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300th Blog Post - Q&A Time

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Green Life In Dublin
Q&A with a green beauty blogger Green Life In Dublin

 Hello hello there, how are you all doing? Hope life is treating you well?

Today I am celebrating my 300th blog post (yay me) so I am asking you to raise a glass of something bubbly with me :) A few days ago I asked if you had some questions for me, and I got some excellent questions indeed! So let's start, shall we?

 bvgan If you could only get by with 3 products, what would they be?

Hmm, let me see? If we are talking about beauty products, then I would choose mineral foundation, which would double up as a concealer and SPF product, tinted lip balm that I would use on the cheeks too, and a mascara, because I need help in that department, haha!
If your question is about products in general, then it is even harder to choose, because I feel I need about 10! But if pressed I would choose coconut oil, because it can replace so many products, I mean it is true and original multitasker in the green beauty world, isn't it? Next would be OreganolP73, my trusty sidekick for a couple of years now - not only it is a natural antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral product, but amazingly it is also an antioxidant at the same time! Also can be used on the skin too. I am telling you, I am never without it! (I talk more about it in my Top Three Natural Products post) and lastly I think I would choose some kind of shampoo or shampoo bar that I would also use to wash with, because well, umm, we need to wash :)
Hope that answers your question. 
ellisrosey What are your top skincare products to prevent perioral dermatitis when you get a flare up? :-)

Arghh, the dreaded dermatitis! I always get a flare up when I accidentally or unknowingly gluten myself and it takes weeks to get down. So now if I start feeling familiar itch on the face (frustratingly it appears on my face first, and I spring to action to stop it spreading to other parts of the body) I reach for activated charcoal immediately, and I do take it for a couple of days to absorb gluten that might be still floating in my system. The key for me are not the products (but I will list them too in just a minute) but internal work to try to fix as much damage as I can, so I up my intake of spirulina with coconut water, green juice and up my greens as much as possible. The key words for you - alkaline diet! I am usually dermatitis free for the 98% of the time, but if I slip back into the comfort foods, carb heavy diet, my body shows the results fast. I feel You were asking about products, what products help dermatitis topically, so I will spill the beans here - Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm, Uliv Facial Souffle, DrAlkaitis Organic Healing Gel and Mayan Magic Balm are all amazing at healing dermatitis fast. If you can't get those products, Dermalex works well too - not natural at all, but it is steroid free and easily available from pharmacies. Hey, I am not here to judge! I know that insane itching when you want to rip your skin off very well, so if that works for you, do that. Hope that helps? 
(Ps. I am working on my dermatitis update post)

 arpa_1109 Hey, congrats on the 300 posts!! 👏👏🎉🎉 I would ask you is there's any product that has changed your life when you started using it 😊😊
Thanks so much! And I feel this answer is going to disappoint you, but I have to say coconut oil! It was one of the first natural things I discovered since I switched to the green side, and I was amazed at how versatile it is! It was the exact thing I used for many years as a body moisturiser and a hair and scalp mask - and I still do to this day. You can also remove your make up with it, and use as a facial moisturiser, providing it does not break you out. It can also be used as a hand and cuticle moisturiser, as well as for feet, you can put it in your baby's bath and use it as a body moisturiser instead of shop bought cream, remove cradle cap with it - all rounder really, the list is almost endless! You can add a drop of your favourite essential oil or mix with other products too. One tip - mix it 50/50 with Weleda Sea Buckthorn oil and you will get the most amazing smelling body oil ever! Like toffee or caramel, nicest smell ever, I am telling you! It will also make your skin so luxuriously soft and will protect it from harsh conditions, now that we are facing cold weather. You are welcome :) I always have two jars going on, one in the bathroom and one for cooking in the kitchen. 

cherryblessings Hi your question is, when you choose/buy a product, how much do you consider the brand as a whole? For example an organic shampoo...some companies are making shampoos with a lot but not all organic ingredients...then other companies will make an organic shampoo in recycled packaging that is vegan, gluten free, not tested on animals, and donates a profit percentage to charity. I was just wondering how much this might influence your decision. I like to vote with my feet but sometimes I wonder if other people do and how these "organic/natural" companies are still going and still making money when they don't give a flying monkey's about being ethical. I guess that's moving in to the realm of greenwashing...I'll do stop rambling now 🙊💕x
Great question! Greenwashing is rife and sadly still unregulated, and it makes me sad. Natural companies being fair trade and giving back in some shape or form always get my vote, and if they are environmentally friendly - like using vegetable dye to print on recycled paper on their packaging, or being CO2 neutral - I am all over it. It has to be cruelty free of course, I feel animal testing is totally unnecessary and should be banned all over the world. I also appreciate the online shops who do this legwork for you, like Love Lula, Dutch Health Store, Reina Organics, and a few more who have really strict standards of who they accept into the stock they carry. (And give back on their own too!) Admittedly, when I am after some product, sometimes I research ingredients and product info first, and checking company's ethos second (it happens, I am not gonna lie) but as I use really natural and organic products, the company's heart is usually in the right place, and once they get my seal of approval, I always go back for seconds. 

lina_loves_green In case non-beauty-questions are allowed: When and how did you get to Dublin?

Yes they are allowed, so thanks for the question. I too always wonder the paths of people's lives! When it comes to me, my story is simple, no drama or international love story, sad to disappoint! I came here looking for better life (Lithuania, which is where I am originally from, was and still is a poor country, or should I correct myself and say the common people are poor) and fifteen years later I am still here. Love this land and it's people like my own! Great history and the spirit of people, I have nothing but love and gratitude towards Ireland. This blog is giving love back in a way - I found the switch (to a green beauty) very difficult at the beginning, about eight years back, and I started blogging about my journey in hopes it will help other people. Things have changed since then, and that makes my heart happy. Still a long way to go, mind you - and I won't rest until people will open their eyes to what's really in conventional "beauty" products and the effects on our health!
Sorry, I went a bit of track here, but I hope your curiosity has been satisfied?

A via Twitter asked - why did you start blogging? what do you love most about blogging? where do you see your blog in five years? what the criteria for choosing products? what would you tell others regarding their own beauty/make-up routines? thanks!

Thanks for the excelent questions! Let's break it down. Why did I start blogging?

I started blogging as soon as the blogs came out, but at a time I didn't know what I was doing, and it showed in the content, it was getting zero views too, so I kind of left it - but when I came back, it was strictly about green beauty! I was on a mission to help other people to find natural products, and help them to switch to the green side, which is why I do so many reviews, so people would know which products work and which ones don't. As I already said, this blog is me giving back in a way (I am not in it for the money, and I hope it comes across that way) and being a part of green beauty community gives me so much joy! Another thing I really enjoy is the connections it allows me to have with similar minded people all over the world, I have made friends all over the world via my blog and social media, and that is priceless. And to be honest blogging gives me the most satisfaction than any of my real life jobs did! 
What do I love the most about blogging?
Whoops, I think I already answered that by rambling in my previous answer :)

Where do I see my blog in five years?
Great question, I need to think for a minute here! One thing for sure - still standing! I love blogging, and I find it fun. Other than that I am excited to see where this journey might take me - but in five years time I am hoping to reach masses, have my own rubric in a magazine or newspaper, or being asked to judge some in some natural beauty awards would be a dream come true, and I know I would do a good job at that! Blogging award would be nice, but to be honest with you I don't even know how to go on about it and where I would have to submit my blog to - while Ireland have blogger's awards, there's no category for green beauty, and all the green beauty awards happening in the UK are not reaching Ireland shores. Hashtag #clueless!

What is the criteria for choosing products?
They have to be all natural (I am not even entertaining the idea of going back to conventional products for any of the ingredients/products, for example retinol) and suitable for my uber sensitive skin. And work too! The company itself has to fit a set of criteria too, see my answer above. Anything that is not suitable for me, I am happy to pass on. Hey, if the product didn't work out for me, it might be next person's holy grail product - that's how I see it. No point in hoarding. Sharing is caring.

What would I tell others regarding their beauty/make up routines?
Simplify! Both in terms of beauty and skincare products, we actually need way less than we think. And your skin will thank you for it.
Ciuciamaciacia via IG asked: How natural are you in your daily routine when it comes to products? How about home? What products are in your make up bag? What products are on your wishlist? One luxury item you can't live without?

How natural am I in my daily routine?
I am all natural when it comes to my own products, both in skincare and make up (bodycare and haircare too). As I said I am not even entertaining the idea of being "half natural". But I will admit my family have some conventional products. As I already mentioned in my Mr. Anti Social Media Green Life In Dublin's Products Post, I was met with so much resistance for a good part of the decade. All of the non-natural products have vanished over time, and I was doing a happy dance and patting myself on the back for job well done, until I came back from time away this summer and found Fructis Shampoo and Colgate toothpaste in my bathroom. Urgh!

How natural is my home routine/products?
All natural when it comes to my part, I clean my home with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemons, wash my clothes with either soap nuts or DrBronner's soap, but once again, I have to be honest and admit I cant get my hubby to break up with Ariel washing powder! It's maddening and I don't touch it with a bargepole. There, I spilled all my beans.

What products are in my make up bag?
As tomorrow is National Handbag Day, I will reveal it in my next post. Usually I carry only a good lip balm with me, and if I am out and about I might take some multiple for cheeks and lips and a concealer to touch up my foundation if I need it.

What products are on my wishlist?
Oh my god, how much time have you got? My wishlist is miles long and runs well into thousands and thousands of euros! If I have to mention only a few products at a top of my head, that would be Mahalo Unveil cleanser, Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm, Herbivore Moon Fruit night balm and Couleur Caramel Palette and those awesome Pearles Sublimatrices are calling my name so hard - those multicoloured powder pearls would complete my green beauty collection and I think I would be content then. Oh, and some kind of corrector for under eyes (not only I have real estate there, it happens to be dark too - I know I am lucky girl!). I am thinking either Couleur Caramel again, or Jane Iredale, or Hiro Cosmetics - has anyone have any feedback on them? I would love to know. And natural perfumes from ISUN and AnnMarie Skincare. And entire Living Libations stock. I could go on :)

What luxury item I can't live without?
Assuming the question is about green beauty luxury item, I would have to say Mahalo Rare Indigo balm - although I can't afford it! Amazing for my dermatitis and making my skin amazing in general, I will have to find ways to stretch my budget for it. 

Green Life In Dublin
Q&A with Green Life In Dublin

So there you have it, all about me is revealed! If you have any more questions for me, leave them down below and I will make sure to answer them or do a separate blog post when the time comes.

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