Monday, January 30, 2017

Green beauty and more wishlist - Winter 2017

Wishlist Winter 2017

Wishlist Winter 2017 by green-life-in-dublin

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome, welcome 💕💕💕

Here's my second post for the day, and this time it is my wish list, I think it is important to let out our wishes into the open and then see what happens. Life has a funny way of fulfilling your dreams, you know :) So let's see what my heart desires at this point of my life, shall we?

💕1. Josh Rosebrook products, The Nutrient Day Cream,  The Hydration Accelerator, The Active Enzyme Exfoliator and Cacao Antioxidant mask are the ones that call my name the most.

💕2. Lotus Wei Healing Sleep. I have my eye on this anointing oil on Content Beauty, sadly they don't have the matching mist, so I would have to get this. As I wrote in my Lotus Wei review I found myself being way too sensitive to handle anointing oils, and prefer mists instead as they have much lower concentration of essential oils.

💕3. Living Libations - I want to try their dental line, gum drops, frankincense toothpaste and any other product in the dental line. Plus their Poetic Pits is calling my name too. I keep hearing only the good things about their skincare line, especially The Best Skin Ever oils, but those will have to wait, as I have way too many face products.

💕4. Juice Beauty concealer. And foundation. And lip products. And skincare. Do I need to go on?

💕5. Wasi Sabi Botanicals - this is a new discovery of mine, and needless to say I want EVERYTHING from them? Ingredients sound amazing!

💕6. Tree of Life painting.

💕7. Antonym Blush in Peach. And eye liner.

💕8. House plants. Would you believe that the only two plants I can grow are cactuses and aloe? I managed to kill everything else, and that's my mom being a florist and a landscaper?! Funny thing is I used to know a lot about plants, as I was helping to let them grow when I was still living at home, but as soon as I moved away I managed to forget everything. Go figure.

💕9. Buddha statue. You can never have enough Buddha statues in your house, right? And they look so good next to plants 😄

So that is it for now.
Lots of Love,