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DIY Facial Steam

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DIY Facial Steam

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Today I am coming at you with a quick DIY post - a facial steam, that is! As with facial masks, I am so late on the facial steam train. It's mainly to do with childhood memories and those horrible Vick's type of steams when you are sick! I was kinda scarred for life. So when the facial steam trend rolled around a year or two ago, I was like nah, thanks, I will pass! Especially when I looked at prices of them, around 35 to 50 dollars/ euros for a jar or dried flowers? It's a double no from me, thanks but no thanks - you get the idea of my train of thoughts.

Imagine my surprise when I was perusing my cupboards for "Bug Off Colds & Flu!" post, looking at my natural arsenal for not getting sick (not sure if the post will be called exactly like that, but you get the idea. Keep your eyes peeled for it), when I realized I actually own all the ingredients needed for facial steam, and decided to try it on the whim. And you know what, I actually liked it! Who knows, maybe this girl on the wrong side of thirties will actually learn to have some ME TIME and start caring for herself too, not just everyone around her? Anyways, that is besides the point! Let's get back to the post, shall we?

I actually didn't do any of the research on this, nor I perused the ingredients of popular steams, I went with what I had at the moment and what is good for the skin in my opinion. If you are a formulator of natural products or far more advanced than me, please feel free to weigh in with with your opinion and correct me!


🎕 Linden flowers
🎕 Chamomile flowers
🎕 Lavender flowers
🎕 Elderflowers
🎕 Calendula Flowers
🎕 Red Clover Flowers
🎕 Turmeric root (fresh) (optional)

I must admit I am not sure if red clover flowers are a good addition or not, but I have it, so I might as well use it, right? Now that I am thinking of it, you might add green or puerha tea to it, rooibos should work well too and/or a drop of frankincense or rose essential oil, but those things are not necessary, they are a nice addition, but the steam will work perfectly fine without them. I am just giving you a couple of more options.


We all know how to do a facial steam, but if you don't, you simply make a strong tea out of the herbs by pouring a litre of boiling water on four or five handfuls of herbs. I use wide stainless steel mixing bowl, but any bowl will do fine. When the mixture cools down slightly (you want it to be hot, but not boiling hot!), you take a towel, cover your head and lean down into the bowl for as much as you can bear it, for 15 minutes or so. The steam will open the pores and the herbs will do their magic in healing and moisturising the skin. 
I follow up with a face mask or serum. I also save the liquid minus the herbs for final hair rinse or use it as a face spritz for a next day or two. (no more than two days, and refrigerate overnight). It is all about saving and making things last here in Casa De Green Life In Dublin :) The last tip about using it as a face refresher is probably useless now that we are facing Autumn and Winter, aka The Sickness Season as I call it, but if you are a lucky duck living in a hot country reading this, then a) I envy you! and b) please remember this concoction has to be used within a day or two at the maximum, as it has no preservatives and is water based! Safety always!


 All the herbs were foraged either by me or my mom or bought in the health shops. But I believe even if you were to buy all the herbs in the health shop or online, it would still be way cheaper than a shop bought version. And you can also use herbal tea bags too, nothing wrong with that! Feel free to skip ingredients you don't have or don't want to purchase, the beauty of this steam is that you can skip any part or two of it, and it will still work. So take that camomile tea bag, add a couple of more of your chosen herbs to it and off you go girl :) Treating yourself feels so good, right?

So that's it for today's post. Have you tried herbal steam for your face?  How did you like it? Please share, I would love to know.

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  1. I have done that too for many years now, with whatever I have in my cupoard. I do add sometimes 3 to 4 drops of lemon, lavender or tea tree essencial oil. It can be so cheap when DIY, like face masks.

    1. Well done you! I skipped the EOs because I am way too sensitive for them most of the time, but thanks for bringing up this point xo