Monday, March 22, 2010

My Happy List

Here's my happy list, not neccesary in that order, and the list will be updated from time to time ;)
♥ beautiful sunny day
♥ coffee
♥ shopping
♥ my family
♥ scented candles
♥ reading
♥ being in the nature
♥ or better, at the seaside
♥ chinese food
♥ trying new healty foods
♥ bright colours
♥ painting
♥ witty sayings
♥ traveling
♥ fashion magazines
♥ barbecues
♥ being independant
♥ butterflies
♥ my red laptop
♥ paisley print
♥ silver jewelry with turquoise stone
♥ jeans
♥ digital, newspaper or butterflies prints
♥ french fries with garlic mayo dip
♥ Desiqual coats

What made you happy today?

hmm, it seems a while since my last post... The truth is I changed jobs in the meantime, and being the stresshead that I am, I focused on work only for the past few weeks.
Anyways, it is not about work. As the days are getting longer and sunnier by the day, I generally feel happier, I think I have SAD, and winters are really hard time for me. And one of my new-year-resolutions was to start making myself happy.. at last. As long I can remember, I tried to be the best I could daughter, mother, wife, worker, student, friend, etc, etc.. you know how it is.. and I saw that I lost myself somewhere along the way, as crazy as that sounds. I find myself doing things that are expected of me, rather that I want them do it. sometimes I just want to push everything aside and spend afternoon with a book in my hands, but my anxiety just won't let me that happen, because my to-do list just gets longer. That little girl in me is long gone.. and I want to bring her back! I want to find my own happiness, I realised the world won't fall apart if I let go and just stop holding 3 corners of my house, and if it's ever time to do it, the time is now. So, ask yourself, what made you happy today?

for me, it's:
♥ beautiful sunny day
♥ it's my day off!
♥ Stila cosmetics, I just got package I ordered (I will do separate post on that)
♥ Rachael Ray (I am watching now)
♥ my upcoming weekend trip to Paris (the first time ever I am going away with my girlfriends and not my family)
yay ;)