Monday, January 2, 2017

Blogger Mail aka The Edit (Nov-Dec 2016)

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome back! And if you are new here, welcome 💕💕💕

How has been your new year going so far? I hope you are all well! I am all well, working on my winter body eating all the (gluten free) cookies, haha. Blogging wise I am well behind the things, there are many blog post I intended publishing last year, and this is one of them. This is my Blogger Haul for November - December 2016. When I first published this type of post I assumed no one would read it ever, but surprisingly it got a lot of views and likes on Instagram, which made me think that people are interested in seeing what I am getting, so let's keep this up, shall we? These things are a mixture of PR samples, things that I bought with my own money and another giveaway win. o won't go into listing what's what, as I am very clear about how I got my products in review posts, but let's just say that 50% of the things I bought myself, and if you are not satisfied with that and want to know how I got some specific product, well, you can always ask in the comments below. I will list all the things briefly and I will give you my first impressions if I have tried the product yet. So let's get on, shall we, because I know that's why you are all here, and none of us are getting any younger :)

Due to round of flu (including man flu!) I missed my November Blogger Mail post, and then December rolled around, and we all know time goes at a lightning speed then with festive preparations. When hollidays came I wanted to post my Yearly Faves and Year Review and take some time off, as I don't get paid for this. Cue here we are, late with my Haul post. Funny thing is I felt like I didn't get that much products, esp November was a dry spell in terms of products and new purchases, I decided to boycott Black Friday sales, and true to my form, the only thing I purchased that month was a handmade chopping board (you can see it here) and I also didn't treat myself for my Cake Day, but when Christmas rolled around I sort of started feeling sorry for myself, feeling like I am missing out on fabulous new products, so I started accepting PR products again and also shopped here and there, plus to my shock and surprise I won an Earthwise Beauty giveaway on Instagram, so as you can see, the result is this obscene (in my mind anyways) amount of products, but please remember this was acquired over two months period.
💕Tamanu and Cocomanu oils from Be Kekoa Inc💕Dublin Herbalist samples - of all of their products💕Warrior Botanicals deodorant💕Organic Baobab powder💕Blueberry Iron supplement💕Naturally Better You package💕Cecilly’s cream💕Naobay - face cream and argan oil💕Bees Flying Wild candle💕Meridian Blackstrap mollases, organic💕Xylitol💕Aloe Vera juice💕Oreganol💕Green Frog Organics hand washes and body wash💕Ko&Humble oils, a few of them💕Isun skincare algae mask and two samples of oils💕Earthwise Beauty - the win let me acquire three full sized products and three samples and I’ve been sent a few samples by gorgeous Andie The Green Queen previously. I will post a review soon, but I want to get Mahalo review out first, as I got it earlier and have been using it for more than a month now.💕100%Pure haul. I got a little order back then when they had a gift with purchase deal a little while ago, as I needed a new mascara, the one I’d gotten previously from them was going off fast on me, and I didn't want to keep using it as not to irritate my eyes, but guess what? The new mascara came smelling of alcohol too! A surefire way of telling it is already off. From 7 mascaras I’d gotten from them this is a third one like this, and for that reason I won't be repurchasing it nor recommending to my readers. EU customers like moi already have to pay custom charges in top of high end price point, and this roulette “will I get a good product or the one that's off” shouldn't be happening in the first place! We should be guaranteed consistency in the product, not this! I am afraid this brand will get a lot less money from me in the future. It is a sad day, because it means I will have to look for a new green mascara, that would be non irritating, volumising and most importantly, not flake. Any suggestions?💕Root & Flower - Palo Santo roll on and under eye cream. Funny thing is I requested this Palo Santo thingy when they offered to try one of their roll-ons as I’ve been wanting to try/smell Palo Santo for quite some time, but it is not for me I am afraid, so it goes into care package to someone. I will update you on the eye cream once I will try it, but it will be a while as I’ve got Earthwise oil at the moment.

💕I guess I should also include I-am-my-own-Santa present that I got from Content Beauty, a book by Imelda Burke and Infinite Love mist, you can see it here and it also came with 12ml sample of Madara peel mask, because my order was well over £30 but sans the samples I wanted, which I am pretty miffed about.
So there you go, that's exactly what I’ve acquired in November-December 2016. I am currently taking stock of what I have and while it may seem like nothing to some of you, to me it is a lot, and I think 2017 will be my Project Pan & Downsizing year. While some of the areas aren't too bad, I’ve managed to acquire a lot of facial oils, and my make up stash is way too much for one person. I will work my way through the products, trying not to have multiple variations of the same products. Thankfully I’ve discovered many great products this year and my skincare is also at the top of the game, where my skin is happy and I don't want to change a thing. Especially having in mind that I can tolerate very few products. I predict very few purchases in 2017, but I still will be dishing loads of reviews out as I managed to get 70+ drafts in my bloggers dashboard, so buckle up and stay for the ride people!

That is all for today,

Lots of Love,



  1. Great haul! Can't wait to hear what you think of the Imelda Burke book! Have you ever emailed 100% pure? Seems like they should replace it!

    1. Thanks for reading Marie! The book is gold when you are transitioning to green beauty, but if you are advanced, you can take it or leave it I feel. And yes, I have emailed 100%Pure multiple times, but I am tired of this now. It is a huge pity as the formula is amazing and my favourite so far. xo

  2. Hey girl! I'm in love with the new mascara I got from the Libbie Club! And this mineral makeup brand - Lin&Lo looks interesting! Check it out in my Libbie boutique:'s_choice
    Remember that the code HELLO10 will give you additional 10% off and free delivery ;)

    1. Thanks for reading Lucy! I will check it out, I was interested in it as soon as I saw it in your IG photo <3