Monday, September 12, 2016

Snippets From My Holidays And My Shopping

Hi Lovelies,

Here are a few snippets from my recent holidays in Lithuania, and some shopping shots at the end, I hope you enjoy the photos :)

Those clouds! I can't even! I could lay on the ground and watch them all day. Just kidding. 
That is how your fingers should look after eating REAL blueberries. The ones in the shops are picked unripe. 
One of the many manor houses visited

oh, hi there!

Happy Memories
My new fave bag. Thrifted.
Country tourism

In the case you missed it's a tree, there's a tree sign :)

We attended the wedding
 And there's my shopping, I think I did quite alright and didn't go overboard, if you don't count my thrift haul that's it :) I bought a few pieces of amber jewellery, and I am not even sure why, I ignored it so far? The biggest piece is gifted by my mom, and I need to fix those rings as they are way too short for me.


I thought I found original make up bag made from linen, until I saw it in almost every shop!
Eco shop purchases, three pots of shea butter, mango butter, tamanu oil, zinc oxide and beeswax 
Some natural goodies from Russia. Will update you soon.
So there you have it, my memories from my holidays and some shopping. On the side note, there's a giveaway happening on my Instagram page, so come and join :) I also wrote a piece on balms as a guess blogger, so I will reveal that very soon.

Lots of love,


  1. Thanks for sharing Renata, your holiday looks beautiful. Nice shopping haul too ;-)

    1. Many thanks for reading and commenting Annie! Have a lovely day. xo

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    1. Thanks, I am glad you like it! Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by. xo