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12 Best Green Beauty Discoveries of 2017

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Best Green Beauty Discoveries of 2017

So I was browsing some blog or the other, and it had a post that struck a chord with me, New Discoveries Of The Year. So it got me thinking what are my best discoveries for last year and how come I never did any post like this before? After careful consideration and thinking about it for a week, here are my Best Discoveries of 2017 in no particular order. Most of them have reviews on the blog already, so I won't spend time talking about each product in great detail, and thus repeating myself. Only two products escaped my scrutiny so far, but I will make sure to get those reviews out asap. It's just that blogger's overwhelm is getting very real at this stage. Don't get me wrong, I love discovering new products! It's just I am afraid I could miss out on amazing products by not giving them the proper attention they deserve, due to the sheer volume of products I own. By the way, I am stock taking and minimizing my stash at the moment, so expect a blog sale post with lots of free products too.
But for now, let's focus on my best discoveries from last year, shall we?

Isun Ormus Myst

This is a signature ISUN product and for me, love at a first spritz! Have you ever heard of mystical ormus creatures found in living water? Well, you are about to find out! They are tiny spherical atoms of gold, silver and platinum found in clear spring water in Colorado mountains, where ISUN products are made, and that is exactly the base for this facial spritz. They are awesome at renewing and rejuvenating your skin. Plus it smells amazing! See review here. I need this beauty back in my life. It was very hard to choose as all Isun products are amazing in my opinion, but this was a love at a first spritz!

Earthwise Beauty Nap In The Meadow

This is my favourite product from Earthwise Beauty - I haven't tried that many, but I am keen to try more. The woman behind the brand, Ava Zhan is kind of green beauty wizard. Find my review of their Nap In The Meadow, Marshmallow Suds and Passion Eye Serum here. Many things from them are on my wishlist, and those include Sungod, Farizad's Veil, Cistus & Moonlight face mist, Ruby facial oil and one of the facial steams (I want to compare professional formulation to my own DIY)

Living Libations Products 

As soon as I discovered Dutch Health Store carries a large selection of Living Libations products, not just selected few Best Skin Ever, I placed an order for some dental products, and I loved them! Next came the spirulina shampoo, and it was equally amazing - so much that all of these products made into my 2017 Best Products post. You can find my review of the dental products here and the shampoo here; and all I can say, all the other products my this amazing truly clean brand, come this way! Seriously, you should see my Living Libations wishlist! Two miles long, no kidding.

Dr.Alkaitis Organic Healing Gel

This is one of those few items that escaped my scrutiny and exposure on social media. I bought this after receiving a sample in a green beauty swap with Italian blogger 1988 Bori, as I fell love with how good this was for my dermatitis affected area, it was instantly much calmer and soothed! I will review it separately some day, but I can say that it is one of those high end priced products worth the money, at least for me. Fabulous natural ingredients, but if you are very sensitive and can't handle much essential oils, please try to obtain a sample of it - my skin miraculously can handle it, but I have to close my eyes when I apply it, as it irritates them. It increased in price since I bought it, so let me just say I will be looking for deals like a hawk :)

Walden A Different Drummer Perfume

This was a pleasant surprise and the most successful shoot-in-the-dark purchase of the year, and by that I mean it was the most successful perfume purchase online. So successful in fact that it went into my Top Three Favourite Perfumes Of All Times. Please see the review here if you missed it. It has sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, tobacco and cedarwood. Can be used for men too, which is exactly why I like it! I am one of those rare breed of females who prefer to wear male fragrance.
Get it from Love Lula here, or try a sample kit.

Leahlani Mermaid Mask

This isn't technically a 2017 discovery, it was only a year I finally invested in a full size of the mask, after discovering it a year previously. It is really amazing, with visible results (with continuous use) and amazing ingredients! Essentially it is a honey based mask with spirulina, but it also has some amazing extracts in it, and it is why I can't DIY it. It is also one of the cheapest masks in green beauty (and also available within Europe) and that is exactly why I will keep repurchasing it. Review to come soon.

Couleur Caramel Cosmetics

A great natural brand that is available locally to me, and thanks goodness for that! I have numerous products, and I don't plan to stop there. Review can be found here, and I can tell I can understand why Hollywood and stars of a lesser caliber favour it - it is amazing. Palette and the liquid eye liner made into my 2017 Best Products post, and there is so many products I want to try next - mascara, lip products, green concealer, and hopefully V.Claire will make the coloured finishing pearls called Perles Sublimatrices available here too, because I really want to get them. It is not a need thing, more of a "want" thing - it would finish off my green beauty make up collection very nicely. It reminds me so much of those Guerlain pearls, and I see it as an ultimate luxe product.


Dudu Osun African Black Soap

Probably the most affordable out of all products I am mentioning here, and the one I intend to re-purchase time and time again. First of all, it has only minimal natural ingredients, secondly it works very well and does not dry out the skin, thirdly it comes in only cardboard box, no plastic, so it is good for the planet (and us). I have reviewed it here, and I kind of don't want to test and review other soaps, because this is so good. Get it from Love Lula here.

Ere Perez Concealer

If you are after a full coverage concealer, you would love this. I have to be upfront, it is sticky, but it offers full coverage and I find it does not crease. This is my second favourite green beauty concealer after the Hynt Beauty Duo Perfecting concealer (which offers more coverage, but creases slightly, plus I sadly happen to be in between the shades). I have a review of a couple of Ere Perez products here, and I happen to love their Bondi blush too, which is one of the 20+ natural Nars Orgasm dupes I've found. Can be found in Love Lula here.

Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream

The best discovery of 2017 for my dermatitis prone skin. Repurchased at least five times in last year alone, so let this be a testament of how much I love it. We all know that bloggers rarely repurchase a thing, unless it is really good. And this is really good for my dry skin - it is amazing, and my skin just drinks it up! it is not designed to treat dermatitis, but my skin is on it's best behavior when I use this, and if I happen to have a breakout due to accidentally glutening myself or testing some unsuitable products, this is the first thing I reach for, as I know my skin will be soothed and calmed in an instant. See review in this link, and if you want to, get it from Love Lula here

Rahua Shampoo

Just like with Living Libations True Blue Spirulina shampoo, all I can say is this - it is worth the money. And trust me, I am not someone who recommends pricy products easily! Rahua line has been on my radar since the very start of my own switch to the green side, but it took me eight years to come round to try this - until then I spent many years having bad hair days - trying all the budget clean shampoos I could find, and crying crocodile tears when none of them worked for me.
I got mine in Love Lula.

So those were my favourite discoveries of 2017 - thinking back, it was amazing year for discovering new fantastic products. This is the first this type of post I'd done to date, but I will keep it up. It was fun to look back and remember the new-to-me things I enjoyed. 

What were your best discoveries of 2017? Please share, I would love to know!

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  1. Thanks for those reviews, great again :) I would like to try ISUN as you so much about them in such a good way.

    1. Thanks for taking time to read and comment my dear Myrtille, I really appreciate that! As for Isun, yes, they are exceptional, high vibrational and truly natural. They sell samples if you want to try?

    2. yes, I will check for samples. The expression "high vibrational" really convince me I should try :)

  2. Another big fan of Couleur Caramel here! I especially love their eyeshadows and eyeliners.
    Ere Perez is a brand I'd love to try in 2018. I love the RMS Uncover Up, but maybe the Perez one can beat it? I'd also like to try the Beet Tint.
    I can't agree with the Rahua Shampoo, though. I digged deeper into the nut myth and wrote a german post about it. Way too overpriced in my eyes.

    1. Isn't Couleur Caramel fab? And I am so glad to have it available here in Dublin. As for Ere Perez, I am assuming you are talking about the concealer? I have tried RMS also, and it does not last on me more than five minutes, so in that aspect I like Ere Perez way more, it lasts for hours even without setting! I haven't tried Beet Tint as I know for the fact that type of colour does not suit me, but I love the look on other people. I also like their blushes, pigmented, lasting power is great, and you get a whopping 10 grams of it, three times the "normal" amount. And lastly, I also think Rahua is overpriced, but having tried nearly every shampoo on the market with disappointing results (dandruff, itchy scalp and dry hair, anyone?) I have come to the conclusion that this is one of those very few luxuries I will allow myself. Well done for digging deeper about the nut behind it all - I must read your post with a little helper of Google Translate! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment xo

  3. You're welcome! I always consider comments as a "blogger's currency" - that's what we are blogging for: reaching out to other people, comments are the reward for an article ;)
    It is...unfortunately so hard to get here (Couleur Caramel).
    Aww...then I really have to try the Perez Concealer (although it feels like my RMS Uncover Up will never used up). As for the beet tint, I'm fascinated by its lasting power.
    Oh, I'm the last one to point an accusing finger on someone when it comes to luxury hair products. I tried (almost) every single organic conditioner and my wavy haar seems to hate everything that doesn't contain silicones :D So ended up buying John Masters Organics which isn't so organic and not exactly cheap. If it works for you, go for it. It didn't for me so this might be the reason I investigated ;).
    I'm always debating wether to blog in english as well or not...but I guess I'm feeling too insecure for it

    1. Blogger currency! What a fantastic idea, kudos for you for inventing it, I am loving it :) Btw, what is your name in Love Lula FB group? And as for blogging in English, I say go for it, English is my second language too, and I am sure you can feel it in the posts. Thanks for blogger currency on this post and have a lovely day! xo