Monday, September 11, 2017

Body Care and Hair Care Reviews. Links Galore

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Natural Body Care And Hair Care Reviews

So, that is the last round up of links, I promise you! Just like I've done with make up and skincare, I am rounding up the links to reviews of body and hair care, but because I am very minimal with both, I am lumping them together. And I feel this is going to be a very modest post. You see, while I would happily splurge on skincare (or selected make up), body care takes a second seat for me, as long as I have decent wash and some coconut oil, I am good. Thanks God I no longer have dermatitis, so no specific products are needed, all I need to focus on is to keep my body clean and well moisturised. For hair care it's the same - good quality natural shampoo, and some hair oil is all I need! Obviously I like my hair to look good, but I find if I have good shampoo, I can skip conditioner (this has never been my fave as most of them weigh my hair down and make it look limp), and all I do to it post-shampoo is apply some hair oil (both as a pre-wash treatment) and post wash, always from the middle of my hair down to the ends. The same hair oil serves as a flyaway treatment and that's about it, I am afraid. I don't use heat on my hair, nor I colour it, so I don't need much products to undo the damage, and as a true Sagittarius I don't style it much either. Hence minus the arsenal of (natural) styling products on my shelves. If it looks good, I wear it down, if it doesn't, it goes into a bun.
You would know that if you follow me, but if You want to re-read any of the reviews, or have missed them altogether, here they are:


(in no particular order)

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many more are to come :)

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