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Natural Empties Spring 2016

Hello Loves,

While we are still enjoying the last 5 minutes of spring, I hurry up to present you the natural empties post, this is everything I used and finishes in the last three to six months behind the scenes. Some of these products appeared on my Instagram feed, some didn't, some will be repurchased, some won't. I love doing these types of posts, and it seems to be one of the most popular with you too, so let's keep this tradition, shall we? Oh, and if you are wondering why I don't have a shampoo or deodorant in these posts, is because I am still working my way through 1 litre of my beloved Dermorganics shampoo (although I recently aquired Josh Rosebrook and 100%Pure shampoos and conditioners, stay tuned for reviews of those too). Dermorganics is my fave shampoo for the third year running and yet it dawned on me that I never reviewed it, doh! And as per deodorant, I am using my own DIY which works better than any of the shop bought one I have tried. I have a recipe post here on my blog, so just search for ir in the search box.

RMS Uncoverup in 11 and Smile (Lip2Cheek) samples
I purchased a sample of it to try out, because you simply have to try out this cult beauty product if you are into green beauty, and especially if you are a blogger! But let me tell you, l am so glad l didn't jump in with both feet like I tend to do, as in purchasing full size of the product. As you can guess, l am not getting full size of it, for two simple reasons - as a concealer it tends to last one hour on me, and as a full face foundation, it broke me out. The product is very pigmented so you really need the teeny tiny amount of it and it has really clean ingredients, l have to give them that, but it looks really good on me for five minutes (the fresh dewy bright look you see in the magazines) and it is completely gone within one hour, no matter if I set it or not. (It also creases like crazy if set). I know this is contravertial as soooo many green bloggers and Youtubers love it, but it is not a product for me. Breakouts are never nice, and my face can't handle the coconut oil, even though I love it for my body. I also own the sample of Smile, which is lip to cheek product which I really liked at the beginning and was gong to get full size of, but again, breakouts plus not lasting performance of the product (these tend to last a bit better, maybe 3hrs on the cheeks) made me change my mind. Plus I made my own DIY multiple, which is just so good! I will link it here.
A repurchase? Sadly no.

100%Pure Vanilla Body Butter 
I really wanted to check this product out to compare to other body butters that I’ve used over time, but I am not repurchasing this or any other body butters from 100%Pure for a couple of reasons - firstly you get very little product for the price ( plus I risk the damn custom fees every time I order from them), secondly mine came brownish greying purple tinge colour, not the white you see in the webshop, for some reason I didn't think of contacting them about it, so just used it up. After three months or so it developed a gummy texture like you were trying to rub in a rubber into your skin, so I had to leave it there and then. I am guessing I got an old product, but it seriously underwhelmed me.
A repurchase? No. But I will try their body lotions sometime.

Almond Oil (infused with camomile)
I use it to remove my eye make up and/or for oil cleansing sometimes, as well as for hair oiling, there are a million ways to use it, so it tends to go really fast in my house. Everything is better infused with calming chamomile, right?
A repurchase? Yes. It is a staple.

Lily Lolo BB Cream in Light 
Got a sample of it via Naturisimo and got hooked line and sink from the first use! I will have a full review very soon, so stay tuned for that, but let’s just say this is a first BB (or CC or DD for that matter) that I invested in a full size of. Spoiler allert.
A repurchase? Yes. Already did.

Rose Water x3
This is a staple in my house and I think I blogged about it already, so let's just say it has a multiple uses and I repurchased it many times over.

Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap x2 bottles (just one pictured).
The reason I was able to finish the whole 1 little bottle of it is because I use it as laundry detergent, and tge smaller one stays in the kitchen for hands and dish washing. Truly great all natural organic product that I never want to be without.
A repurchase? Yes yes yes!

Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream SPF 15
This didn't do anything to me, apart from giving me milia (I used to suffer from it a lot when I used creams for my under eyes. All of disappeared over time when l switched to gels and oil. That's my theory and l am sticking to it - millia is caused by creams).
It sat in my bathroom cabinet for ages, until l very recently, l tried to use it up as a hand cream, but it changed texture aka got old on me, so into the bin it goes.
A repurchase? No.

Kypris Antioxidant Dew
Again, this is going to be controversial as it is loved in the green beauty community, and I really wanted to try it as as pricy as it is, it is one of the cheapest things from the brand. Again, this did nothing for me apart from giving me big juicy pimples. I noticed zero difference in my skin or its hydration levels. Also I am kinda dissatisfied with the first two ingredients in the list (meaning they make the bulk of the product). It is water and glycerin. Well, I don't know about you, but if I pay 60-70€ for a product I would love to get actual active ingredients instead of water and glycerin. I hope you won’t take offence if you happen to love this product, we are all different and all we need different products to suit our needs.
A repurchase? No. But I am intrigued by their Moonlight Catalyst serum.

2x roller perfumes from Paris.
These are years old and I am giving those away instead of binning because they still work and smell good. I am downsizing my perfume collection The reason l kept it for so long is sentimental, l bought them in the Eiffel tower..
A repurchase? Err, we will see! My daughter (who is the owner of them now) demanded that we go back for more :)
If l will figure out how to squeeze a trip to Paris for 4 on a shoestring budget, l will let you know.

No Name Solid Perfume.
I got it in a trinket shops with chinese fans, cups, incense etc. The reason l called it no name is because I forgot a name of what I got, l used it maybe twice, and like four months later I can't smell anything at all, no it goes to the bin never to be repurchased again.
A repurchase? No. And I am kind of done with cheap natural perfumes. They never last and always end up disappointing me.

Tisserand DeStress roll on
It did do anything at all for my stress levels, and I didn't like the scent, two main reasons I am not getting it again. I tried to add sandalwood and frankincense essential oils to it, didn't work.
A repurchase? No.

PurMinerals liquid eyeliner
Tthis goes to my daughter as it is still technically good, but the reason I won’t use it again is because it dried out my eyelids like crazy - oddest feeling ever! I have never experienced it with any other eye liners. Once I used it really thich, Amy Winehouse style and it hurt to blink! Bizzare, l took it off within the half an hour.
A repurchase? No.

It’s my current probiotics, blog post review to come, stay tuned.
A repurchase? Still have three bottles to go
Weleda Stretch Marks Massage Oil
This was sent for me to review like two years ago, with a girl insisting it will help my stretch marks, despite me telling her they are years old and it won't work. I was right, it did nothing at all for my stretch marks, so l used it up as a regular body oil. Maybe it would help if you are preggo and trying to prevent stretch marks from appearing in the first place, but it will do next to nothing if you have them already.
A repurchase? Not this, but l will happily repurchase Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn oil which is gorgeous and very luxurious.

100%Pure Blood Orange hand buttercream
This is good product, and smells gorgeous too! It still has a two weeks of product left, but l wanted to include it here so l could bin it once l am done. It is more like a night time cream, creamy texture more on the thicker side.
A repurchase? Yes, l loved it. Not right now, as l have two other hand creams to finish up, but some day for sure.

Viridian Organic Milk Thistle Tincture
 It lasts for a long time, l used it to help my liver detox. Did it help? Hard to tell. I will include this in my upcoming vitamins and supplements post where l will talk more in depth about it.
A repurchase? Yes.

NYR Bee Lovely hand cream (76% organic)
This is a lovely product, a bit runny in consistency, but it sinks in fast, so you could do anything you wanted soon after the application, as in drive a car, handle the documents, etc and you don't have to rub your hands together waiting for it to sink in, which can be a problem sometimes. This is a perfect day time hand cream.
A repurchase? Yes, l have bought it already.

Atlantic aromatics Carrot Seed Oil
I bought this essential oil because its healing properties to the skin, as well as high SPF factor. At that time l had my dermatitis really bad and it did help, but it also went really fast. It also has an earthy woody type of smell, which a lot of people don't like. I don't mind it.
A repurchase? Yes
Secret Natural Ippocratis Cream
I bought in Crete, Greece. Really natural ingredients and it has beeswax, propolis, honey, Chios Mastic gum and seven herbs and six oils. This turned out good for calming the dermatitis, plus l happily used it as my face cream too. I really wanted to repurchase it and searched high and low for it online, where it's nowhere to be found. When l finally tracked down its makers and emailed them about international order  it took them a month to get back to me with a €60 price tag, which really puzzled me as l paid 8€ for it in the shop, and when l inquired further about the high price they told me the skipping to Ireland costs them 23€ and the rest is for a couple of creams, because they think it is “no good” for me to get just one. And they wouldn't budge on the shipping cost, despite me telling them similar creams from Greece ship for 4€ in etsy.
A repurchase? Not sure. It is a fabulous cream, but I won't pay 60€ for it either. I might try similar cream from etsy with chios mastic first. Or go back to Crete for it, haha!

Nyr Frankincense Hydrating Cream
I used it until my poor skin reacted badly to it, After my dermatitis was gone I think I might have overloaded my skin trying on all these gorgeous products I had and could not use, including this cream. I noticed straight away that it made my dermatitis patch much redder, so I used it on the whole face apart that place, but after some time my skin stopped liking it and it got irritated every time l used it, and it was a clear sign to put it away. I still have a half of the jar left, I will give it away to one of my friends as it would be a shame to bin such a gorgeous product. I would suggest trying a sample first if your skin is sensitive and easily irritated.
A repurchase? No, but l will try some cream from their sensitive skin line.

Soulful Body Inc Pitta Balancing Body Massage oil
This is a fabulous holistic company from US that uses only the best qualify oils and other ingredients. I really liked it, and l am fortunate enough to own their chakra balacing oil, which I can't get enough of.
A repurchase? No, because I have too many body oils and lotions to finish first before I will allow myself to buy anything new.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil and Creamy Body Wash
I bought these tiny samples because they were heavily reduced in Holand and Barrett post Christmas, and I am so glad I did, turns out I don't like rose scented oils and the white creamy wash l wasn't a fan of either, l was as bit weirded out by it, too used to my clear soaps and shower gels l guess?
A repurchase? Weleda has many fabulous things for me to try instead, so it's a no for these two products from me.

A packet of Himalayan salts
Again, l used it for a detox bath, and l paid mere 75 cents for it. I don't think l will ever splash out for a posh jar of the same stuff, it is more likely to cost around 20€ if it is marketed as a “detox” salts, but they all work the same. I prefer to DIY with my bath salts and scrubs and spend the money elsewhere where I see more value.
A repurchase? Yes, this is the only salt l use for cooking, so l always have it.

Hurraw vatta lip balm.
Gorgeous lip balms that quickly became favourites.
A repurchase? Yes!

English Mineral Make Up Fairy Godmother sample
This is a fab product that can be used both before and after make up, and can be used as a night treatment! Full review to come
A repurchase? Well, I do own the full size now, because they sent it to me.

100%Pure Coconut and Honey Almond body creams (samples)
I liked them both than body butter, so yes, l am likely to purchase them.

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser SPF 30
This l wanted to try to see if it will be suitable for a facial moisturiser. I liked it, but as a facial.moisturiser it is drying for my dry and sensitive skin. I get around it by adding raspberry seed oil, which also has SPF30-50. I already have a full size thanks to green beauty swap with CleanShelf, so it will see me through this summer, and we will see about it later on. You gals with oily skin would love this!
A repurchase? I do own a full size thanks to a swap.

Naturkosmetik Speick Thermalsensitiv body lotion
This German brand uses pure thermal water and concentrated algae extract for their products, and the ingredients are natural in this, so if l will come across it in the future, l will get it.
A repurchase? Likely.

Green People Age Defy Tinted SPF 15 DD Cream in Light
This l hated at the first sight, there’s product left for at least three uses, but it goes into the bin. This has zero tint to it, and as soon as you try to apply a second layer, it starts rolling away in weird rolls, you know, when you apply too much of a cream and trying to rub in more and your skin just won't take it and the products starts rolling away in these tiny pieces? This has happened with it, And coupled with too light of SPF is the reason l won’t get it.
A repurchase? No way.

Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel for sensitive skin
This I had since Christmas, and although I have a weeks or two product still left in it, l wanted to include into this post in order not to keep it for the next three months waiting for the next empties post. This I like, works just fine, didn't irritate my sensitive skin in the slightest, it is free of any harsh irritants. It makes my skin a tad dry afterwards, but then again. I am yet to meet a cleanser that does not, so it is ok. I like Ren products in general.
A repurchase? Yes, but not straight away, l have NYR facial cleanser to be opened.

Kjaer Weis blush in Sun Touched
Again, this came from Clean Shelf in a swap, l knew I had zero intentions of buying it in a full size, I just wanted to try. I tried, and now it is time to say goodbye to it.
A repurchase? No.

And a couple products I said goodbye to and sent to CleanShelf (check her out via Instagram!) in a #greenbeautyswap - and none of these will be repurchased, because we swapped what didn't work for us. These might be perfect products for somebody else, but for me they didn't work.

Sukin Chia Oil
I was really intrigued by chia oil and I kinda had a good talk with myself looking for a reason to get this, as I had two other facial oils at that time. Sadly all those efforts were in vain. as this oil did absolutely nothing for me. I used it for a week or two max, and noticed zero effect on my skin, my skin wasn't moisturised or nourished, far from it - it actually begged for moisture mid day. Yep, didn't work out. It has many gorgeous oils blended together plus kale and some other extracts, the ingredients list of it reminds me of a salad ingredients list. If you have oily to normal skin, you would love it! Dry skin girls, leave it.

NYR Beauty Sleep Body Lotion
This actually came with my NYR consultant kit, but as I am not a fan of lavender, I didn't use it, and neither did any member of my family, so it sat there collecting dust until this swap offer came along, and I gladly sent it off.

100%Pure Brightening serum
It was a gift with purchase a little while back, and as the previous product, I couldn't use it for some other reasons, so it went unused until I swapped.

DrOrganic Rose Otto Eye Serum
It did nothing for my under eyes except for giving me milia, I will repeat my theory here - milia is caused by creams. It all disappeared once I switched to oils and balms.

And a few NYR samples as well as Egyptian Magic Balm sample.

What have you loved and finished recently? Please share with me :)

So that is all for today, see you here again next Monday!
Lots of Love,

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My New Facebook Page & Other Social Media Links

Hi Loves,

I just spent a week building my new freshly-baked Facebook page, so it would mean a lot to me if you went on to like it! Many thanks for doing so in advance :) I wish I could send you real hugs and kisses via some app :)






And one last word I have to say is:

That is all for now :) See you here again on Monday, that is when I upload blog posts!

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Purely You Mineral Make Up Review

Hello Loves,

Today I am really excited to present to you a review of clean beauty brand Purely You Minerals, and psst, there might be a giveaway going on on my Instagram page, and it is international too, so grab this chance with both hands, and go enter here.

Purely You Minerals was started by how so many natural beauty companies are started – people with skin issues getting fed up with chemicals! Their ingredients are very basic, a huge bonus in my book. Having uber sensitive and dermatitis prone skin myself, I appreciate lines that purposefully try to be basic. Joy Atkinson (Owner/Formulator) makes all-natural, gluten free, mineral cosmetics (foundations, setting powders, blushes, bronzers, eye-shadows, and lip colors). All of  products are currently vegan (with the exception of lip glosses) and organic ingredients are used when possible.
Info from their website:
Purely You Mineral make up is made in small batches to maintain high quality standards. Purely You Minerals are light and breathable, offering great buildable coverage and SPF15. Only the finest ingredients are used, no cheap, irritating fillers. None of the products contain talc, powdered starches, clays, bismuth oxychloride, parabens or nano size particles. Also, the products are completely gluten free and never tested on animals - both things are very important to me!. Purely You Minerals is a natural makeup, designed to accentuate your beauty, not cover it up.

I have to say I am really happy with all the products I've got, and I really love the fact that the make up is affordable, which proves the naysayers wrong, the clean beauty items CAN be affordable AND work perfectly well. They offer loose powder products and pressed ones as well at no extra charge, which is just a music to my ears! Pressed powder products are rare in a green beauty world, and a few companies that do offer pressed options, they bump up the price significantly. Not here! I mean you can get full size of pressed foundation for $16 (or €14.66), sweet or what?

Ingredients: (pressed powder)
Mica: Inert mineral adds smoothness and diffuses light to minimize the appearance of lines, pores and wrinkles,
Titanium Dioxide: common mineral used for good coverage, adhesion and some UV protection,
Zinc Oxide: a natural mineral that adds coverage, adhesion, UV protection and is an anti-irritant, Boron Nitride: a natural, inert mineral used to improve the feel of make up.
Pigments: A blend inert minerals; Iron Oxide, and Ultramarine Blue.
Shea Butter: extracted from the nut of West Africa's wild karite tree. It's high content of essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxident compounds provide extreme moisturizing capabilities as well as cellular restoration.
Coconut oil (Caprylic Capric Triglycerides):they offer a noticeable silkiness in products, they exhibit excellent anti-oxidant properties to extend the natural shelf life, especially suited to sensitive skin and oily skin.
Jojoba oil: The oil from the jojoba shrub is a wax ester, which means it’s very much like the natural oils our bodies produce. It is also found to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflamatory.
Vitamin E: gluten free. Does NOT contain: talc, powdered starches, clays, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, gluten or nano size particles in any product!
(The loose mineral foundation does not have shea butter, coconut oil and vitE in the ingredients, so you can choose this version if you have sensitivity to any of them).
My experience:
The website says it offers light coverage, and I would agree it does indeed give light to medium coverage, which is enough for everyday, really, but I have to say I have had success building up the coverage using damp beauty blender. No caking here either, and it did last all day! Pressed version is perfect for travels and to pop into the handbag for a touch up moments, but I didn't need any. You get 8 grams of product in full size, but they also sell samples, which is perfect because we all know how hard it is to match yourself online. I was sent N2, N4 and N6 at first, N2 turned out to be way too light, N6 too dark and N4 seemed to be pretty close match for my winter/spring pale skin, but as summer is fast approaching, I knew it will be too light them. So they made me my first ever custom foundation! How fabulous! Thanks so much, Sarah and Joy! If you constantly find yourself in between the shades, like me, don't be shy and contact them about it, they will happily help you out with it.

They currently have three different shades and a bronzer. Used to be four, but Peachy Petal is now discontinued. I got mine in Petal, which I would describe as coral, mauve colour with a hint of terracotta undertone, at least it pulls that shade on me, my Instagram friend Kara from Greenbunnyk describes it as Nars Orgasm natural dupe, I can see where she is coming from, but it is definitely pulls more brown than coral on me. It does have slight shimmers running through it in the pan, but it does not translate on the face, you can't see any shimmer particles on your cheeks. You get standard 3 grams of product for $8 or €7.33 for both pressed and loose version, awesome or what? You will see it swatched in the photo below with a lip colour.

Loose Blush Contains:
Mica: Inert mineral adds smoothness and diffuses light to minimize the appearance of lines, pores and wrinkles
Titanium Dioxide: Common mineral used for good coverage, adhesion and some UV protection
Magnesium Stearate: A chemical compound of Magnesium (element, same as in vitamins) and Stearate (plant derived). Used in cosmetics to improve adhesion and texture.
Pigments: A blend inert minerals; may contain one or more of the following: Iron Oxide, tin oxide, Ultramarine Blue

Pressed Blush Contains:
Mica: Inert mineral adds smoothness and diffuses light to minimize the appearance of lines, pores and wrinkles
Pigments: A blend inert minerals; Iron Oxide, may contain ultramarine blue
Titanium Dioxide: Common mineral used for good coverage, adhesion and some UV protection
Magnesium Stearate: A compound of Magnesium (element, same as in vitamins) and Stearate (plant derived). Used in cosmetics to improve adhesion and texture.
Zinc Stearate
Shea Butter: extracted from the nut of West Africa's wild karite tree. It's high content of essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxident compounds provide extreme moisturizing capabilities as well as cellular restoration.
Coconut (Caprylic Capric Triglycerides):they offer a noticeable silkiness in products, they exhibit excellent anti-oxidant properties to extend the natural shelf life, especially suited to sensitive skin and oily skin.
Jojoba: The oil from the jojoba shrub is a wax ester, which means it’s very much like the natural oils our bodies produce. It is also found to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflamatory.
 Vitamin E: Gluten free

Lip colour:
This is a vegan product. Mine is in Dawn and it is a brown sort of shade, which is perfect for me at the moment, I seem to get more and more into darker-than-nude brown lips lately, so this shade will be very well loved and used. You can see it swatched here on the right. Retails for 7.33€ or 8$ approx, the same as their lip gloss.

Castor Seed Oil, coconut oil, Shea Butter, Avocado seed oil, candelilla wax, Iron oxide, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Rose Hip Seed, Boron nitride, Vitamin E (gluten free)

Purely You pressed blush Petal on the left, lippy in Dawn on the right. Both layered three times.
Lip Gloss:
Little warning for my vegan friends, this contains both beeswax and carmine, so I would suggest you get yourself Lip Color instead. Everybody else, read on. This is the newest product that they came out with, and they are so excited about it..I have to say it is good, great pigmentation and I love the color too, ties in very nicely into my new love of brown better-than-your-own-lip color shades. I know it will get a ton of use this summer. It smells like sweets and is not sticky at all, so those of you gals who hate sticky glosses - you will love it! Retails for 8$ or 7.33€ as their lip color. Sign me up for all three for that price!

Lip Gloss' Contain: Castor Seed oil, Shea Butter, Bees wax, mica, iron oxide, candelilla wax, rosehip seed oil, stevia, vitamin E, carmine, orange oil

My verdict:
I really like what I see here! Natural and affordable make up products that are good for even the most sensitive skin (me), what's not to love? You can practically get the whole line of products for the same price as you would pay for the foundation alone elsewhere. And these products work, I do not have a single complaint about it. I was a bit afraid that the blush will be chalky, but it is not, it is smooth and easy to work with - in fact, try using it as an eye shadow too, I know I did, and I liked it that way. The lip color is nice too, goes on quite sheer, but you can build it up, the same goes for the foundation, you can wear it sheer or apply more layers for fuller coverage, and it just works. So yes, I am happy user of Purely You Minerals, and I would suggest it to you too.
As I mentioned, there is a giveaway for two products - a cheek color and a lip product of your choice - going on on my Instagram page right now for the next two weeks (closing 6 June 16) so make sure to go and enter to get a chance to win. I promise you will love it! The giveway is open internationally and is not realated in any way with Blogger or Instagram.
Good luck to every single one of you :)

So that is all for now.
Lots of love,

*The porducts are PR samples, all thoughts and review are honestly my own. I am not paid to say this.

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Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer Review

Hello loves,

Welcome back! And if you are new here, welcome πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer Review

Today I am so glad to present you with the review of my The Most Favorite Concealer Ever. I am so in love with it that I do not to live a day without it, it is seriously the best stuff, natural or not! When I transitioned to green beauty a few years ago, the hardest struggle for me was to find the natural concealer that works, all the others I have tried prior (or after) to Hynt Beauty one have been disappointing to say the least, they all were too sheer in coverage, did nothing at concealing dark under eye circles (does that not defeat their purpose?) and were gone in a matter of an hour. When I discovered this beauty I felt like I hit the jackpot, it was definitely "Thank You Green Beauty Gods" moment! I never want to be without it :) Where do I start? It is all natural, crazy pigmented, brightens and conceals even darkest under eyes (hello, me!) like no one's business. I don't know if you noticed the amount of product on the little spatula in the photo above, but that is all you need to conceal both under eyes and other blemishes on your face, believe me when I say it is truly crazy pigmented. You definitely need a light hand with it as it is easy to apply too much. Any more than that pin prick amount and you can do your whole face with it, and by that I mean I sometimes use it as a full face foundation if I need a seriously good coverage and other products don't work for me. If you will use it as a foundation, you need to set it with powder though, but as an under eye concealer I don't set it, and it does last on it's own for hours on end. Truly wonderful product. In fact I already reviewed it a year or so ago comparing it to the natural version of CoverFx drops foundation, when it was called Christopher Drummond (and the packaging was different too) so it is fair to say it is a long standing favorite of mine that stood the test of time. Us bloggers are easily swayed, and when the new hot product comes onto the scene my curiosity is piqued, so I have tried a few well know concealers after this, but nothing is as good as this beloved product and I decided not to cheat on it ever again. Other concealers either didn't have the coverage or didn't last, and both counts are very important factors for me, as I am the girl who never carries any products for touch ups during the day. In fact if the product needs reapplication during the day, it is not good in my eyes, I think products not only have to be natural, but also WORK! And thanks goodness this delivers on both counts!

The ingredients are jam packed with healing nourishing beautiful oils like avocado oil, cupuacu seed butter as well as aloe vera leaf, so not only it does conceal, but also balances, calms and soothes irritated sensitive skin. I can attest to that, my skin is uber sensitive and prone to dermatitis, and I had zero problems with this product, so I can safely recommend it to my readers with less than perfect skin, and of course to anyone else too :) Do not hesitate to try this product, I have used it when my dermatitis was at it's worst and it worked fine, did not cause any irritations at all, in fact the opposite is true, it soothed and calmed the skin. If you are not sure of your shade, or just want to sample first, you can do so, they sell samples of many if not all of their products, including this concealer.


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tri-Isostearlyl Citrate, Acacia Decurrens/Jojoba/Sunflower seed wax, Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) seed oil, , Stearalkonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E-natural preservative), Oleic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf extract, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) oil, Boron Nitride, Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu) Seed butter. May contain: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491,77492, 77499).

I am in between of shades Light and Medium, and that's my only gripe with it - being in between of shades means having to get two jars of it at a time, which is kind of not fun, and I have had so many women saying the same thing and instead of getting two jars, they opt out of this brand all together, which is a shame, really. I would suggest sampling first to get the idea about the shades. Dear Hynt Beauty, if you are listening, please please introduce a shade in between Light and Medium, they need to have a love child, pronto! You did so for the next shades up, so please do the same for the lighter shades - I will start a campaign if I need to :) I should also mention that it might crease a little bit, but only if you apply too much. In fact I only heard of other bloggers saying it creases, it never did so for me, because I use the teeny tiny amount of it, and you will need to play around a bit to get your balance just right. Now it comes in a glass jar complete with a little spatula, I really like that they thought of it, as I would feel a bit funny just dipping fingers into the product, you don't want bacteria and germs contaminating your beautiful make up! It is a vegan and cruelty free product, all their products are, as well as gluten free (perfect for me!) and they don't use any irritants or dyes whatsoever, in fact, they list all of their ingredients clearly on their website, so please feel free to peruse them and you can judge for yourself. Oh, and it does come with 7 grams of product, which is plenty, it should last you at least a year if not more using daily. so it is amazing value for money.

Get it from

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer swatch (shade light)

So that is all for now, I think I covered all the grounds I wanted, but if you have any questions on it, please feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer :)

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*this is a PR sample, repurchased many times with my own money. All opinions my own. I stand for everything that flies out of my mouth. *update in 2019 - repurchased with my own moolah many times since!

Set Inspired By Hynt Beauty Concealer

Set Inspired By Hynt Beauty Concealer

Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Top Three Natural Products - Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, OreganolP73

Hi Lovelies,

Today I wanted to share with you my top three natural products that I am most happy to have found, and I am also starting a tag on Instagram because I am really curious to see what other people deem their best products! To see my tag post, as well as the comments, click here. And of course, join in the conversation yourself, let's share out best products, be it health, skincare or make up items! I am really excited about this :) 

The idea came about when one morning I was carrying the bottle of OreganolP73 back from the bedroom to it's designated place (I have used it on my younger daughter's soles the previous night, but more about that later) and I thought to myself "I am so glad this came into my life" and it got me thinking what else I appreciate so much? What are my top five items? My top three items that I couldn't live without? So I came up with my top three, asking myself, if everything I have disappeared, what items I would run to buy first?  So let's see what my top three items are and why I love them so much? 

Organic Coconut Oil

It has to be organic, virgin or cold pressed if you want to get the most benefits from it. This is the first "green" item I purchased  when I transitioned into all things natural, and I am so glad I did! It truly has a myriad of uses and can single handedly replace all your skincare for the most part. I like most people find it a bit too much when used on the face, but for body moisturisation you can't beat it, and that's what I actually used for many years. if you mix this with a bit of Weleda's Sea Buchthorn Oil it will smell like toffee, I kid you not, and if you want to be totally purist and frugal, you can use only this for your body moisturisation, you won't need anything else. It is great for softening the elbows, feet, you can use it as a hair mask too, just bear in mind it can be a bit hard to wash off, you will need to shampoo twice to remove it, but it is totally worth it. For the longest time ever this I used as my hands moisturiser too, in fact I used to use it for my skincare so much, that I almost forgot it is edible thing, and very wonderful at that! You can use it for baking, in your bulletproof coffee, as an eye make up remover, diaper cream, you name it, it is good for it, haha! On the more serious note, you can google "101 use for coconut oil" if you are in the beginning stages to give you some ideas, but if you are like me and use it for a good number of years already, it is safe to say it has a million uses, right? Right now I want to get fractionated coconut oil (it is modified to stay liquid) to try and make my own natural perfumes with essential oils.
Coconut oil has a multitude of health benefits, which include but are not limited to skin care, hair care, improving digestion and immunity against a host of infections and diseases.It can actually help you with weigh loss, heart disease, improve immunity and digestion, keep the candida in check and is good for liver, kidneys, and practically for your whole body. I seriously urge you to research the many benefits of it and start using it asap if you are not using it already.
(P.s. if you live in Ireland, go to supermarkets like Dunnes, SuperValu and such and you will get it trice cheaper than in Holland and Barrett. It pays to shop around. One tub of it will last you years too, so invest in a good stuff. Make sure it's raw and organic).

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree, also known as melaleuca, is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds. Tea tree oil is derived mainly from the Australian native plant Melaleuca alternifolia has been widely used throughout Australia for at least the past 100s of years. And it is proven in numerous medical studies to kill many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Tea tree oil has hundreds of uses too, from making homemade cleaning products, diffusing it in the air to kill mold, applying it topically to heal skin issues. I truly feel it should be in in medicine cabinet in every house.
Some of the many traditional uses for tea tree include but are not limited to:
  • Acne
  • Bacterial infections
  • Chickenpox
  • Cold sores
  • Congestion and respiratory tract infections
  • Earaches
  • Fungal infections (especially Candida, jock itch, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus)
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Head lice
  • MRSA
  • Psoriasis
  • Dry cuticles
  • Itchy insect bites, sores and sunburns
  • Boils from staph infections
  • Anti-microbial laundry freshener
  • Insect repellent
  • Natural deodorant
  • Acne face wash
  • Removes foot order
  • Removes mold
  • Household cleaner

I myself also use this for more than 7 years already, and my main uses are for the skin issues, spots and cuts and grazes and such, where the skin needs to be disinfected and treated at the same time. I can also be used for cold sores, but you might want to dilute it with coconut oil if you find it too strong on it's own. Do not use it anywhere near eyes and wash your hands throughout immediately after using it. Speaking of washing hands, you can add a few drops into your hand soap to make it antibacterial (You know that "traditional" antibacterial soaps are nothing but bad news, don't you? Some countries banned them completely). Again, I strongly suggest you do your own research and be informed consumer. I also successfully removed skin tag with it, no visits to the doctor, no cutting or freezing! You can see it here. My mom (who resisted all my suggestions for the longest time ever) now is also a die hard fan of it, and always asks me to supply more if she runs low.


This is new(ish) addition to my collection, and by that I mean I use it for the second year running. Yes, I like to test things thoroughly before I speak about them or feature on my blog or social media. Please bear in mind that i am not qualified in medical field to give advice, so I can only talk about how I use it myself.
OreganolP73 is an extract of wild oregano, and not only it is a natural antibiotic, but it is also a powerful antioxidant! Say what? I admit I need it to research it much further myself, and I mainly use it as an antibiotic. Trust me, as a someone with non existent immunity, I used to get sick 8 times during winters (any wonder why I hate winters?) and since discovering this beauty I haven't seen a doctor, nor any of my family members took actual antibiotics in the last two years! I take 2-4 drops in a little of water followed by a large glass of water. It tastes nasty, but boy does it work, so I just put up with it. If you are in the beginning stages of flu, take it three times a day for a day or two and you will be back on your feet in no time, you will see.If your kids just won't take it, rub their soles with it. Be sure to look for P73 on the bottle, because not all extracts of oregano are created equal. I also suggest getting the undiluted version, because some of them come already diluted, but you are better off getting the potent version in the long run, as it will last you years, no kidding. Ours is a family of four, and my first bottle lasted me 1.5 years using it internally and externally. Externally I used it to treat my dermatitis, you can see more of it here, and I have to say it was brilliant for it. You can also use it to treat gingivitis, bronchitis, candida, yeast infections and fungus caused diseases.
Used as an antibiotic, it does not have side effects like the they do, it does not wipe off your good gut bacteria, does not reduce vitamin absorption, does not damage digesting lining causing leaky gut, etc.
As all good natural  remedies this is increasingly hard to find, I got mine in a health shop, but it wasn't on the shelf, I had to ask for it. It is also avail online.
(useful link about dosages/how to use it here)

*Update a couple of years later:

I had to go back to this article and remove a good few links about Oreganol, because for some strange reason information about this wonderful natural remedy is disappearing from internet - and fast! I had to remove links from Live Strong and Mind Body Soul and similar websites. I think it is only a matter of time it will be outlawed - but let's hope it is only my imagination running wild.

 So, let's see the benefits of this thing no one knows about?

Wild Oil of Oregano has the following medicinal properties: Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal and Antiparasitic

First and foremost, wild Oil of Oregano is a powerful antimicrobial. Numerous scientific studies and human experience have confirmed its ability to destroy all types of "germs" causing infection - viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. When you consider how many health conditions are caused by these pathogenic microorganisms, it becomes apparent why Oil of Oregano is such a useful remedy. In vitro studies have proven oregano essential oil to be as effective as leading prescription antibiotics against bacteria. Yet unlike these toxic drugs, wild oregano oil is safe for internal use and does not allow for the development of resistant germs (a.k.a. "super bugs").*

Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Analgesic, Antirheumatic and Vulnerary Oregano Oil Benefits
Oil of Wild Oregano also has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which makes it useful for many conditions where pain and inflammation is present. For instance, it is excellent for sore muscles and joints, athletic injuries, as well as open wounds and burns. For those conditions where pain and inflammation are symptoms of infection (ie. toothaches), Oil of Oregano is the perfect treatment - it aggressively fights invading pathogens, while relieving discomfort. Many people are surprised at its ability to reduce or stop the pain of severe tissue damage. However, veterans of Oil of Oregano argue that it is "the closest thing to morphine in nature".*

To compliment its pain-killing ability, it also has vulnerary properties, so it speeds the healing of wounds and open sores. Needless to say, it is an invaluable item for first-aid kits and a necessity for anyone who spends time in the backcountry. Oil of Oregano is an ideal topical rub for muscles and joints for several reasons: 1) As an essential oil, it deeply penetrates tissue and reaches the source of the problem; 2) Its natural anaesthetic compounds reduce pain; 3) Its anti-inflammatory properties combine with antispasmodic actions, to relax and sooth inflamed and spastic tissue; 4) It is also an antirheumatic, which means it eases the stiffness of joints and improves mobility. Many people have found Mediterranean Oil of Oregano helpful for arthritis, and athletes with reduced joint mobility and muscle injuries have also found it beneficial. It is not surprising that an increasing number of massage therapists are using wild oregano oil in their practice, and are recommending it to their clients.*

Expectorant and Antitussive Oregano Oil Benefits
Oil of Oregano is also a strong expectorant, which means that it loosens phlegm and mucous in the sinuses and lungs. As an antitussive, it relieves coughing. These two properties compliment Oil of Oregano's powerful germ-fighting actions - and the result is a cold and flu remedy that is unmatched by all other natural and pharmaceutical products on the market. In addition to colds and flus, there are other infection-related conditions characterized by congestion and/or coughing - for instance, bronchitis and sinusitis. Many people have successfully treated these virulent infections using wild Oil of Oregano, after years of trying pharmaceutical drugs that have not worked. It's worth noting that Mediterranean cultures have relied on wild oregano for thousands of years, for its ability to conquer respiratory infections while easing congestion and relieving coughing fits.*

Carminative and Choleretic Oregano Oil Benefits
Wild Oil of Oregano is also a carminative, so it relieves gas upset and helps settle the digestive system. As a choleretic, it stimulates bile excretion which aids in digestion. It's anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties further aid in digestion by relaxing and soothing spastic and inflamed tissue within the stomach and intestines. As a result, Oil of Oregano is used for conditions such as indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea and gas. In some cases, these are only symptoms of a larger problem - infection. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites commonly root themselves within the digestive system, and cause illness. When infection is the culprit, Oil of Oregano aggressively attacks these pathogenic microorganisms while helping to alleviate unpleasant symptoms, and assist with digestion.*

Other Properties
Mediterranean oregano is a potent antioxidant. It has proven in many scientific studies to be far more effective at halting free radical production than most plants and fruits. It is also a cytopylactic (increases white blood cell activity), and a febrifuge (combats fever). Many people are surprised to learn that Oil of Oregano is also an antitoxic and antivenom. It counteracts the effects of toxins and poisons - and neutralizes venom from insect and snake bites! Of course, in the event of a venomous bite we recommend immediate medical attention. However, if Oil of Oregano is frequently applied and taken orally it will certainly help - and may keep you alive while getting to a hospital.*

My natural medicine cabinet

So that is all for now my lovely readers, your turn! I really surprised myself by not choosing any make up item considering how much I love it, but when I come to think of it, the health is more important, right?

What are your Top Three Natural Items that you enjoy or use the most? Please share with me :)










Lots of love,