Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Organic Beauty Week 2016

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The Soil Association’s annual Organic Beauty Week (19 – 25 September) is happening, and I am so excited for it! Even though green beauty is coming mainstream, but it is not fast enough if you ask me, all of the beauty products should be natural and organic in my humble opinion. There are loads of things happening in the UK for the Organic Week and the Organic September, but sadly that does not translate to Ireland, a quick Google search coughed up the last organic beauty event happened here in 2013. How sad! Hopefully that will change real soon. Thankfully there are loads of discounts happening at various online shops to make up for it, so make sure to look around and take advantage of the deals while they are happening.

Organic beauty is booming with a lot of companies jumping on the bandwagon without necessarily being up to scratch. Unlike with organic food, there is no legislation governing organic beauty. A product can contain a teeny drop of just one organic ingredient and claim to be organic and get away with it! Urgh! Confusing? Yes, and the very reason the Soil Association has deemed this year's beauty week a call for clarity on ingredients. For us consumers there is an easy way to ensure you are getting an organic product and that is by checking the label. Look for a third party accreditation, a certification stamp from the Soil Association or one of the COSMOS partners. With this stamp you can be sure that an independent body has looked at the ingredients, their source and the manufacturing processes to preserve the values of what it means to be organic. When you see the Soil Association logo on a beauty product it means that you can trust that you’re buying a top notch  organic product that has undergone stringent testing to ensure it is what it claims to be. They have your back!

I should also mention that Soil Association has partnered with You magazine to create special organic beauty box featuring lots of goodies from leading organic beauty brands such as Neal’s Yard Remedies, Skin+Tonic, Botanicals, Terre Verdi and more, so make sure to check it out! I will include the link here. And did I mention that the box is only 20£? The Botanicals face serum alone would cost you 30£, and they included full size of it! Fab or what?

more info also here.

So, what that means to me? Well, for a start I just realised I need to up my organic game myself! Even though I have a vast array or natural products, I need to choose more organic products, and that is what I will focus on in the future. Botanicals and Terra Verdi, I am looking at you!
Here's a helpful link for you (and for me) to truly know what brands are certified organic by Soil Association:

Hope you find this post helpful and please check out my fave organic products posts:

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Zuii Organic Melon blush

This is my latest haul from Neals Yard Remedies, and of course I will review everything too.

Neals Yard Remedies goodies

I will be coming at you with Inika products review, and those beauties are certified organic! I also have loads of products reviews who have a high percentage of organic ingredients, so please feel free to peruse my blog, thanks!

*Update a couple of weeks later:
This is what I acquired in the short space of time after posting this blog post, I wanted to share my improved organic game with all of you!
And my stash of organic teas can bee seen here, although it might be in various stages of depletion :)

Stay tuned for lots of exciting reviews to come!

Boody, organic bamboo activewear, how exciting is that?

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