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Nude By Nature Review

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Nude by Nature make up - review by Green Life In Dublin

Today I am coming at you with another brand review, and what's more exciting, these products are all available in Ireland! Yay or what?

But let me start from the beginning, and I can't wait to tell you all about these products, show you the swatches and all! Love reviewing clean make up goodies, and I hope you will find it helpful and interesting? The brand in question is Nude by Nature, Australia's nr1 mineral make up brand! I had my eyes on the brand for ages, their products seem so beautiful, and let me tell you, they didn't disappoint! One item in particular impressed me very much, and I will save that to the last.

Eyeshadows - Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadow in Coral and Rose Natural Illusion Eyeshadow Trio 

Coral was the love at a first swipe, the colour is my new fave! Whenever I am doing my make up, this is what my hand always reaches first, and I have to remind myself to use other products. So happy to have this shadow in my life, even if I use this shadow alone on the lids, the look always comes pulled together and it looks like I made a ton of effort, when in fact I didn't. And I am a big fan of that. It is really smooth and pigmented, and it lasts all day, and I don't use a primer! It also does not crease, which is fabulous, I am definitely a fan of this product, you just got to love a fact that I can put it in the morning and can basically forget about it for the whole day and it will still look fine at the end of the day. Don't we all want that? This is so much better than my Lily Lolo and some other shadows I own, and I definitely will be switching to those from now on, and it makes me want to check other colours too.Single shadows come with a mirror too, which is always a bonus. See it swatched below.
Rose trio is in a sleek compact, with a cruelty free brush and as much as I like the fact that you can get away with only this if you are a minimalist, but I also should mention the fact that some shadows are more pigmented than others. Nonetheless, you can create an array of fabulous looks with them. My favourite from the lot is the darkest shade, which I often use on the outer corner of my lid when using Coral - the look is suitable to both day and night, and you can always go in with more darker shades if you want. I am not a make up pro, far from it, but these shadows are so easy to work with, they practically blend themselves and it makes me look like I know what I am doing :) 
You can also see Coral at the end of this blog post - on my eyes coupled with Nude by Nature mascara. I should also say that you get three 2grams shadows in the trio, but the single shadow pots house 3 grams of product. As always I will include the ingredients list, so you can peruse if you are comfortable or not using these. No scores on any products in EWG, but I checked a couple of ingredients separately (POLYMETHYLSILSESQUIOXANE,DIISOSTEARYL MALATE) and they came out as non toxic, getting a score of 1 (out of 10). You have 24 months to finish up the product, which is awesome. Single shadows retail for 16€ and the trio is 28€ which is really not bad. 


Swatches of Nude by Nature make up in the daylight, no editing, no filters
Touch of Glow Highlight Stick in Bronze
Well, I have to admit this looked scary at first, especially having in mind that I am at all times palest, but I really warmed up to it - a highlight stick with  active natural ingredients, including the native Australian Kakadu Plum, known for its abundant Vitamin C content, Quandong and Desert Lime to help provide antioxidant defense? Yes please! True to my style I tested it in a multiple ways, from using it as a cream eyeshadow, to using it as a bronzer. And I like it a lot. Come summer and it might be as well my favourite product. Tube packaging is really sleek and portable. I am a (new) fan. The price of this is 20€ and you get a whooping 10grams or 0.35oz of product. 

(this is true for BRONZE, for other variations check their website for ingredients).

Nude By Nature Mascara - fast becoming my favorite! Does not flake!

Allure Defining Mascara
I saved the best for the last! After making the hearbreaking decision to not repurchase my nr1 natural mascara (see my reasons here) I thought I will will be years since I will discover my next perfect mascara that does not smudge or flake (my biggest pet peeves) since I tested sooo many mascaras prior to finding my former favourite. But I was saved from months and years of disappointments, because this mascara is like a God sent! Ingredients are not as clean as 100%Pure, but I am ok with that, because a) this mascara is available in Ireland and I can get it sans international shipping and dreaded custom fees,and b) this mascara truly does not flake nor smudge. I am walking a lot, and I am up agaist elements daily (famous Irish rains and #stormdoris, anyone?) and this mascara held up perfectly, I never had it run my cheeks, no flaking ever, and I am three weeks into testing this. I will update this post if it changes for the worse, but I have high hopes for it, and so far so good! It retails for 20€ aand you get standard three months to finish it after opening. Note - this is not a vegan mascara. I should also state that it does not give me that amazing false lashes effect I used to get from my former mascara, it is more like "natural" look mascara, but I am ok with that too. If I want to, I can always add drama with the lash fibers or purchase lash conditioner, but for everyday, it is fine. See it below together with Coral shadow I love so much. Do you like the look?


Nude by Nature eye make up 

This review post is a collaboration between myself and Debenhams Ireland and that is exactly where you can get Nude by Nature products, online only though. I am so happy Ireland has started embracing natural beauty and we can finally get it in the big department stores. Well done Debenhams, I will be back for more! I am eyeing up their blush, foundation, concealer and a couple of brushes, these products have been calling my name recently.

Have you tried this brand and what are your favourite products? Please share with me, I would really love to know!

Lots of Love,

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Natural Empties Winter 2017

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Natural empties, Trash talk, Green Blogger's Trash, Used Up Products

Natural, organic and eco empties, green beauty empties

 Third blog post in a week, I am happy to be on the roll! First of all, congratulations to all of you on a first day of Spring! We made it! I can't express myself how happy I am the winter is over, like so so happy! And speaking of winter, let me introduce my Winter 2017 Empties post to all of you :)
You see two pictures, because there's two parts to it, the second picture you see are the empties from December, and I have to say I threw these bottles away before Christmas Eve, as not to spend Holidays with any unnecesary trash in the house. And seeing the vast amount of empties I manage to go through each season I am now starting to think I will do them monthly or bi-monthtly, as it is getting a bit ridiculous to hoard that much rubbish, plus it makes for two-miles blog post, which very few people enjoy! I mean I looove long posts and Youtube videos myself, but there are minority of us like that, most people don't have the attention span for anything longer than four minutes, let's face it, the by-product of these technology times. So in order to keep you happy and entertained, I will do shorter posts a bit more frequently. Shall we get into it?

Brands you will see in this post:
Nyr or Neal's Yard Remedies
Andalou Naturals
Jane Iredale
Flying Wild
Deep Steep
Urban Veda
Greenfrog Botanic
and more..

NYR Organic Thyme and Honey Cough Syrup

100%Pure Lip Butter in Peach
Well, I am falling out of love with 100%Pure because of their extremely short shelf life - only 6 months - and the fact they don’t disclose it to people, I wish I knew that before building quite a collection! Long story short, I will only buy what I can be sure to use it within six months from them, as it is very sad to see the stuff I own expiring before my very own eyes. In fact I should toss everything I own from them at this point, but I don’t want to admit to this fact and will cling to some other products for a little while longer, sanitising them from time to time of course. Tossing a palette after only six months, barely touched? Unthinkable for me, I wasn’t raised to waste money or products, coming from a hardship beginnings, this boggles my mind.

Alverde Maximum Volume Lashes mascara
This is a German brand with very cheap prices, and this mascara was sent to me in a green beauty swap. My all the time favourite mascara is by 100%Pure (as much as I am miffing about their short shelf life, I cannot also deny the fact that some of their products are very good indeed) and this Alverde one didn’t measure to it, so as cheap as it is, I won’t be switching to it. The ingredients aren’t as good obviously, but the real deal breaker for me is the flaking, I can’t stand it at all! It started flaking very soon after the opening, and I left it for a couple of weeks because of this, and when I came back to it to test some more, it seems to be dried up and gone off, which is often the case with cheap mascaras. It also does not give me that volume and length that I love and need, this is more of an “everyday” mascara. Read = not for me.

Jane Iredale liquid eyeshadows in Brown Silk and Champagne Silk (samples)
Gorgeous colours, and these are definitely the ones I’d get if I got the full size of them, as well as Peach Silk, I love the look of it. But these dried out on me in a matter of couple days, so not sure if the product in the original packaging would be the same?

Himalayan salt x2
Used for detox bath with some camomile and/or frankincense essential oils.

100%Pure sheet mask in Caffeine x2
Love this so much, makes your skin red carpet ready! Find the review here. And I suggest you check it out, because not only I review the masks, I have a tip for you on how to make these masks to last three times longer! And I don't mean wearing the same mask over and over again :)

NYR moisturiser - Purifying Palmarosa
My current almost Holy Grail moisturiser, or one of the Holy Grails - review here.

Lotus Wei Infinite Love mist (mini)
This came as a part of mini set and was my fave from the bunch - I went on and repurchased it in anointing oil form, but that didn't work out for me - in a way that the oil is way too strong and I get headaches from it, meaning I can only use it on the lower part on the body and I can't smell its gorgeous aroma. After much talk with myself, I got a full size of the mist.

100%Pure lip butter in Peach.
I am retiring it as it is around a year old, more info on it here. Not repurchasing either, as as a lip butter it is not moisturising at all, and I found not reaching for it at all. For a while I use it for a lip and cheek stain (even though it is not designed that way, I just always test a product 37 different ways, haha. 

100%Pure Lip Caramel in Truffle
This came as a part of gift wirh purchase they did a while ago, and I just can't pull this colour off! Time to pass it up before it expires.

100%Pure BB Cream in 20
Wrong shade for me and not my ideal product, so time to pass it on to somebody who might enjoy it. I’ve enough products left, and I need to downsize a bit more if I am honest.

Magnesium spray
Amazing stuff! Most of us are deficient in it,and the only time I tried to be constant with it I saw tremendous results, I  am much less anxious, even am able to sleep for the first time in months! Everyone needs to research it. I will try to DIY it as I have magnesium flakes as it is really easy to do. If you don't want to DIY, you can get it from LoveLula, love their free worldwide shipping!

Andalou Naturals BB Cream from Brightening Line
Didn’t suit me, made my skin really itchy. Pity as this is finally avail in Ireland. So the search continues.

Pai face cream (deluxe sample)
I really wanted to love this as I adore Pai rosehip seed oil and it is one of the brands I can easily get locally. Unfortunately it broke me out every time I used it.

Pai Rosehip Oil
I really loved and raved about it at the time when I was using it, but now I found something I love even more, and that is Mahalo Vitality Elixir! It is a few times more expensive too, so I am really torn now. Pai Rosehip oil is really amazing, and what it does to the skin is amazeballs. I am sure I will repurchase it at some point, just not now, as somehow I managed to acquire more than six facial oils,way too much for one person’s needs, but I will make my best shot at trying to use them all! Accumulating all these other oils was the reason Pai oil expired on me, I sort of left for a few months, and when I came back to it, it smelled like stale fish oil or something! Definitely a sign I need to let it go.

100%Pure Lenghtening Mascara
This came in recent GWP but it already smelled of alcohol when I got it, so I have to replace it after a few short weeks. This and their Maracuja Oil mascara are my holy grail mascaras, but there is one fly in the ointment, from around 6-7 times I repurchased it, three times it came already smelling off and spoiled soon after! If your mascara smells of alcohol and not chocolate or fruits, contact them immediately asking for replacement. And don't be fooled if they will try to feed you “our mascaras have that fermented smell” line, no it bloody doesn't! And that makes me uneasy now every time I have to order a new mascara, this gamble of will-it-be-fresh-or-will-it-be-off shouldn't be happening in the first place! Why they can't be consistent with it? *Update: I decided not to repurchase it for the very same reasons. It is very sad for me, but I can't deal with this anymore. I don't have the money to constantly throw at it and I am sure I am already blacklisted as a customer since I already complained a number of times.
I reviewed it here and I am very sad to let it go since it was my favourite green mascara to date.

Pure Raspberry Seed Oil
I bought it prior to summer from a small local maker that I get my pure shea butter with. Mainly I was interested in it’s natural SPF30-50 properties, but as a face oil slash sunscreen it did not work, it is definitely an oily oil, not only it slid around my face not really sinking in, but it also made me look like an oil slick, not ideal for summer at all! I managed to make it work by mixing it with Kimberley Sayer SPF30 cream, I got it in a green beauty swap around the start of the summer too, and it worked brilliantly! Might do the same come next summer. Now it smells very badly and is cloudy, so it is time to part ways. It is one of those things where I am yet to review it, whoops!

Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo
My hubs has taken upon himself to get this, as this is pretty much the only shampoo that works for his sensitive scalp, but he goes though it like nobody's business, a bottle per week! Since Burts Bees new-ish parent company isn't cruelty free, I am not repurchasing any new products once I am running out, but I am conflicted about this shampoo situation. You see, it took me “only” five or six years to convince him to go natural with his products (stubborn as hell, I would throw out his toxic products and replace with natural versions only to find the same done in reverse order) so imagine my happy dance when he finally went natural, until the Burts Bees sold out! Just like myself, his super sensitive scalp tolerates very few products, and this is the only shampoo that works for him. Oh, what to do, what to do? 

Almond oil.
Plain almond oil, can be used for so many different things, my main use for it is for taking my eye make up off. I often infuse it with camomile or marigold flowers too.

Dublin Herbalists Deep Sleep Baby Oil
Gorgeous smelling oil with clean ingredients, possible purchase. A review of Dublin Herbalists products is to come.

Isun Skincare Ametyst Oil (body oil)
Review of this and a couple of more products is to come. This sample was well enjoyed as it smells gorgeous and sensual,I can't even describe the scent!

Cacay oils x2
These two went into a green beauty swap and I hope the new owner will enjoy them much more than I did. I have way too much facial oils. Cacay oil is incredibly rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It contains more Vitamin E than Argan Oil and more Retinol (a form of Vitamin A) than Rosehip Oil. If you fancy it, LoveLula carries it (and ships for free worldwide)

Jason GF and Apricot conditioners
Again, I amassed like eight conditioners, so it is time to pass some of them on, as I wouldn't be able to use them up before they expire on me.

Cecily's body cream
Could not handle the smell to get unto it properly. It smells like toasted peanuts in toffee or caramel, so not the thing I want to smell like. On the plus side, it sank in quickly. I passed it to my friend and will wait to see what she has to say.

Clove oil. 
Mainly kept in the house for toothache reasons, but since I discovered it helps to fight flus and colds too, it was converted into a roll on and went quite quickly, but it helped a lot too! It sorted my kids persistent cough too. A definite repurchase. A staple from now on I should say.

Natracare cleansing make up wipes
Stung my skin, not a repurchase. Make up removal wipes aren't part of my routine I have to say.

Green Frog Botanic Handwash
Review here if you are interested, but not sure if I am repurchasing - I always have far to much stuff to test out.

Deep Steep Mango Papaya Argan Oil Body Lotion + Butter
Nice affordable body lotion I picked up in TKMaxx. 236ml or 8oz - it takes me ages to finish it on my own, as none of my family members use any lotions or butters. I liked both of them and will likely to repurchase them. €7 for a piece can't beat it, right? I also like the Sugar Plum for winters.

Deep Steep Argan Oil Sugar Scrub in Snowflake
Now, this I hated! And I don't usualy throw this word around easily. This might be the worst scrub I used, and it made me miss 100%Pure sugar scrub - I can't believe I am saying this, as this company isn't in my good books right now due to the shortest expiration dates and the mascara thing. 
So, back the the Deep Steep scrub, the best part of it is the smell, apart from it I don't have much positive things to say - it has too little of the scrubby bits, so it is not doing anything at all. Plus the formula is weird, it feels like shea butter, so it is kinda hard to spread and hard to wash of. Shea butter with a few scrubby bits in it, that is the best description for it. Not a repurchase for sure! Deep Steep, if you are reading this, I love you, but you need to work on this in a major way!

Flying Wild Hand, Foot and Body Balms
All finished and were enjoyed tremendously. Review here - and it is safe to say it is my fave Irish brand to date. All products I tried, I loved, and their lip balm (the green tube) with rosemary might be my fave lip balm too. The formulas are perfection and I looove the minimal ingredients the owner uses. It really proves it is possible to make safe, natural and effective products!

Flying Wild Frankincense Raw Honey May Chang Body Butter.
Again, love at first use and will definitely be a repurchase!  Review here. I know Arno came out with body butter sans any essential oils, just pure natural oils and butters with raw honey. I might want to try that first? 

Manuka Honey
Mostly used for masking - I am working on my Manuka Masks DIY post, promise! 

 Matcha x2
As with manuka, this is where my food and skincare cross over, I drank it as well as masked with it, and it will be included in the Manuka DIY Masks post.

100%Pure Honey and Virgin Coconut Restorative Shampoo
Again, I need to review this, it was one of the products I finished the whole lot before getting a chance to get the review out, Whoops!
A repurchase? Possibly yes, but not quite right away, I have around 5 new shampoos lined up.

100%Pure Aqua Boost Hydrating Mask (mini)
This came as a gift with my last order, and surprisingly they say 8ml of product is 15$ value. Didn't impress me enough to purchase the full size of it, I have many masks that work harder and give more results than this. Pass. 

Urban Veda Soothing Hydrating Toner
This was nice and I have their Brightening line toner too. Not sure if it's doing anything to my skin, as I see no visible changes since introducing it into my routine, but I like that toners bring your skin's PH where it is supposed to be, and I might keep using it.

Urban Veda Turmeric Daily Radiance Facial Wash
Bought this in LoveLula for my daughter, but after a few tries she abandoned it, and as I have have my own washes, I am passing it to my friend.

Jane Iredale D2O Hydration Spray
Really proud of myself for finishing this, for a while it looked that it will never end - and that's after months of multiple daily uses! This suited my skin better than Pommist spray in a red bottle. Review here if you want to have a look? The spray nozzle is perfect, and I might keep the bottle for that reason alone, all the sprays in the glass bottles I have seems like a garden hoses compared to this! I used to think these were overpriced, but I  changed my mind on them, they last for months and are definitely worth the money.

NYR Calendula Cleanser for dry and sensitive skin
This is the first cleanser ever to not dry out my skin, hallelujah or what? Again, I need to hurry up with the review. Definitely a repurchase when I am due my annual order. 

NYR Geranium and Orange shower gel and foaming bath
Really impressed with both products performance wise, but repurchasing them in a different scent, this does not do anything for me.

NYR Wild Rose Beauty Balm
Really enjoyed while it lasted, but the bugger expired on me before I was able to finish it off. Not repurchasing due to the spike in price since I bought it, and discovering more amazing balms.

Terra Nova Full Spectrum Multivitamin Complex
Really impressed with quality, getting them again for sure. I get mine from LoveLula, can you tell how much I love that online store? Practically everything I get is from there, and I can't recommend them enough!

Weleda Skin Food
Review here. Great natural product, repurchasing someday, but for now I have too many similar products. Once again, available at LoveLula.

Weleda Ratanhia Mouthwash concentrate. Review in the same link above, and I haven't repurchased it yet. Apart from staining my rinsing cup dark brown I am not sure what else it did? Or maybe I needed to use it for longer to see the results?

Hurraw Lip Balms - Vanilla and Moon Balms
One of the best out there, definitely a repurchase for life. Guess where I am getting mine from? Yep, you guessed right - LoveLula! I am yet to come across the one I don't like. Should I review them? Let me know :)

DrOrganic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum
Bought in a discounted set post Christmas, and not used at all due to the smell - it stinks! Going to a friend for sure. Hope she likes it?

So that is all for now,
Lots of Love,
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