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Two Natural Fabulous Toothpastes from Dutch Health Store

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Living Libations Wintergreen + Green Toothpaste review

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As You might or might not know, I jumped for joy when I discovered that Dutch Health Store carries widest selection of Living Libation products, not only Best Skin Ever like other EU retailers. You see, while I want to try their beauty products too, the main pull to Living Libations were their dental products as well as Poetic Pits deodorants. I have had a chance to sample a few products from the dental care line (I have placed an order as soon as I discovered this, see my Holistic Dental Care post here. If you want to, of course) and haircare (see my review of True Blue Spirulina Shampoo here, which might be one of the best shampoos in the green beauty world here), and the rest of the products, hear this - I am coming for ya!

All joking aside, let me tell you about these natural toothpastes I have had pleasure to use! Both are very good in their own ways, and I recommend both for different reasons. You are getting two reviews in one post here :)

Living Libations Wintergreen + Clean Toothpaste

My love for Living Libations knows no bounds, because despite the high price tag, you are getting truly natural and the best quality products there is. No cheap fillers or cutting corners here. I have loved every single item I tried from their dental line, which were Happy Gums Drops, Ozonated Gum Gel and Frankincense Fresh Truth Toothpaste, and now this Wintergreen one. The first thing You will notice once You will put it into your mouth will be like "Wowzers, this is powerful!" Let's look at the ingredients, shall we?

Activated Charcoal  

This cleansing carbon acts like a magnet to remove toxins from the mouth and to clear surface stains from teeth. This black powder unearths your pearly whites as it purifies pathogens and erases surface stains.

Virgin Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil 

This is a diverse carrier oil and botanicalbiotic coconspirator that balances oral ecology. This optimal oil soothes the oral tissue and gently removes bacteria that cause bad breath.

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) 
Teeth thrive when they are bathed in a sea of sweet saliva, and baking soda buffers and neutralizes food acids. In addition to being an effective cleaning polish, baking soda is gentle. It has significantly lower abrasiveness than the cleaning agents of chalk and silica that are used in commercial toothpastes, and the baking soda’s natural alkalinity neutralizes bacterial acidity.

Saponified Olive Oil (Olea europaea) 
Organic saponified olive oil captures all of the nourishing, moisturizing properties of olive oil while enhancing the oil’s ability to help remove plaque from the teeth. Saponification is a chemical reaction that occurs when the oil is treated with a highly alkaline solution.

Rose Petals (Rosa centifolia) 

Ravishing rose petals are harvested from our distiller’s organic rose otto fields in Bulgaria’s Valley of Roses and pressed into a pink powder of petals. This fantastically fragrant and toning powder gives nourishing flower-power to our toothpaste.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Super-Critical Extract 

Rousing rosemary is an herbaceous revive-alive-verve tonic with a refreshing, penetrating aroma. Think of rosemary as the feisty friend that stimulates sluggishness out of its stagnancy. Rosemary supercritical extract is a super-powered distillation that is highly concentrated and filled with bioactive compounds including carnosic acid, camphor, and rosmaridiphenol. It serves as a natural preservative while providing all of the benefits of rosemary for optimal oral environments.

Wintergreen (Gaultheria fragrantissima) Essential Oil
Wondrous wintergreen essence awakens the senses with a burst of cooling mint and snow-capped freshness. Steam-distilled from the bright red berries and leaves of wild wintergreen, thriving even in the coldest of temperatures, this oil blesses with an essence of longevity and fortitude.

Spearmint (Mentha spicata) Essential Oil 
Sprightly spearmint is peppermint’s softer, more understated, cousin. Fresh, fragrant spearmint soothes the senses with whispers of minty magnificence! The ancient Greeks chose spearmint to scent their bath water, while medieval populations used the herb to freshen breath and clean teeth. Like its cousin, spearmint also inhibits the bacteria that cause bad breath.

As you can see, this is coconut and olive oil based toothpaste with activated charcoal and some powerful essential oils. Does it whiten? You bet it does! You don't need very much of it, which is why it will go a long way for you, even if you will go for a small jar. And you don't need to use it every day either - twice a week will maintain a beautiful white smile. 
After I am done writing this post I am placing another order, and this time round I'll be getting a Yogi Tooth Serum, Ozonated Happy Gum Gel and Neem Enamelizer Liquid. As well as stainless steel tongue scraper - because I take my oral health seriously. Why not all the same products I've had, you will ask? Because I want to try them all before settling on my favourites. 

green life in dublin
Revitin Prebiotic Toothpaste review

Want natural toothpaste that will support your mouth's natural flora? You are on the right track here! Developed by Dr. Gerry Curatola is a celebrity dentist with over 30 years experience Revitin supports strong white teeth, healthy gums, and fresher breath. What’s more, Revitin tastes great! Revitin is fluoride-free, without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS free), and you won’t find Triclosan either! Nutrient fortified natural toothpaste is now considered a “must have” product by health-conscious people committed to achieving the highest level of overall health and wellness. So if you are like me and are mindful what you put on your body and in your mouth, this is a good choice for you! Revitin® toothpaste reduces plaque (46%), gum bleeding (72.5%), and gingival inflammation (42%) over the leading standard toothpaste brands. Revitin fosters a balanced, healthy oral ecology that supports strong white teeth and healthy clean gums. I have to be honest and say I haven't noticed much of the whitening effect (Wintergreen is much more powerful in the whitening department) but is very good as your everyday toothpaste. I am very happy with the ingredients, with a little exception of glycerine (although from natural origin, I believe it coats the teeth and prevents them from remineralizing themselves. You do your boo and do your own research before deciding if you are ok with it or not) Other than that, it is packed full with good-for-you-ingredients, lets see here:

Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin (Toothpaste base)
Calcium Carbonate (Remineralization)
Hydrated Dental Silica (Mild mechanical abrasive)
Water (Toothpaste base)
Tangerine Oil (Healthy microbial substrate / flavor)
Organic Lemon Oil (Healthy microbial substrate / flavor)
Xanthan Gum (Healthy microbial substrate / flavor)
Cranberry Seed Oil (Prebiotic)
Vitamins, C, D3, E and K2 (Antioxidants /remineralization)
CoQ10 (Anti-inflammatory for gum health)
Organic Quillaja Saponaria Extract (Lifting agent  to break up thick biofilm)
Dicalcium Phosphate, ionic (Remineralization)
MSM (Anti-inflammatory for gum health)
Chondus Crispus seaweed (Prebiotic / provides “mouth feel”)
Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract (Natural herbal sweetener)

As I said, I am happy with the performance and the ingredients of it, and the way I get around the glycerine issue is I used it with other products, not as a sole product. I suggest you do your own research about products and individual ingredients, and if you will decide these are good enough for you, you know where to find them in the heart of Europe - yay for no custom charges or what? Dutch Health Store is waiting for you.

(ha, I sound like a salesperson! I promise, I am not)

Let's finish this post with my wishlist from Dutch Health Store, because why not? I love compiling wishlists :)

Living Libations Wishlist:
💕 Poetic Pits in Copal Musk
💕 Everybody Loves The Sunshine With Zinc
💕 Rose Quartz Roller
💕 Breast Massage Oil
💕 Bliss Tonic
💕 And essential oils of:
         💕 Sacred Sage Smudge Chrism
         💕 St John's Worth
         💕 Digest The Best
         💕 Illume Hotberry

(and I could go on! Very into essential oils right now, I want them all)

Delizioso Wishlist:
💕 Carrots - Buriti Facial Toner
💕 Watermellon & CoQ10 Facial Toner
💕 Camouflage mouse (not sure of my color)

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