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Natural Beauties - Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol

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I am introducing new chapter to my blog called "Natural Beauties" where I will interview some most amazing and inspiring Natural Beauties! I hope you will enjoy these series and it will lead you to discover more natural blogs and Youtube channels if you are not familiar with them already?
This weeks guest is wonderful and oh-so-funny Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol, she is about to become a mum for the second time, but she is not letting that to slow her down -  she has a wonderful blog where she talks about all thing natural and vegan, from beauty, skincare, pregnancy and everything in between! She also recently started making Youtube videos, so make sure to check her our, I will have the links at the end of this post.
So let's get cracking with it, shall we?

#Tell us a bit more about yourself? Why did you start your website and Youtube channel?
I’m Sasha! I’m a beauty therapist from Bristol in the UK. I started up my blog purely to keep my website updating and ranking higher on google for my beauty business - then I suddenly realised that I really enjoyed it and started blogging more frequently! I seem to “fall into things” quite a lot! I'm just dabbling with YouTube at the moment.... But I'm having fun doing it!

# What scents excite you?
I love the smell of mint choc chip ice-cream and patchouli (NOT TOGETHER!!!) as they both transports me back to my childhood!

# What is your mantra in life?
I use mantras quite a lot in my work - but they are secrets!!

# Favourite affirmation if you have one?
My piano teacher always used to tell me “practice makes BETTER”. No ones perfect, and that’s ok!

# What's your favourite beauty trend at the moment?
I love a deep, dark, vampy lip. Not even sure if thats a current trend- but it usually is as the weather starts getting more Autumnal!

# Once an week for my health…
I look at some vegetables. …No, just kidding. I try to do something outside! I live in the city so I fell like time spent in the country is extremely beneficial.
*Didn't I tell you she's super funny? - Renata*

# What do you do to de-stress?
My favourite thing is to make a frozen smoothie, run a super hot bath, apply a mask, and then soak whilst reading a good book. I cannot WAIT to do this again! I haven’t been able to have a bath for a good while now as they aren’t comfortable for my silly pregnancy pelvis.

# Three things that make you happy?
Dancing like a lunatic, hearing my son giggle, and the feeling of achieving something… whether thats mastering a new skill, or even just ticking something off my to do list!

# What people inspire you?
So, so many people inspire me daily! As I am currently pregnant with my second child, basically anyone that has children and are getting through the day… well… huge respect to them. And the ones that make it OUTSIDE… blooming hats off to them. It is NOT easy being a parent.

# Are you into DIY? Your best DIY recipe?
I dabble with DIY beauty. Generally I stick to masks as they are super easy. I just make them up as I go along… an example might be something like, bentonite clay, aloe vera juice, a floral water, and some oils.

# What do you like and dislike about yourself?
I like that I’m a giving person... I dislike that I generally expect just as much back in return.

# What are you currently reading?
A hypnobirthing book! Next up is Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.

# What food do you like to cook/eat?
My sweet tooth is INSANE. I love cooking and eating anything that’s remotely naughty. I did manage to give up sweet treats for 6 months once, I need to do this again!!!

# Your guilty pleasure?
Singing along to garage classics - even though I don’t know half the words.

# Tell us a secret 😊
Well if I did it wouldn’t be a secret would it!! 😉

# Your top tips for being healthy and happy?
- Look after yourself - balance is key - accept who you are.

Hope you guys will enjoy these series!
Here are some links to Sasha's social media: Instagram, website,  and YouTube. Go check her out and say hello from me while you are there :)

That is all for now.

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