Thursday, February 2, 2017

Blogger's Haul January 2017

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Welcome back! And if you are new here, welcome 💕💕💕

Green Beauty blogger's haul

As January is coming to an end, I was debating with myself (what? I needed to have an intelligent conversation!) whether I should do a one month blogger's haul or wait for another month to gather more stuff so it would make a more interesting blog post. But the thing is, I need to photograph things as soon as they come in, box fresh, so let's just roll with a monthly basis here, shall we, even if it means less stuff? This year I am focusing on quantity over quality, and letting the blogging thing flow naturally, for some of you minimalists this will still look like a lot of new stuff coming in through my door, but I am working hard on finishing up my current products (twenty seven to date this year, not bad at all) so at least my current collection is somewhat staying the same size and I don't feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products. On the other hand, to some of my followers on Instagram, my collection would seem like junior infants compared to theirs, so I guess we all have to find our happy middle ground? As long as I can finish up my products I am ok with having some variations in the same categories, but not too much either, as I hate the thought of wasting products (or anything in general). (Any of you growing up in former Soviet Union at a time will understand me perfectly). So, without going too much into consumerism discussion, let's see what products I acquired recently, shall we? And a disclaimer upfront, this post is a mixture of things I bought myself, PR samples, one giveaway win via Instagram and a few swaps between my fellow blogger friends. P.s. if you live in Europe and are up for a green beauty swap, I am your girl! I won't go into details which is which as I am very clear about this in my reviews.

So, so far this year I a managed to acquire:

💕 P. Holford "Optimum Nutrition for your children"
Better skin in 30 days
💕 Louise Hay "You can do this" callendar
💕 Deepak Chopra "
(and I really want his and Kimberly Snyder book too)
💕 Wasi Sabi Buddha Eye Nectar - this will have to remain unopened for at least six months until I will finish The Passion Serum by Earthwise Beauty I am afraid, so I won't be to be able to give you my thoughts sooner, sorry.
💕 Badger Cuticle Balm
💕 ISUN Cooling Soothing balm
💕 ISUN Ormus Myst
💕 Nude by Nature - selected make up products, I can spill the beans if you are interested, but all I can say is keep your eyes peeled for a review soon. I got mini size of a primer, bronzer and mini brush, as well as the mascara, pressed eye shadow in Coral, highlighter stick in Bronze, and eye shadow trio in Rose.
💕 RMS Living Luminizer
💕 Kahina Essaouira Perfume
💕 Lina Hanson Global Face Trio - powdered cleanser & mask in one, which came with a cute bamboo spoon
💕 Morningstar Minerals Derma Boost Rejuvenating Mineral Spray
💕 And one product I can't talk about yet, as it is currently in the development stages. Interested much? All I can say that the owner of one of my favourite Irish companies is working hard behind the scenes to bring out a new product or two. We have to wait to find out! 

Sorry to leave you on such a teasing note, just couldn't help myself. What have you got recently? Please share, I really want to know!

Lot's of love,

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