Monday, September 5, 2016

My Thrift Haul

Hi Lovelies,

I am back and couldn't be happier about it! Today I am coming at you with a thrift haul, it may seem a bit odd, but I am posting this first, simply because this is the easiest post that does not require much work at all - my brain is occupied by something else at the moment, my little one is starting pre-school or kindergarden today, so all mums will understand what I am going through at the moment. Letting your kind into the world is heartbreaking - aka cutting the cord is never easy and mums often worry and cry more than the kids, multiply that by ten and that's me.

Anyways, once we will settle I promise to go back to my regular schedule, and more, because I after three weeks break I am raring to go back to blogging, have tons of ideas and I am also due a great deal of reviews of lots of different products.

Thrifting is one of my passions, I am very much against cheap "plastic" throwaway fashion (no buying dresses for one night out here, thanks very much!) and after years of cleaning out my closet and house I think I deserved some new (to me) things, and at this price point, why not take ten of them? I see it as ultimate way to recycle! All of the purchases were well thought out, and I am sure I will get lots of use from them, some of the things became instant faves, like the scalloped cross body bag, I had to fight off my elder daughter and my mom to keep it, haha!

Noa Noa vest, €3.5

Black textured dress, €2.5

Black dress with a high slit, €0.50

D&G jumper, €2. Yes, you read that right, €2!

Light summer jumper with short sleeves, €2

Denim dress, €2.5

Hot pink oversized jumper that will serve me as a dress. €2. Not sure if this is a fail or a hit? It is size 20 after all

Hot pink wool slippers, great score at €1.5
Bag, €3 - an instant fave! I ended up using it constantly

Three belts, top one is Esprit, €1; middle one was €0.5 and the last one €3.50

Pure wool throw, a steal at unbelievable €1.50! It had a few holes in it, but I patch it up, no worries.

So that is my haul, eleven items for €25.50 - yes please, I will take it! Insert big grin here :) I didn't buy anything new when it comes to clothes or shoes this time, and I think I am content for another year now. I bought some new items on my holidays, that was some green beauty, or rather skincare and dental care items and some Baltic amber jewelry, I will share them in a separate blog post, in the near future.

Do you buy anything second hand and what was your best score? Please share with me?

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