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Dutch Health Store Online Store Review

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Dutch Health Store Review

Today, let me draw your attention to another wonderful online shop in Europe, Dutch Health Store, who also go by the name on social media. Living Libations fans, rejoice! Especially if you are from Europe, as this means that you can enjoy Living Libations products sans (high and annoying) custom charges. And let me tell you, the owner, Wilma carries the biggest selection of LL products in Europe, unlike some other stores that focus on selected Best Skin Ever only. I certainly did a happy dance when I discovered this. Here, you can find anything your heart desires from this brand, essential oils, dental care, body care, sun care, haircare, and even deodorants called Poetic Pits. I didn't compare this selection to the one on Living Libations own website, but I feel I can get any product I can think of. Dutch Health Store also carries some good quality supplements, their own brand probiotics and even next level raw chocolate! Although I am yet to try the Poetic Pits, these and the dental products were the draw for me, and as soon as I discovered they are available from within EU via Dutch Health Store, I immediately placed an order.
More on that in just a second, let's go back to talking about Dutch Health Store as a whole. I wanted to start my blog post with their story, but the information on their social media is sparse, so I asked Wilma to tell me a bit about her, and how her wonderful online shop has started, and she responded within a couple of hours. Here's what she said:

My name is Wilma Beuving, age 53 and (together with a friend, Dries van der Wijk) the owner and founder of Dutch Health Store.

I have studied herbal medicine, I am also a clinical psychoneuroimmunology therapist.

Grown up as a farmer’s daughter in the countryside, I have learned from my early youth by my (grand)parents what nature and our earth had to offer and I became a great respect for it.
I love working with plants! Very much.

Because of these interests, over the past years, I have changed my lifestyle to get closer to nature.
Essential oils, ecological – biological gardening, raw food, be aware of what I add to my skin and body, fair trade products, for me it's a great and beautiful discovery tour.
A tour I will never end because it's the way I want to live.
I live, together with my husband and 3 cats (ragdolls), still in the countryside.
We grew our own vegetables, I use a lot of herbs (and weeds...;-) ) in all kinds of food and in skin/body care.
It’s our way of living and we like it! 

Many years ago I discovered Living Libations.
It was very difficult to find a brand who didn't add some bad stuff in their products and with the right vision.
First I became a private customer and after a while, we (= Dutch Health Store) started to sell their products in the Netherlands and International, because it was very difficult to find their products anywhere than in Canada.

Our vision is not to sell a lot of products of a lot of brands, no, we just want to corporate with just a few brands, (since a few months new; Isun skincare and Delizioso skincare) with the right vision, who have luxury, natural and eco-friendly products who makes our customers (you) happy!
And, important for us, the brand has to make their products with love and passion and I have to feel love and passion for their products. 

Personal customer care is an important issue for our company, we took it very seriously!
Because our customers are the most important part of our shop, without them we can't exist and without them, I don't know what their needs are.

Receiving and unpacking a parcel with products of Dutch health Store must be a (little) party.
We take care of the whole process, each parcel is packed with love and care.
I treat our customers like I would be treated yourself; with respect.

Our plan/goal is :
To get as many people as possible to get acquainted with healthy, fair products which in no way harmful to health.
Products with the right vision; who make everyone really happy! 

In the Netherlands, Europe and International.
I have to say I second every word on her taking her customer as her top priority - I experienced that first hand with my first order. As soon as I got the email confirmation, I noticed my address was incorrect, someone on their end has omitted one crucial line from it, and I let Wilma know that. Even though the order has already left their premises by then, Wilma went out of her way to help, and we exchanged 27 emails before the order safely reached my hands. Now, how's that for the customer service? I don't know about you, but I haven't experienced anything on this level before! And it made me feel very appreciated as a customer, something you don't get much. I loved every single product I have tried from this shop, and I know I will be back.
*A little edit a couple of hours later - that dramatic first delivery happened to me as private person, not as a blogger, and I thought it is worth mentioning. I ordered and paid with my own money as a private person, and at that point Wilma didn't even know I am a blogger, so she was helping a me as a regular customer, you know what I mean?

Now, Dutch Health Store does not only carry Living Libations products only, they have very well curated selection. The brands are not abundant, but even so, when it comes to the products, you will be spoiled for choice. From looking around I know you could get everything your heart desires all under one (online shop) roof. And only the best quality will do! Wilma has a very strict requirement for both products and the brands, and you can be assured you are getting the most natural and the best there is. No greenwashing here of any sort. As I already mentioned, you can find brands such as Living Libations, ISUN Skincare, Shaman Shack Herbs, Na'avi Organics, Delicioso Skincare and a few more like Revitin, DrThungs & Be In Blossom. See this Facebook album for all the Dutch Health Store products review I have to date.  
I find there are many different levels of green beauty, and this is the top level, if you are a purist, and only the best natural products will do, this is for you.

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Terra Nova Vitamin D

You can read my thoughts on Living Libations dental products in my Holistic Dental Care Routine here and review of True Blue Spirulina Shampoo here. I also am a big fan of Terra Nova supplements as it is something I use for a couple of years now. This is one of the few brands I trust to be natural and not to have unnecessary fillers. Vitamin D I find excellent, and I stress the importance of taking it, for all of us - we all need it. Most people think that we get enough of it from the sun, and supplementing is needed only for babies, when nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us also don't know that it is not only a vitamin, but also a hormone, needed for more than 300 body functions daily. And more than 75% of us don't get nearly enough of it. As soon as I started taking it regularly, I noticed my SAD is not as bad as it used to be, and now I make sure I take it on a daily basis. *no longer carried by the shop.

Total Care - Probiotics from Dutch Health Store

Another wonderful thing Wilma is selling is her own brand probiotics, and having had a change to sample it, I can tell it is good stuff. Probiotics are very trendy topic right now, and it is a topic I could go on for hours and hours, in a nutshell I can say, if there's one thing you should do for your health, it's to take probiotics regularly. Leaky gut is no fun, and I didn't even know I had it, until my body literally erupted in dermatitis overnight. This is your best bet to protect your health. 

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Revitin Probiotic Toothpaste

One of the recent additions to Dutch Health Store is Revitin, a natural prebiotic toothpaste, created by a holistic dentist. I wanted it asap, and I was very curious to compare it to Living Libations toothpastes. Look out for the review of it in the near future. As well as the review of Wintergreen toothpaste by Living Libations, one of their newest releases.(both reviewed here). All I can say for now, is that I want them in the endless supply until I cease to exist! If you are after really clean dental products, this is the place you find them.

Wintergreen + Clean Living Libations Toothpaste

So there you have it, my post for today. Have you bought anything from Dutch Health Store? What was your experience and what product do you like the most from them? Tell me below, so I could add them to my wishlist 💕 See more DHS related reviews here.








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