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Green Beauty #Beautifulnewyear Challenge

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Beautiful New Year Challenge

So I have decided to join my first green beauty challenge! It is Beautiful New Year challenge where you post different aspects/ products for every day for January, and it took just one look at it to want me join in. The challenge is run by two fabulous ladies @christinaalycebeauty and @sarahapriceca, but I first saw it on my fellow blogger friend's @naturally_keri page (congratulations on your beautiful baby boy once again!) It is right up my alley, and I suggest you check out their pages too.
My own IG page can be found here. I have to say I really struggle with taking photos with zero sunshine more often than not, so that is why I created this image you see up here, so I could hide my not-Insta-worthy photos :) Like the one with my shelfie. I will try my best, promise!

So, let's see what is the challenge? With the creator's permission, I am re-posting the challenge list here:

So let's start, shall we? As you can guess, this blog will be finished in a month's time, meaning I will come back to it daily to add my answers for the day.

1. How did I became interested in the green beauty?
It all started nine years ago, with a book "Imperfectly Natural Woman" by fabulous Janey Lee Grace (check my interview with her here) - that book really opened my eyes in many ways, as back then I was using lots of conventional products without giving a second thought what's in them and what they are really doing to you. Just like the rest of us, I assumed that the products must meet rigorous standards and are safe to use. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I was quite mad and scared at the same time, and started implementing changes immediately, switching to natural cleaning and laundry products, and using coconut oil for body moisturizer. At that time I was still using conventional make up, purely because it was not available anywhere locally to me, and the fabulous green beauty websites we have now didn't exist back then either! And I didn't have the money to replace everything in one go either. Then the book "No More Dirty Looks" came out, which gave me a push in the right direction a step further; and getting a horrible reaction to Olay Radiance day cream sealed the deal forever!

2.Your first Green Beauty purchase Or the oldest item in your stash?

I honestly don't remember, as it was so long ago, but I think it was Burt's Bees lip balm. (Burt's Bees weren't sold out and were a cruelty free company back then, mind you). Either that, or DrHauschka mascara, which was a huge disappointment, and it stopped me from getting back the the brand for a really long time, until very recently. And I was chuffed to find a jar of coconut oil in some Russian shop - nine years ago it wasn't mainstream and available everywhere you look like it is now, you really had to go out of your way to find it! Hard to believe, but it is true.

3. Shelfie! (Photo of your green beauty stash)

So I have this wooden two tiered little shelf with metal details that I absolutely adore, and that houses most of my skincare. I found it in TKMaxx (check my post on their beauty section here - one of my worst kept secrets. More than 80 photos ya all!) for a little over 20€ and I think that is one of the best bargains I've scored there, as well as one of my favourite things in the house. You can see it in my IG post here - my apologies for not-Instagram-worthy photo, I really am struggling as a blogger in winter - zero sunlight means crap photos. My make up lives in those soulless acrylic chest of drawers that we all seem to have, and I have an array of samples in some boxes next to it. I try my best to go through them, but the stash seems never ending - they must be making babies when I am not looking, I swear!

4. Top 3 favourite products

I have a separate blog post on my Top 3 Favourite Natural Products from a year or two ago, and I still stand by those - coconut oil, OreganolP73 and tea tree oil. I chose those thinking along "what if all of my products disappeared" lines, what products I would run out to buy first? And these three things came to mind first, not make up or skincare, sorry! I talk about each product in detail in my post (link here), so I won't be repeating myself all over again. 
If I were to pick my Top 3 from skincare realm, my favourites from the moment are Rare Indigo balm by Mahalo (link to review post), Hurraw Moon Balm and DrHauschka Rose Day Cream (review).
Top 3 from the make up would be Inika Long Lash mascara, Studio78 Paris Rose Sand bronzer and mineral foundation, a toss up between English Mineral Make Up and Pure Anada. I have a review on both of the foundations, hit the search button please if you are interested to read further.

All of the skincare and make up items made into my 2017 Favourites

5. A splurge that was worth the money

green life in dublin

Pass the drum 🥁 roll please - Ladies, and Gentlemen, please welcome Rare Indigo balm by Mahalo 💕
I have to say expensive products aren't my natural habitat, and as I wrote in my 25+ Products I Can Live Without post, I am making only one exception for a product over 100€, and it is this amazing balm. Very pricy for so little product, yes, but hear me out - the reason I love it so much is that it is amazing for my dermatitis prone skin - the blue tansy oil among some other gorgeous natural ingredients works like magic, and helps my skin so much! I use it as a night cream (don't forget a mist beforehand) and I continuously wake up with amazing skin. If I have a rare breakout (frustratingly it is always on my face, haven't had a body breakout in 3yrs), so I always reach for this first, over any other product. In a matter of minutes my skin is soothed and in a matter of hours, the texture is back to normal. Now that it is cold and dry, I also use in the day time too, and I remember using this in the summer too - post sun bathing and on bug bites as well. It can also be used as an under eye balm as well, and for those reasons I allow myself to close my eyes when I hand over the money for it 😄 Perfect multitasker that works for so many things for me. And the smell is instantly soothing and calming, another bonus! And did I mention this made into my Yearly Favourites for two years in the row? .
I have a Mahalo review on my blog if you wish to check it out?

6. Best bang for your buck product

For me, that has to be little old coconut oil! You can Google 100 ways to use it, but I personally love to use it as a body moisturiser, as well as in my hair masks and on the ends of my hair. Plus as a hand and cuticle 'cream' in a pinch. As a base for DIY toothpaste. To remove make up, especially eye make up. It didn't work out as a face oil for me, but oh well, it still had a myriad of ways I can use it!
Second best-bang-for-your-buck product has to be facial oils, I find 30ml can easily last me 9m to a year, and having that in mind the 30€ more or less price tag seems not so expensive after all!


7. What's on your wishlist?

green life in dublin
Green Beauty Wishlist

Umm, how much time have you got? 😄 My green beauty wishlist can be seen in the photo above, and if you are curious about the names of the exact products and my reasons for them, as well as my life style, fashion and books wishlists, you can check out this post right here - I went all out and held nothing back! After all, I figured life has a funny way of giving you exactly what you want, so why ask for little? Go big or go home!

8. Anti-haul: what products you won't be purchasing?

I generally keep mum about things that aren't for me, as I don't like to badmouth products - I feel that's not what I am here for, and bashing products is not of my intention. Although constructive criticism is a good thing, I would have to agree. Also, what didn't suit my (dry and sensitive) skin might be someone else's Holy Grail product?
So, seeing that Sarah posted about products that she won't be repurchasing, I will take a leaf out of her book, and will invite you to read three of my blog posts. (just search "Disappointing Products" or "Reviews I never Posted") Remember that 5 things I can live without tag that was floating around IG and YT? Trust me to take it to the max, I list 25 in my blog post 😄 (I wasn't the one to half ass my wishlist either, see my last post). Then there's my 'Disappointing Products" post on my blog, as well as "Reviews I Never Posted" where I don't hold back my thoughts - I am constantly told that my honesty sets me apart from other bloggers, and I wear it like a badge of honor, thank you guys! 💕
All posts can be found on my blog, link I the link tree in my bio.
But if I need to list some products here, here are a few of the top of my head - any coconut oil based make up (does not last on me, plus breaks me out), any face products heavy on essential oils (I am way too sensitive for them most of the time), any products heavy on clays (same), any products priced above 100 (with one exception) because quite frankly my budget does not stretch to them.
9. If you had unlimited funds, what would you buy?

Please refer to the question 7, one look at it, and you instantly know I would need unlimited funds to buy all of it! Add Beauty Heroes and Boxwalla yearly subscriptions on top of that! No, scratch that, five years! 


10. Favourite green beauty DIY

Now, I love DIYs, but only if they are super simple and require a ton of additional ingredients. I have a few posts on my blog. My favourite for the time being (and for the last year as well) is manuka honey face masks - see this post, where I list more than 12 recipes, all with simple but super effective ingredients - I worked hard on that post!
Another DIY that I love and I've been doing it for the last 8yrs or so is the DIY deodorant, it only requires three ingredients and two minutes of your time. Just think how much money I have saved by not buying shop bought deodorants!


11. Favourite skincare ingredient

12. Favourite type of product

13. A conventional product that you still need a green replacement for

14. Beauty tools you can't live without

15. Ride or Die: a product that you can't live without

16. Most useless type of product

17. Most recent purchase

18. Favourite place to shop Green Beauty

19. Favourite beauty hack

20. A product that didn't work out for you

21. Every day make up look

22. Mask selfie!

23. What samples are you hoarding?

24. A product that you used up recently

25. Colour story: a photo of products that are your favourite colour

26. A product you have repurchased the most

27. Morning skincare routine

28. Evening skincare routine

29. Bath vs. Shower: which do you prefer? Show us your products:

30. A green product that performs like a conventional one you used to love

So, that is it for today's post, I hope you liked it? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments or on other social media. Have a great day guys!

Lots of Love,

green life in dublin

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