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DIY Deodorant Recipe

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DIY deodorant recipe - super simple and easy

Hmm, where do I start? Long story short is that after growing tired of wasting money on natural deodorants that just don't work, I started DIYing it. That was a good few years ago and I haven't looked back since! What's more, I've successfully converted my non-natural friends to it too - and although it is super simple and cheap to make, they are coming back to me every time they run out :) I don't mind. You too can make a batch that will cost you less than a fiver if you were to buy all the ingredients, and even less if you have them at home already! And I can pretty much guarantee that you do, because all you need is only three common household ingredients. I actually feel kind of like a fraud posting such a simple recipe, but there have been countless questions about what I use for deodorant on my social media, followed by the requests for a recipe. So after few years of repeating myself over and over on Instagram, I realized I never actually blogged about it, hence for this post right here. As you probably know, I am big on DIYs and one of my favourite pastimes is perusing ingredients of popular green beauty products and then trying to recreating them at home. (see my DIY Manuka Honey Masks post here for another super-easy DIYs example. Over 14 recipes, you will love it!) Pretty much, if I can make it and it’s effective, I’d rather DIY it. But it has to be fairly easy. If there are too many ingredients or too many steps, I’m not likely to try it out. I know you can make pretty much anything you want or need, including make up, but at the same time I only want to have what I am actually using (see my minimizing and downsizing post if you want to), so I haven't slid down much further down the DIY rabbit hole, and I don't want to purchase & have too many ingredients either if they aren't going to be used much and will sit there slowly collecting dust and expiring. 

This DIY deodorant is used much, every day in fact, so I'd like to pat myself on the back for saving environment and a few bucks by doing so too :) I don't claim to be original creator of the recipe as it was found somewhere on Pinterest more than six years ago - if you are the one who did invent this, please come forward so I could pay my respect for you.
One little warning or disclaimer if you will before we start - this recipe contains baking soda or sodium bicarbonate in it, so if you know you are allergic or in any way sensitive to it, DO NOT make this! The rest of us, I recommend doing a patch test for 24hrs too - apply this mixture somewhere else on the body, like a crook of your arm or the back of you knee - and watch for any changes for 24hrs. If any redness or anything at all appears, do not use this recipe either. If not, be my guest!
The reason I am putting this disclaimer out there before the actual recipe is because a lot of people are sensitive to baking soda, including my own daughter - she actually got an alkaline rash when she tried this concoction of mine, and that put her off green beauty for a few years altogether.  Can't say I blame her. For those of you who are sensitive or allergic I am sorry in advance, I do not have a baking soda free DIY recipe, but I believe there should be some out there. Look into magnesium as a baking soda replacement - at least that's what I would do.

So, after long and boring disclaimer, shall we crack on? As I said the recipe is really simple both in terms of ingredients and time-wise too - you will only need three simple ingredients and two minutes of your time!

Diy deodorant

What you will need:

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate (aluminium free)

Arrowroot powder
(you can sub it for cornflour if you don't have it, but arrowroot powder has natural deodorising properties to it,which is why is used in DIY dry shampoo recipes too)

Coconut oil 

✅ Spatula, bowl and pretty glass jar. Or some other container to store it in.


It couldn't be simpler - mix equal parts of baking soda and arrowroot powder in a bowl and add just enough coconut oil to make it into a paste. Mix well and pour into a glass jar.
This is the bare bones of the recipe, and if it is your first time making it, I would suggest you go small, like a teaspoon of each of the dry ingredients, and half a teaspoon of coconut oil. Even this amount will last you a week if not more, and in that time you will definitely know if you like it or not. Experiment with the quantities of each ingredients, because what is right for me, might be not quite right for the next person. Although it is a fine line to thread -add too much of the baking soda and you will get a alkaline rash, add too little and it won't work. I find this 50/50 proportion is what works for me. This was pretty much confirmed when I gave it to one of my friends who happened to be moving furniture on that day, and she rang me in the evening gushing about my deodorant - she said after full day of renovations and moving heavy objects she didn't stink at all at the end of the day - and given that she only used non natural deodorants to date, this was a music to my ears! I can confirm this too - I used to cycle six kilometres for my daily commute, day in and day out, and I didn't stink either. 

The beauty of this DIY is that you can customise it by adding your favourite essential oils to it, how much depends on your sensitivity level and the amount you are making. As a general rule, I would recommend 5 drops of pure essential oil (not fragrance oil for the love of God) per 30ml of deodorant. I use less, because I am very sensitive and can't handle much essential oils - my favourite ones are lemon or orange, but you can add anything you like, tea tree would add deodorising properties for sure, but I am not sure I want my armpits to smell like it, so I skip it. Vanilla and rose is a nice combination, and I would suggest you look up popular natural deodorants for smell inspiration? 

Gift idea, anyone?

Oh, and a little tip before we part - if you feel the deodorant is drying out after some time, fear not - just add some more coconut oil and mix well. Problem solved. You are welcome :)

So that is it for now, see you here again shortly. Have you tried DIY deodorant? Would you? Please share your thoughts with me, I would love to know!

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