Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Everyday Make Up Look, or Five Minutes Face

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I thought I'd share my everyday 5 minutes face with you? In a way it features all my favourite products of the moment, because you don't reach for new unfamiliar products to test out on busy mornings, you go straight to your trusty favourites that you know won't fail you. I will also link the products to the reviews I posted already in the case you missed that, so you can check them out in more detail. One favourite that quickly earned my trust but is yet to be reviewed is foundation by Pure Anada, stay tuned for the review - I purchased loads of goodies from this brand, but somehow it fell under the radar, and I've never featured it here nor on my Instagram page. Big whoops! But spoiler alert - the mineral foundation is amazeballs and it quickly took over as my favourite mineral foundation.

So, let's begin!

Natural and Organic 5 Minutes Face, option one
First I moisturise my face, at the moment I am using NYR Palmarosa moisturiser, it is meant for oily skin, it works perfectly for my dry and very sensitive skin. It is very good if you ask me, and it is one of the two good moisturisers I found in the last year that really suits my skin. The other one is Rose day cream by DrHauschka, and I am definitely going to purchase it once I am out of this one. I let it sink in for a couple of moments, while I do my brows or something. If my skin is really dry and/or irritated (it happens if I accidentally gluten myself or test too many products) I use Mahalo Indigo balm, I only have a sample of it acquired via green beauty swap with gorgeous Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol - it is definitely something I am purchasing sometime.
So, with one or two of those products on my skin, I proceed to put on mineral foundation by Pure Anada, it is so pigmented that I only need one or maximum two layers if my skin is bad, and that's it! Get it, people? One layer of mineral foundation?! No standing around and buffing seven layers in like I used to do with my other mineral foundations! I never use any finishing powders of any kind (I do own a couple of them, but I never noticed a "wow" difference at all) and it makes my skin look amazing, I always receive compliments on my skin when I wear it. As in most cases, I fall in between two shades, so I use a mix of Atlantic Bisque and Sunkissed Canadian from their neutral range. What can I say, I love it! And love is not a word I throw around  a lot when it comes to the beauty products, they truly have to earn it, as in be amazing products. I need to purchase a multiple back ups pronto, as I would not want to be without it!

Ok, after I applied the mineral foundation powder (I am still on the hunt for perfect liquid foundation, I plan to try Gressa and Sappho next) I apply black pencil eye liner to my eyes (just a little bit at the corner of the eyes, nothing crazy) and two layers of my favourite ever 100%Pure Maracuja Oil mascara (review). If I am pressed for time I skip eye shadows, but if I have minute to spare I used the one from 100%Pure Pretty Naked II palette (review) called Beam, which is your perfect everyday nude.

Natural and Organic 5 Minutes Face, option two, that's if I have an extra minute to put eye shadow on!

With my eyes done I quickly do my brows with Silk Naturals brow cream in medium ash, I only have a sample of it, and currently debating with myself (what? I need to talk with an intelligent person!) whether to purchase a full size of it or not? It is slightly too dark for me and it smudges easily, but it is just the right sort of ashiness for me. All the other brow products I've tried to date are way too warm, even if they say "ash" on the label, they are all too warm on me and it looks odd with my naturally dark grey eyebrows. If you have suggestions for a good natural medium ash toned brow product, be it in a gel/cream/pencil form, please let me know! Please don't say Ecobrow, because it contains both lanoline and dimethicone, and I tend to react badly to the dimethicone.

Ok, skin and eyes done, all that is left to do is to sweep some Nars-Orgasm-like blush on my cheeks, one of my all the time favourites are Mimosa by 100%Pure and Peachy Keen by Inika - even more gorgeous natural dupe for Nars Orgasm, you will definitely smile when you will put it on. Finishing touch is a swipe of gemmed lip gloss by 100%Pure (review)(again! Someone really likes 100%Pure stuff!) in Peacock Ore or Rainbow Aura and I am good to go.

Want to see what it looks like? Here you go! I was also wearing the same look when I met up with gorgeous BVGan, see photo here - and the photo is not retouched in any kind of way too. And before you ask, yes, she is as gorgeous in person as she is in her YouTube videos!

My everyday 5 Minutes Make Up. Sans filters.

Phew, my Five Minutes Face post took a good hour of work, and that's without any photos! Maybe it is really the time to start my Yotube channel? It is something I am thinking about lately, but I do one step forward and two backwards about it. We will see?

What is your five minutes face? Please share with me!

That is all for now!
Lots of love,
See all of my favourite products here.
P.s. I stopped buying my favourite mascara for the reasons listed here.
Disclaimer: All items were purchased with my own money. No affiliate links here.


  1. Heythere, that looks lovely. I dont know if you get sante where you live, but this brand has an eyebrow pencil that is very, very ashy. That is, thelighterone of them both is. Butialso love to use mineral eyeshadows for my brows. Dry or wetand there iis a great colour range, as you will already kow. Provida organics which continued alima pure in,germany has two clolour i love for brows. Cara and raven. Isometimes the names are the same with alima pure. Just takea look. :) otherwise i dont know. But the ashy problem i know. Warmly, ena

    1. Many thanks for reading and for your great suggestions! Have a great day :)