - this has a cool undertone, and I suit more warmer tones. If I will get one again, I need to see them in person first. Luckily there's a beauty salon not too far away from me who carry Iredale products, and I am planning a visit. This was given away.

Kathy Sue Ann’s rosehip oil with carrot seed oil with lavender

Tested this for OBL Club, so you can find my review there. Couldn't use it because of those EOs in it, I can't stand lavender in anything, not even fresh or dried petals, so it's best if I pass it on. Their body butter and eye balm are gorgeous though.

100%Pure BB Cream in 20

Not something I enjoy using, and it has left about a year in it, so it is time for it to find a new owner. I will include it in my upcoming my current foundations post though, as well as ZAO cream foundation I mentioned earlier - just purely for comparison reasons. For me it is way too shiny, I don't have oily skin, and I look plain oily when I wear it. It is way too dark on me, and if I try to build up the coverage, I turn orange. After getting the shade wrong on their foundation (it turned out to be way too light) I took a medium shade in this BB cream, and I got it wrong again - way too dark. So I am kind of done here.

Naobay Face Cream

This is a natural brand from Spain. The thing is my skin stopped liking it after a couple of months, the weirdest thing ever. I was happily using this while I had my Mahalo Vitality Elixir, and together they seemed like a match made in heaven, but as soon as I ran out of Vitality Elixir and started using this cream on it's own, my skin quickly started showing irritations. So it makes me think it worked well as a duo with that oil, but on it's own it might be not suitable for uber sensitive skin people like moi? I mentioned it in the Reviews I never Posted post a while ago. Loving Argan oil by this brand though.

A few samples from AnnMarie Skincare

Lovely natural skincare line from AnnMarie Gianni - I am following her on Youtube for ages, when she and her husband were posting about raw foods, from about 7-8 years ago. She went on to create a lovely natural skincare line, but I am sad to report that I found some products a bit too strong for me. But then again, not everyone has uber sensitive skin, so the rest of you might enjoy the products?

Leahlani Champagne Serum

Same story as with lovely previous products, I found this too strong for me, probably due to essential oils in it. Loving their Mermaid mask though and I am absolutely dying to try the rest of the line. Generous sample acquired via green beauty swap. 

So that is it for my natural empties, what have you finished lately? Sorry to turn it into a super long post - I will work on my monthly empties posts from now on.

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