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Project Pan 2017 - Natural Beauty Edition

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Project Pan - Green and Natural Beauty (100%Pure, NYR, Lotus Wei, Jane Iredale, Dublin Herbalists and more

This is my first Project Pan post and I don't know all the rules, but I think I should pick ten items and try to use them up in a given time frame, right? I will bend the rules a bit and won't give myself a time frame, I will be happy to use up SOME of it, but in order for that to happen I need to line these products up in a little cute tray and place them Right Under My Nose, as that is the only way I will be able to do it. If the products stay in a different places of my house as they are now, I know I can easily forget them for months at the end! Hence the need for a Project Pan in the first place. My newest products are usually my fave products to play with, hence I can forget what else I have. And when it comes to skincare I am finally at a stage where I am perfectly happy with it and don't want to change a thing about it, so I kinda have to force to use some of the new skincare that is coming in. Bloggers life, much? Oh, and not all of these products will be repurchased for various reasons, but I will touch on that talking about individual products.

So, what is in my Project Pan?

Lotus Wei Inner Peace serum

(see review here) I am including it into Project Pan in a bid to make myself to use it more, aka on the regular basis, as I always forget... Lotus Wei almost made it into my 2016 Best Products but the only reason I didn't include them as I was not consistent with them enough. I should try harder.

100%Pure skincare minis
These came with their recent GWP (gift with purchase) and as I already know from experience that this brand products expire in 6 or so months, I need to get to work on them! So far I broke into one of them, the aqua boost, nothing amazing if I am honest with you. One of them is going into the green beauty swap.

100%Pure Coconut shampoo 
Acquired in the same order, I am working on it girl! I think I will review it as I really like it, but I can't give you my firm opinion on it yet, it *might* be giving me itchy scalp, but I can't claim on it for sure yet, as it is only two times I used it, the first time I used ot on its own and it did definitely made my scalp itchy (and so did my husband’s) but the second time round I used oil treatment prior a wash, and I am fine. I need to play with it more. Let me get back to you on this.

Earthwise Beauty products
Again, these products have a short shelf life, so mama needs to hurry up and enjoy the goodness while it lasts! Definitely reviewing them soon. In one word - amazing! (but not all of the products suit me).

Galore of samples
Dublin Herbalists (I am working on that review guys!) and many other samples are patiently waiting up for my attention! Waaay too many to mention, I could be sitting all day typing them names here, so I won't bother, as they will appear in my Empties posts anyways. I used to be good at trying them on, but I sort of let them pile up as you can see! I swear, they are making babies (aka new samples) when I am not looking!

Kjaer Weis foundation
I got it in the wrong colour so I couldn't use it in summer and fall when I had a slight tan. You know, the joys of internet matching yourself! I tried a sample of Paper Thin and seeing it was just a tad too dark, I went and ordered a shade down, and I gasped when it arrived, ghost town anyone? See the shade difference below. This is definitely one area when beauty products need to have a love child, it is me alone thinking that the difference in shades is too stark? One is way too pale and yellow based, the next shade up is waay darker and much more pink based. Kjaer Weis, if you are listening,please release a shade in between of Silken and Paper Thin, I can't be alone in-between-shades? And I feel it is too extravagant to purchase two shades of this to blend to your perfect colour. And too much work for most of people too. Because of all these reasons listed I tend not to reach for it, but I need to finish it up as it is borderline expiring.

W3ll People stick foundation
None of the problems mentioned above, this matches me perfectly, and it is not about to expire, but I need to use it up and probably won't buy it again for two reasons - it smells like crayon (mine did smell so from the start and the smell is getting stronger even though the label says it is still good for another year). Frankly it makes me gag and it also does not last on me, four hours is the maximum I can get out of it, and I need my product to do more than that. Yes, I can carry it with me and touch up, but I don't want to be worrying if my foundation is fading and settling into pores. And yes it does settle into pores. Sadly this product and I will part ways once I am done. It went really fast once I was using it, and I then I left it for a couple of months as I was testing new products.

100%Pure Organic Matcha moisturiser
I just had to get it once 100%Pure came out with their organic line. Sadly this does nothing for me apart irritating my skin, so now I use it as a (expensive) hands and body moisturiser. It irritates my hands also, but then again I am the most sensitive person, so if you are like me, stay away from this product. Everyone else, be my guest.

So I think that is it, that is all the products I want/need to use up quickly. That not might be entirely true, as all my 100%Pure products might be borderline expired or expiring soon, but I am keeping my head in the sand about this and don't want to accept the fact. Wish someone would tell me about their 6 months expiration date BEFORE I dropped a small fortune on the products. Throwing away almost untouched palette only after mere six months? Unthinkable to me and that really boggles my mind!

Another product I was going to add was Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose balm (see review here), but it expired on me, so the problem sorted itself out. Not repurchasing either due to finding more amazing balms and the high cost of it. It also has "use within three moths after opening2 label, which also does not sit well with me, and I want to know why. Balms are waterless creatures thus they need little to no preservatives and can last for a year without a problem. Most balms have 12 months expiration date, so I want to know NYR reasons for it, but my inquiry email remains unanswered for months even fast forwarding it twice.

So that is my Project Pan post, there you go. I didn't intend it to be bitchy and I hope it does not come across like so! I am the least bitchy person ever, and anyone who knows me would attest to that. The thing is, in my blog I want to be as throughout about products as possible listing all I can think of about the products, and my only intention is to be clear and honest. I am not going to bash any products or brands here, nor I am telling you not to buy products just because I didn't like them. Quite the opposite, I want to be as clear as possible so you could make informed desisions yourselves. We are all different and what does not work for me might be your perfect product, you just never know.

What is in your Project Pan? Please share with me, I really want to know :)

Lots of Love,


P.s. I give myself six months to use up the products. I will do update in three months.

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