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My Everyday Skincare Routine

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Today I will share my skincare routine with you - I thought you will never ask? Well, actually a lot of you have asked, so there you go, this post is for you! As you know me, I only use truly natural cruelty free products, so that's what you will see here.

As my skincare is really simple, I will share both AM and PM routines with you. You will find minimal products here, no acid peels or anything like that, my uber sensitive and dermatitis prone skin is at its happiest when I leave it alone. Last year was the year I discovered a lot of great clean beauty goodies, because post battling dermatitis my skin is very finicky, and started disliking products I used to use for years, like rosehip oil. So with a lot of trial and error I am finally down to my happy place where I don't want to change a thing because it works so well for me!
Being a green beauty blogger I test and I am sent new things all the time, but I always find myself going back to these products, especially if my skin goes haywire from doing so!  So yes, I can safely say these are my Holy Grail Products for the moment.

AM Routine 

First thing I do is to spread my face with two pumps of Nap In Meadow by Earthwise Beauty - this wonderful anti-inflammatory beauty stole my heart and I will want to have this forever, something does not happen often! It is aloe based serum that has an amazing ingredients and one of my favourite ingredients of late in a form of blue tansy (another being turmeric, found in Mahalo oil and balm) - amazing for inflammation, I can attest to that! My face is brighter and with less blemishes, more even in colour and more happy overall. I took a break from it for a few days and I immediately saw the difference in my skin, it went red in some places, dry patches reared their ugly heads again, and no one wants that, right? It is not enough moisture on its own right now, so I layer it with other products, but it might be enough in the summer, we will see.

Next is the facial moisturiser that I am loving for more than six months (but I am yet to review, whoops!) is Neal’s Yard Remedies Palmarosa one. The funny thing is it is aimed at oily skin, but it suits my dry skin perfectly. I was using it on its own during summer, and when autumn rolled around, I added Mahalo Vitality Elixir oil and voila, it worked like magic to transition my skin into winter!
Speaking of Mahalo (see review here) Vitality Elixir, it is exactly what goes on my face next, often times mixed in with the facial cream, one pump of each and I am set for the day. This oil is very quick to sink into the skin and does not leave you with residue whatsoever. So don't be afraid to try it if you are oil-phobic, it is just divine and will leave your face protected from the elements! And do I need to tell you that ingredients are top notch natural and the best quality you can get??

My eye oil of now is Earthwise Beauty Passion oil, highly anticipated eye oil release from Ava Khan, green beauty community had been asking her to create an eye product  and she took her time until she was sure it is perfection! It is a mix of beautiful only the best quality oils and butters that is supposed to nourish, moisture and protect the delicate under eye area. And protecting it does indeed, it forms a protective layer on your skin. As it is an oil, it takes about ten minutes or so to sink in. It works well for me because I use powder concealer these days (or should I say mineral foundation as a concealer, mine is surely pigmented enough to do that. It is by Pure Anada and you can see the review here. My opinion on it hasn't changed, still love it so much). But I have to say it might not work for you if you use cream concealers, once I decided to bust out my trusty fave Hynt Beauty concealer (review here) and the two didn't gel well together, I had mascara smudges all over. So if you are gel/cream concealer lover, you might want to use this eye oil at night? Oh, and the bottle you see here is not the original bottle, the oil comes in a tiny vial with a dropper. I was forever afraid of knocking it over and/or accidentally touching the dropper with my finger and contaminating the product, so as you can see in the photo below, I transferred it into more substantial glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball, which is naturally antibacterial, so no more worries for me.

So that is my morning routine. As you can see, I am committing two cardinal sins of not washing my face and not using the sunscreen! I shall face the Purgatory for it, but it my choice and I am standing for it. With so very few rays of sunshine we get here in Ireland, I may as well catch them all, given half the chance. But I do use (natural) sunscreen in summer, mind you.

Now let's go grab a cup of tea or coffee, and let's dive into the evening routine, shall we?

PM Routine
So, in the evening I do wash my face with Earthwise Beauty Marshmallow Suds, this is the second cleanser in my life that does not dry out my skin. Yay or what? You have to shake it really well, because it comes layered in two layers, the oil part and the “marshmallow suds” part and you have to mix those two prior to using. Ingredients are really good, but even if I didn't perused them, I would still be ok with using it, as I trust anything that Ava creates is top notch natural and the best quality. It leaves a layer of oil on my skin after washing, but I am ok with it, as it is a layer of moisture, and I can skip the moisturiser if I want to.

Next is the same combo as in the morning, the NYR moisturiser plus Mahalo Vitality elixir and the eye oil by Earthwise Beauty.

I have to say that my skin is extremely happy with this routine, I don't get much redness or dry patches which is fabulous in winter, isn't it? On the rare occasions where I do get dry patches, it is remedied by balms, there’s two favourite ones in my rotation, and those are the Mahalo Balm and the iSun Soothing Balm, and sometimes a sheet mask by 100%Pure, their Caffeine one (you might want to see review here where not only I review them, but I also share my frugalista tip on how to make them last three times longer, and no, it is not wearing the same mask over and over again!) - I said it before and I say it again, this mask will make your skin red carpet ready, it will take care of a multiple things at once, your skin will be glowing and happy, you might want to skip make up the next day. I have tried their other two sheet masks, but this is my firm fave. I also use Mahalo Bean mask and iSun Algae Mask, on a weekly basis too (I own some more masks, plus I DIY them, but that will be another posts for another time) but I don't know how about you, but I need to be home alone if I want to mask, I am poked fun at if I wear a mask in front of my family. The sheet masks from 100%Pure scare my children and I am forever told to take them off, which is why I nicknamed them Hannibal masks. So yeah, as "me” time doesn't happen often in the Casa Green Life In Dublin, I am lucky if I can squeeze it once or twice a week.
I was really late to the masking party, like really late, it was only last year I started masking regularly. Sure I did it before too, but it was more like once in a moon, or three times a year if I am honest. Doing them on a regular basis made my skin so much better, and I really like that. I pledge keep my masking game strong in the future!

I should also say that I spray my face with Jane Iredale mists throughout the day, I use toner and weekly scrub or rather face polish from Urban Veda.

So that is it for now, that is all the skincare routine I do. let me know the products you can't live without?

Lots of Love,

P.s. Earthwise Beauty and ISUN Skincare reviews are to come really soon, keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Great to see which products you use on a daily basis. I'll definitely be checking out Earthwise Beauty - the marshmallow suds sounds lovely! xxx - green beauty + lifestyle

    1. Thanks for reading Emma! Hope you are having a great day <3