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Natural Beauty Series - Meet Sonia White

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Sonia White

Today I am bursting with excitement to present you with an interview with none other but amazing Sonia White! I have so much respect for this lady, because she is the person behind my favourite online store Love Lula! I am a customer since 2014 and a happy LLABP member since last year. So many of my favourite products came from Love Lula, and you only have to check my 2017 Favourites and 2017 Best Discoveries to see that it's true. Sonia's hard work has been awarded numerous times and she is a regular fixture on Who Is Who In Natural Beauty Top 25 List (UK)

So, without further ado, shall we start the interview?

💕 I know exactly who You are, and I am a big fan, but would You please introduce Yourself to those who might don't know You?

I’m Sonia – co-founder of Amarya Ltd. The company began with a small shop in Cheshire selling natural and organic beauty products. We now own, and a number of beauty brands including Balm Balm, Walden Perfumes, Oils of Heaven and Glossworks!

💕 How has going natural and non toxic in your beauty regimen changed your overall health and beauty?

It was a slow start, as it’s amazing how many beauty products a person can use on a daily basis but now I couldn’t imagine using any conventional ones.

💕 Three things that make You happy?

My family, work (especially happy customers) and music

💕 What is the best advice You've been given?

‘Just get on with it’

💕 What people inspire You?

Anyone who is successful in their chosen field.
 💕 What are Your three (or five) can't-live-without-it green beauty products? Picture please 😊

Impossible to list only three and even five is difficult to choose :)

green life in dublin
Sonia White favourite products

1. PHB Black Mascara 

2. Esse Plus Probiotic Serum

3. Inika Loose Mineral Foundation

4. Balm Balm Beauty Balm

5. Glossworks BB Base Coat

I also need to squeeze in Madara's Herbal Deodorant... and Kimberly Sayer's Cellular Eye Gel :)

💕 Your best DIY recipe?

Mixing a cream concealer, for eg. RMS un cover up with loose mineral foundation - it lasts so much longer and the shade will subsequently always be correct. I have tried to make my own lip balm and it was great, but it's so much easier to just buy a Hurraw...

💕 What do You like and dislike about yourself?

Like - happy to try anything.

Dislike - not being able to say no

And yes, both are often connected.

💕 Your proudest achievement?

LoveLula winning 'Best Retail Innovation' at the Pure Beauty Awards; beating companies like Elemis and Marks & Spencers!

💕 What are You currently reading?

Andy Weir's Artemis

💕 What food do You like to cook/eat?

I love eating! Happy to have (and cook) meals ranging from Sushi to Steak & Chips. As long as there is no melted cheese anywhere.

💕 If You were to formulate a natural skincare or beauty product, what it would be? Let me re-phase that, what is your favourite product(s) that You created or co-created?

I don't formulate myself, but have been very much involved in the processes. Balm Balm's Beauty Balm has been a complete success. It's a wonderful, effective product!

💕 Your guilty pleasure?


💕 Your top tips for being healthy and happy?
Not to feel guilty about eating too much chocolate

💕 What scents excite You?

Skincare – vanilla / chocolate / coconut

Perfumes – woody


💕 What is Your mantra in life?

Happiness come from within


💕 Favorite affirmation if You have one?

See above :)


💕 What's Your favorite beauty trend at the moment?



💕 3 resources every girl needs..

LoveLula Natural Beauty Club on Facebook, Natural Beauty Blogs, YouTube How to Videos


💕 Once an week for my health...

I try and do a Park Run (only applicable in Spring/Summer)

💕 What do You do to de-stress?

Play Minecraft with my son


💕 Crazy health idea that actually works?

See above

💕  Last thing you do at night?



💕 Tell us a secret!

I sometimes have chocolate for breakfast.

(that's my girl! Me too - Renata)


💕 A few words to Green Life In Dublin readers?

Finding the right beauty products (especially natural ones) can be a long, hard and often expensive journey, so blogs are a great resource to compare and contrast. Reading Renata's reviews equates to having your own beauty consultant from the comfort of your home!

(Awww, thank You Sonia!)

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this interview! It is fun to get to know Natural Beauties from all around the world, isn't it? If you want to, you can also check out interviews with lovely Jana from Small Bits Of Loveliness, Janey Lee Grace from Imperfectly Natural Woman, Modesta from Grozio Gurmane Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol, Vita from Vita Lives Free, Michele from BVGAN and Andie from Andie the Green Queen, Andrea from Organic Beauty Lover, and last but not least, Linda or Lindalu19.

And now, if you want to, you can shop at Love Lula 😊
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  1. What a nice interview and a pleasant lady!
    I had no idea that Love Lula is connected to Balm Balm, Oils of Heaven, Glossworks and Walden. Bummer!
    I joined the Love Lula Club on Facebook a little while ago but have yet to order there. No idea why I haven't so far as there a so many great brands. Maybe that's the problem :D

    Everything becomes better with melted cheese!

    1. Lol @melted cheese! Well, as in regard to your shopping, I get that Germany has so many great brands/ shops & online shops on it's own. My jaw dropped on the floor when I saw the prices you pay for natural stuff, I would love to come to Germany with a big suitcase one day :D And if you will ever order from Love Lula, make sure to let me know (or post on their FB page) because I love seeing what other people are buying. I never had a single problem in my many years as a customer, and the customer service is next to none.