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5 Natural & Organic Autumn Skincare Must Haves

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Natural & Organic Skincare Must Haves

How are you all doing? Are you enjoying Autumn or is it not your season? I love summer most of all, and Autumn is not my favourite, as it leads to Winter and often turns into one long Cold & Flu season if I am not careful to have good natural products to boost and protect my family's immune system (yep, you guessed it right, there's a blog post in the works!) but let's leave it that aside for now, as in this post I wanted to share my top five beauty and skincare products.

So if you are interested in what I use when the seasons change, please keep on reading.

Green Life In Dublin
DrHauschka Rose Day Cream

💕 Rich Face Cream - e.g DrHauschka Rose Day Cream

This rich face cream is exactly what my skin laps up and loves! I just published a review of it here should you fancy reading it (here), but I have to say, so far so good! When I ran out, it tried some other creams in between, but nothing measured up and I ran to the health shop to stock up. Not only it keeps my skin happy and supple, but I noticed my dermatitis flare up were down to the absolute minimum when I used it. A must have and a strong contender for The Holy Grail category. You need to upgrade your moisturiser to a more rich version at this time of the year, and this works perfectly for my dry and sensitive skin. Tell me your favourite rich creams if you also have sensitive skin, I would love to know!

💕 Hurraw or Flying Wild Lip Balms

A lip balm is an absolute must for me at all times, and especially when the temperatures drop. I love a rich consistency balm that stays on the lips, and from the vast majority I've tried, Hurraw and Flying Wild are my absolute favourites. Now, I never reviewed Hurraw despite using them for more than five years, but I've reviewed Flying Wild here - it comes from an Irish company and it quickly made its way into my heart. They have a few different ones, and rosemary and honey is the one I like the most. The minty variety is a different formula.

💕 Facial Mists

To avoid dehydrating my skin I upped my misting/toning game and I suggest all of you do the same. By the way, am I the only one with the heating on? I have a blog post on my toners and mists from a couple of months back, but at the moment I am using Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator, Wabi Sabi Botanicals Amida Illuminating Floral Essence (not working for me for everyday use, due to witch hazel in it) but I think I will move on to either Esse Toner or Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner. I really want Madara Time Miracle Cellular Nutrients Toning Mist, but it is out of stock in Love Lula, and it has been for the last couple of weeks. I know, I checked! What intrigues me about it is that it has birch water as a base, and that really appeals to me.
Turbliss Bioactive Peat Toner (and mask) is calling my name too.
Either those or I want my ISUN Ormus Myst back :)

See, I want ALL the mists! I could go on too :)

Either way, make sure to have some form of mist of hydrating toner with you! If you are on the budget, plain rosewater or neroli water work well too, and they cost less than 3€ in the Asian shops.

💕 Facial Oils

Another thing that is back into my routine is facial oils, I didn't use them since spring, but now my skin is crying for more moisture, they are back with a vengeance! I have quite a collection going on now, and not sure how I am going to use them up without them expiring on me, but I will do my best! The two I have lined up to use first are the ISUN Skincare Sapphire & Ooh! Oils Of Heaven. If your skin is really sensitive, I would recommend Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil - it is gorgeous and does wonderful things for the skin - I ran out a long time ago, and despite having an array of gorgeous other oils, I dream of having it back. I use to think of facial oils as expensive products, but now I see it as investment. Besides one 30ml bottle will last you a year, so it is well worth the money. Speaking of investment, if budgeting is not your concern, I would recommend Mahalo Vitality Elixir - another gorgeous facial oil I finished a long time ago, but still remember how good it it! One to repurchase one day for sure. Living Libations Best Skin Ever are really fab too. I hope Santa is listening!

Oh, one little tip if you are using facial oils as a moisturiser - don't forget to spritz your face with toner or some kind of mist beforehand, as that makes the oil to absorb better. Then apply a few drops of facial oil to your fingertips and rub them together to warm up the oil and then pat it into the skin. This way you will get the most benefits of it, and if you will follow that up with a facial massage, so much better! If you apply oil straight up, cold, on unprepped skin, I am afraid it might not do much. You don't want to invest in a good facial oil and not get much benefits from it, right? 

And just because I can't stop at five, one more:

Green Life In Dublin
Natural and organic balms

💕 Balms

I am a late convert to balms (see post here) and now I can't imagine my life without it! There are so many to choose from, and you can choose one according to your needs and skin type. If I had to choose just one, I would single out Mahalo Rare Indigo balm - sorry for mentioning so many expensive products in this post, it's just I know how amazing it is for my dermatitis prone skin - it is one of the first products I reach when I have an outbreak. I treat it like it's made of gold and savor every bit of it. I dread the day I will have to repurchase it, but it is one of the very few products worth it's price in my opinion. Try to get a sample if you can, as they too last for ages, you only need a pea size amount for the whole face and the back of your hands. This can replace your night cream and an eye cream too, one of a couple of reasons I deem it worth luxury price point. I often use it at nigh, all over the face. Yes, I go to bed with greasy looking, but I wake up with an amazing skin. And I notice a sizeable difference when I don't use it.
If your skin isn't super sensitive and blemish free, you don't have to invest so much in a balm, Egyptian Magic Balm is great - and you get a giant tub of it that will last you ages. I love how versatile balms are, you can use it for so many thing, and it can replace a multitude of products - great if you are aspiring minimalist or are on a budget. 

So I think that's it for today. What are your must haves for the moment? Please share, I would love to know!

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