Monday, September 11, 2017

DIY Links Galore

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DIY Link Galore

Here is a thing about me and DIY - as much as I love a good DIY, I will only do it if it is super easy to make, has minimal ingredients and works just as good as the shop bought version.
If some recipe has too many steps or requires too many ingredients, I am less likely to do it. Yes, I know I can make anything under the sun if I will put enough effort into it, but at the same time I don't want to purchase all those fabulous oils, butters, micas and extracts only to be sitting on my shelf and expiring slowly.. I am only one woman, and as I don't sell any of my creations, I want to have minimal stuff. And any products containing water, I am leaving to the professional formulators - as we all know, products containing water can get contaminated very quickly, so they have to be either consumed very quickly or to have preservatives added in.  
P.s. some of my DIYs were complete fails, so they never made into actual posts. Beetroot blush, anyone? :)

So here are my DIY links for those of you who are interested:

DIY Deodorant Recipe (7+ years in use)

How To Make Any Sheet Mask Last 3x Longer (sort of DIY)

DIY Manuka Masks - over 12 recipes

DIY Magnesium Oil

DIY Liquid Eyeliner

Make Up Brushes Sanitiser Spray

Master Multitasker and Lip & Cheeks Multiple
    (inspired by iconic Master Mixer by RMS Beauty)

Poor Man's Z-palette & labels
    (I was told to correct it to Smart Woman's  Z-palette on IG, just loving it)

Monsters Be Gone DIY Spray

DIY Whipped Nourishing Body Butter

Natural After Sun Care and a few DIYs

DIY Deodorant, Lip Balm & Body Oil

Solid Perfume DIY

Scalp Tonic Spray

Lemon Vinegar All Purpose House Cleaner

Felted Soap

A Few DIY Recipes (no pictures)

That is all for now, any additional DIY posts I will have, will be added here later on.

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