Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas :)

Here's a photo of my Christmas tree this year, the theme is candyland Christmas! Hope you like what I did here, and if I inspire one person, my job will be done :) This makes me so happy, and every year I can't wait to put up a tree and decorations on December 1st.. This gives me the perfect amount of time to enjoy the Christmas festive spirit :) Candyland is a work in progress, I would go all out if I had a limitless budget, but I don't, so many of these decorations are handmade by me - the cupcakes and lollipops esp :) I was working on them for months, and I thought I had loads, but since they went up on the tree, I thought I am far from over and have lots of more work to do, more -and bigger cupcakes to crochet, ice-cream cones to do and at the moment I am figuring out how to do a little house, gingerbread man style, but in crochet. Pinterest and Etsy have some decorations that are to die for, and I will share my Pinterest board, so you to can get inspired :) Enjoy!

Tell me your thoughts about my decorations this year, do you like it? Not your cup of eggnog? Share below :)

Happy Holidays To Everyone!