Friday, November 20, 2009


hey my lovelies, I want to talk about make up again ;) this is the first Stila cosmetics I've bought, and I must say, i am really happy with that. the colours are really cute, it is important to me that the eyeshadows are colour coordinated already, because it's kinda hard to do so myself, l could stand for hours in front of cosmetics stand!! The lippy smells amazing, and the colour is soooo cute! The only thing I haven't tried yet is the mascara, but I'll update on that.
So, this was one of the presents for myself for my upcoming B-day, and I am soooo happy with that ;-) and I will buy more Stila in the future, I was impressed with the quality of products. Oh, I forgot to mention the price - the set has value of 143$, and I got it for approx 24€. Yay!!! (I tried to get it @ Sephora and, but as these are American sites and didn't take my card, I ordered it from ebay from this side of the pond ;))

Stevia - natural sweetener, 300 times sweeter!

Hi guys, today I want to talk about stevia - it is natural sweetener, 300 times sweeter than sugar!!!! I only found out about it (accidentaly) last week, and beeing nosey as I am I ordered it on ebay straight away as I couldn't find it in Ireland - but I know it is available in England. It is not available in regular food shops, only in health shops, as it is listed as as food suplement for some strange reason. Actualy I think I know why - if it would be made available, it would wipe out sugar and sweeteners manufactors whatsoever! I only got it today, and when I tried it for the first time for me it tastes more like a sacharine than sugar, but I intend to be your guinea pig and I will continue to use it, partly because it does not raise blood sugar levels(hello, diabetic people!), partly because it has no calories (yay for that, because I drink a lot of tea and coffee, and who wants empty calories and extra weight? Exactly, nobody!) and partly because i want to see how long my 96grams will last. it cost me £11.50 with the shipping, and that's around 14€. You can get it way cheeper if you'll do your research first.
So, the more seriuos blurb about stevia - it comes from stevia plant which comes from America, it was used for many centuries there and in Japan from 1970s.
The miracle-herb Stevia Rebaudiana is the only choice for an all-natural sugar replacement. Stevia has been the only permissible sugar substitute in Japan since the mid seventies. Artificial sweeteners are prohibited there. The Japanese used Stevia instead of sugar in soy sauce, tea, sweet pickles and soft drinks such as Diet Coke. Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, so you need much less. And the best thing: Stevia has no calories!
I think it's ideal natural replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners - i am always suspicious of those, as I think they can damage health, and I witnesed it first hand, my father's vision got really bad since he started using sweeteners, and when i found out it was the culprit he bined that for good, but his eyes never got better since. but we're not about it today. By the way, I will update this posting when I'll find more info about stevia, and I'll definetly update when my stevia bottle will be be fishished, so we will know how long it lasts.
to find out more, please visit :
or watch videos in Youtube, just type "stevia" in the search box. Hope you'll find this information useful. Have a nice day everybody!

want make up for less? Hope you'll find it useful.

Hi my lovely ladies, I wanna share some exciting news with you, well, exciting for those of you who want to buy make up for less money ;) I got into make up just recently (I think you can see it in my sets) and as a true bargainista I am I found out two online make up outlets, and you can get the same brands - L'Oreal, Maybeline, Revlon, Stila, etc.etc... fo much less money!!!! I have no idea why that is, but I guess it's discontinued lines or something.
Sooo, these are the links -
(I used the first one a couple of times, and l know it works, no spoof , and l found out the second one just yesterday, but it seems secure enough to me)
Oh, btw, these are UK sites, and you my lovely ladies from US - you can use, or - I tried these as well, but they didn't take my credit card, LOL

Monday, November 16, 2009

dedicated to great girl Painthead!!!!

Once upon a time a great girl called Painthead joined us here at Polyvore, and quickly blew everyone away with her great sets.... She is so awesomely inspirational for all of us, her sets are beyond amazing!!!! And not only that, she is the sweetest person ever!!! so thank you for all of that, thank you for spreading happinness and fafiness all around....
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Shopping Wish List

As I started writting about my new purchasses, I want to write my current shopping wish list. I do not follow trends, I rather pick up things that I like and put it together in my own way ;)my wishes change every so often, but i find myself desiring some things over abd over again. soooo, here's what I want right now :

1. Rick Owens leather jacket (or al least look-alike, as I couldn't afford original one)

2. Black square sunnies, but it has to be the right pair - not heavy, suit my face shape, protect from UVA and UVB rays.. and that's pretty much it. I have about 20 pairs of sunglasses, but I wear just 2-3 pairs, as others turn out not so great after all.

3. Some funky jewelry

4. Balenciaga Motorcycle and Lariat bags - these are my ultimate desires, if I would win the lottery, that would be the first thing I would run to buy!! Ideally about five ;) in jewel colours. Nicole Ritchie has the ultimate colection, and I am green with envy ;)))) I've seen fake ones on sale, but I didn't buy it as I am against fake bags.

5.White shirt with a twist.

6. Funky shoes, preferably in two colours.

7. Fabulous dress for my upcoming birthday!!

8. Rock Chick style tops.

9.Spiky bag.


Yay, guys I went shopping today, and I bought true religion jeans - I wanted them for sooooooooooo long time, and i am so happy to own a pair now ;) my booty definettely looks good now!

I also bought two Zara bags, but I could not find exact pictures online, so I will have to take a pictures myself and post it later ;) also I bought huge chest of drawers, and had fun organising and putting my things together. Now I can see what I have, e.g. my belts, clutches etc.. together, because earlier things were all over the place. But when I saw how much jewelry I bought over the past year, I was taken aback! Seriously, guys, it is truckload of it! ;)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dedicated to Kandee Johnson the make-up artist

... this is my little thank you set for amazing girl called kandee the make-up artist. You may know her from Youtube or from her blog - Check it out if you haven't already, promise you will like it. She does make up, hair tutorials, all getting better each time. She is awesome! but what is the most appealing, it's her sunny and quirky personality, some of her youtube videos are hilarious , like this one! In her blog it says - a make up artist, encourager, smiler, joy bringer , colour lover, style seeker, and let me tell you - she is all that and more! So, kandee, thank you for all of that!!

You Gotta Have Some Candy!

Hi guys, I created this set to brighten rainy and gloomy autumn days ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My personal favourite sets on Polyvore

Polyvore is awesome site, l am there every day. I strongly recomend visiting it! here's what the best I've done so far ;)

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fashionable cupcakes

Hi lovelies, here's some very fashionable cupcakes for you! I think all fashionistas would like some ;))) aren't they cuuuuute?