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2017 Best Natural and Organic Products

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2017 Best Green Beauty Products

Just like I did last year, I am presenting you my Top Products of 2017 in each category. I did try a ton of new stuff this year, even to the point of being overwhelmed, but even so, some of the products haven't changed, and they are moved into "Firm Classics" or "Holy Grail" category by now. I will make sure to point those out. Or you can always go and read my 2016 Top Products post, which I will link at the bottom of my post. If I have a separate review on product, I will link it, so I think it will turn into links galore, like it did last year, so you can always go check my thoughts on products you are interested in, because I always go in as much details as I possibly can in my reviews, as well as listing the ingredients of everything. P.s.if you want to see reviews of products, see here and here.

If you will have any questions, please feel free to ask them down below, and if you won't find some categories, like retinol product or peels or hair dye, then it means I don't use them.

Ok, drum roll please, let's see what products get Green Life In Dublin Seal of Approval! So, let's go grab a coffee and a snack, and shall we start?

Green Life In Dublin
2017 Best Make Up Products ¦ Green Beauty

Mineral powder foundation 

Pure Anada followed closely by English Mineral Make up. Both non movers from last year.

Liquid foundation


Inika's Peachy Keen plus all these other Nars Orgasm Dupes.

BB cream 

Inika and Living Nature.

Cream concealer 

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer followed closely by Ere Perez cream concealer in Latte.
Powder concealer 

Pure Anada mineral foundation, more pigmented than many powder concealers. I bought Alima Pure powder concealer and was really disappointed with it, does not even come close!


Studio78. Inika is a close second, but it is more warm in undertone.


I have tried a few new ones this year, and I really like Inika Long Lash Mascara, Nude by Nature and PHB ones. All of them give great length, volume and do not flake - which is really important for me, flaking is a big pet peeve of mine.

Pencil eye liner 

100%Pure black eyeliner. This is not perfect nor it is long lasting, but it is creamy, black and easy to apply. All the others seem not pigmented and scratchy in comparison.

Liquid eyeliner 

Couleur Caramel


Hynt Beauty Pinkibelle without a doubt. My search for "your lips but better" peachy pink nude is over.

Lip gloss 

Can you believe I didn't try new lipgloss this year?! Me neither! I am still reminiscent of 100%Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss in Peacock Ore even though I will no longer purchase from 100%Pure due to the increase in shipping fees, where postage alone exceed tax free limit in EU. Could some EU web shops take note and start selling them please? These lip glosses are perfect dupe for my previously loved Juicy Tubes, and this is why I am so sad to find and lose it so soon again!


Inika Highlighting Creme. Non mover for the last year - this highlight might seem pricy, but as you only need pin prick amount each time, it will last you a really long time, I had mine over a year for sure. Perfect balance in between of gold and pink, suits everybody, can be as subtle or as POW-in-your-face as you want it to, and it is the only highlighter that lasts all day on me.

Palette - Couleur Caramel one.

Eye shadow single/duo 
Inika Golden Oyster

Cruelty free make up brushes 

Real Techniques and Ecotools - see both on Amazon.

Eye brow stuff 

Alverde or Pure Anada Cinder. Both products give perfect ashy tones to my brows. Most of the stuff on the market is way too warm toned for me. I need ashy, almost grey, and I hope more companies will take note.

Lip balm 
Hurraw and Bees Flying Wild. Both have the best staying power.


green life in dublin
2017 Best Skincare Products ¦ Green Beauty Edition


Dr.Haushka Rose Day Cream. Repurchased at least five times this year, so let this be a testament. I received a few gorgeous face creams recently, so this might change soon.

Facial oil 

would you believe that this die hard lover of facial oils discontinued using them? After some digging I decided to stop using them for a while due to my dermatitis (dermatitis hates oils, and I refused to believe it, even though my skin protested wildly?) and see how my skin feels without them - and you know what, I spent majority of the year without them, using moisturisers and facial toners/mists only (7 skin method, anyone?). I introduced oils back when autumn came, and despite having a nice collection of ISUN Saphire, Skin & Tonic Naked Beauty Oil, Pai Organic Rosehip Bio Regenerative Oil. Also Mahalo Vitality Elixir Facial Oil if you fancy treating yourself. Dreamy.

Serum (water or aloe based)
Earthwise Beauty Nap In The Meadow

Facial Balm 

Mahalo Rare Indigo Non mover from the last year, and thankfully I own a full size of it now. Amaaaazing for dermatitis or inflamed or blemish prone skin. Search for Mahalo review if you are interested?

Acne treatment 

tea tree oil straight onto the pimple. Nothing works better or quicker. Just be careful to put it onto the pimple ONLY, and not the skin around it - tea tree oil burns are real, and I don't want you to experience it. Manuka & tea tree oil gel by Living Nature is nice too.

Liquid/Gel facial wash/cleanser 

ISUN Skincare UK Coco Cucumber.

Balm Cleanser

Balm Balm

Moisturiser with SPF 

Kimberley Sayer Ultra Light Moisturizer SPF30

Face exfoliant 

Physical - Isun Skincare UK Rhasoul 
AHA/BHA - Honua Skincare Hawaiian Beauty Water

Make up remover 

Isun Skincare UK Coco Cucumber cleanser + konjac sponge. I don't do wipes, ever.

Eye make up remover

water and oil on a cotton round. I don't waste time and money looking for perfect eye make up remover when this combo is gentle, costs next to nothing, removes all make up, even water proof one AND moisturises delicate skin around the eyes. Win win situation if you ask me? Isun Coco Cucumber Cleanser works for eyes too, no irritations.

Under eye cream

Isun Peptide Eye Cream

Under eye oil
Earthwise Beauty Passion Eye Serum

Face mask

DIY masks with manuka honey. Over 12 recipes. I own a good few shop bought masks too, look out for masking post in the early 2018.


ISUN Skincare UK Ormus Myst. I need this beauty back into my life.

green life in dublin
2017 Best Bodycare Products ¦ Green Beauty Edition

Body scrub

I diy it a lot of the time.

Body wash

NYR shower gels. Last for months. Also black African soap. Both non movers from last year.

Eczema/dermatitis treatment

pure shea butter and the Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm.


my DIY. I've been using it for years, and why buy when it costs 20 cents to make for 6 months worth? This contains baking soda though, so it is not for everyone.

Shaving cream/foam

I use hair conditioners to shave my legs with, but if you want a "proper" product, Logona has nice one. 

Body lotion

Alaffia Coconut Strawberry body and hair lotion.

Body butter
Budget option - Flying Wild Honey Body Butter
Luxe option - ISUN Herbal Shea Butter

Body Oil
Inner Senses Organics  

green life in dublin
2017 Best Haircare Products ¦ Green Beauty


Rahua Voluminous Shampoo followed closely by Spirulina Shampoo by Living Libations

Hair and scalp oil 


I am really minimal with my haircare, I use no styling products at all, nor heat in any form. If my hair has flyways I will use a small amount of Zatik or plain argain oil to smooth it out and that's pretty much it.

2017 Best Natural & Organic Products

Natural Perfume

Liquid - Walden A Different Drummer
Solid - Jo Browne Ireland

So there you have it, my best products of 2017! What's yours? I really want to see what everybody else deems the best, please share with me?

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  1. Loved this! When do you even have time to test all these :)

    1. That's an excellent question! It has become like a full time job for me, and I do take it very seriously. Hopefully it will pay my bills one day too :) Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas Holiday! xo

  2. Great to see your top choices. There are a few brands here which I haven't heard of before so I will definitely look into them. May I ask what oil you use for removing make-up? I also came to conclusion that oil is the best for that and I currently use almond one.

    1. Hi Petra, thanks for reading and commenting! I am so glad to introduce you to some new green brands, let me know what will you end up picking? As for the oil as an eye make up remover, I usually use what I have on hand, and usually it is either almond, coconut, hemp or olive oil. Hope that answers your question xo

  3. Love reading people's faves - I'll be doing mine in due course. I really can't imagine going without oils - moisturiser I often don't use but oil never! It's good to know your own skin and what works for you though. The Walden perfume, Earthwise and Maholo are on my to try one day list!

    1. Can't wait to read yours, I bet it will be tons of amazing stuff! And yes, do try those brands, I think you would love them. Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas holiday xo

  4. Great Yearly Favorites! Now, you really got me wanting to Inika. ❤🌿😘

    1. Thanks for reading doll! Yes, I think you would enjoy Inika. In my eyes, I thought they could do no wrong, until I tried their pencil eyeliner.

  5. Great Yearly Favorites! Now, I want to try Inika more since your review. 🌿❤😘