Sunday, September 18, 2016

Test Kitchen or The Edit or Products New To Me

Hi Lovelies,

OMG! Everybody sit down please! OMG, soooo much stuff? I must be cray cray? Who gets this much new stuff while not even finished with the old ones I have? Gosh, Renata, you probably must think you need to keep the economy alive all by yourself, don't you?
Ok, let's calm down and break it down so it wouldn't look so bad, shall we? I realise it is obscene amount of new things by anyone's standard, but I thought you might be interested in what goes behind the scenes here at Green Life In Dublin HQ, aka my house :) This insane amount of products is a mix of my annual Neals Yard Remedies order I had to do before leaving for my holidays (and I've just realised I forgot to share it with all of you), two little was-feeling-sorry-for-myself online orders form Love Lula and Naturisimo, also from last month; then it is my holiday haul from Lithuania, where you get every single natural item which sparks your interest (duh!) and the rest are recent PR samples which I plan to review real soon, All this, and I have 35 or so drafts in my dashboard. Boy, it looks like I have some serious work to do!!
So I have gathered all these new products I am testing, and I nearly had a heart attack seeing How Many Things I've accumulated in such a short space of time, but as I explained it already, this is the mix of a few orders coming together at the same time (plus a few PR products here and there, but even those didn't arrive at my doorstep all at once, some of them have been sitting on my desk for a couple of months waiting for their turn). Proper testing of the products takes weeks, and while I would love to dish out reviews like a pancakes, I also take responsibility upon myself to test drive stuff for at least a few weeks, so my opinion would not be based on first impressions only. I have nothing against first impressions reviews, but knowing myself I want to use product for longer and see if it stands the test of time. Some of them will end up reviewed separately, some not. (Have you seen my latest "Disappointing Products" post? It is huge).

Also, make sure to enter my Instagram giveaway here! Good luck :)

Mayan Magic Balm - I got this along with Pure Anada order (something I also haven't shared with you, even though I have it for a few months now) and I am really pleased with this. Super awesome at healing dermatitis and sunburn, truly magical stuff! Definitely reviewing it!

Weleda Ratanhia Mouthwash concentrate - not sure how I feel about this yet, so far I am not amazed, I don't think it is doing anything? Hopefully my opinion will change?

Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation - I really love this, and expect a review really soon. It is not a foundation if you ask me, more like a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, as it has minimal coverage, but it gives amazing luminous finish, and we all know I like dewy skin!

Cacay oils by Lepleu (forgot to include it in this photo, whoops! You can find it on my IG page).
 No opinion on face oil yet as I haven't tried it yet, but the nail and cuticles oil is nice, healed my badly looking cuticles in just a few uses.

Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration Spray and Setting Powder - these are PR samples that were recommended to me, so far I only used them once or twice, I really like the hydration mist, but I need to test the setting powder a bit more. Gives matte finish.

Bio Mud Shampoo - this is my first ever mud/clay shampoo, so I didn't know what to expect from it, so far I only used it once and I think I like it, cleans hair really well, the only thing is it has sort of gummy or rubbery texture to it, so it will take a bit to get used to it. It also didn't pass my 4 day test, my hair looked oily and in need of a wash on day two.

Lavera Shaving Foam - It is my first shaving foam, so I've nothing to compare it to, but it has a thin foam and it works well, my legs were not irritated after using this. Errr, whoops, this is meant to go on men's faces, but every wife has to test her man's shaving foam, right? right?

Lipliner by PHB (natural and organic) - again, this is my first lip liner, not a huge lip person if I am honest with you, never felt the need for the lip liner, and this is bought on a whim. I think this is a wrong color for me, it says peach, but it is definitely more orange than peach! The organic label was what drew me to this product, but I am not sure I will use it much. Probably will end up giving it away. Let me know if you want a full review on this product?

Rose Quartz coloured chapstick by Naked Lips - again, wrong shade for me, although it looked gorgeous on Love Lula website. Great ingredients, I am not familiar with this brand, my train of thoughts was that I was looking for replacement for my beloved Pacifica lip butter in Coconut Nectar I believe, but this is not it, not even close. Oh well, I will use it up anyway, layering it with other lip products, as used alone it makes me sort of dead looking. Next!

Lash Fibers - I was instantly asked to do a review once I posted it on Instagram, and I will, just bear with me. Having sort of invisible lashes I need all the help I can get in this department (apart from lash extensions, thanks very much), so this seemed like a good idea until I realised how messy it is! Those fibers go everywhere and are a devil to clean form the cheeks/clothes/etc! Let me know if you use this product and how do you like it?

And now the part I didn't get round to yet:

Jason GF Shampoo & Conditioner, plus Apricot Shine Shampoo & Conditioner.

Urban Veda Soothing Sandalwood Facial Polish and Face Toner, plus Brightening Facial Wash and Toner

Natura Siberica Shampoo "We Love Lithuania" - now, how can I NOT buy this shampoo? No opinion yet as I am yet to open it.

Mango Butter

Shea Butter

Tamanu Oil

Babuska Agafia toothpaste x4 of them

Babuska Agafia shampoo

Karelia Organics Shampoo

Colloidal Silver spray

Skin & Tonic Gentle Scrub

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

NYR Create shampoo/wash and whole lotta of other NYR goodies. Roundup post to come, and if you want to know what I think about other NYR products I've tried to date, click here.

One more thing I forgot to include is Botanicals Radiance Serum oil, photo here. It is 100% organic, certified by Soil Association, so I am excited to try it.

So this is it my dear friends! You would guess I would be done with the shopping for at least a few months? Not so much! I just got an insider mail that 100%Pure are doing an awesome Gift With Purchase deal very very soon, the one I was waiting for for nearly a whole year, so I will make sure to take advantage of and I suggest you do too! Want to know more? Stay glued to my IG and blog :)

Hope this didn't make your heads spinning?

Lots of love,

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