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Meet Ultimate Natural Beauty - Janey Lee Grace!

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My hero Janey Lee Grace

Today I am bursting with excitement to present you guys with the interview with my hero and ultimate Natural Beauty - Janey Lee Grace! A little background story, she is the person behind my own green beauty journey, her book "Imperfectly Natural Woman" was exactly the thing that opened my eyes to what's really in our products, and I decided to cut the chemicals out as much as possible there and then. I have all books by her by now, and the same mentioned "Imperfectly Natural Woman" was the book I have had to purchase four times - yes, you read that right - four times. I lent my first book to some girlfriend of mine, and it never made it's way back to me. Upset by this I bought the book for the second time only to give it to my sister in law, who happened to be visiting from my homeland at the time, a day later. Once again, I had to get it again for myself, and I decided to get a second copy of it as well, it served as a giveaway prize once I reached 1k of followers on Instagram. You can see that if you scroll waaay down my feed. People say everything that you do has a ripple effect on those around you, and let me tell you, this ultimate natural beauty is creating A LOT of ripples... Thanks for everything you do Janey Lee!

 💕 I am a big fan and know exactly who You are, but would You mind telling us a bit more about Yourself for those who don't?

I’m a BBC radio 2 presenter, the biggest radio station in the UK, and also a presenter on Hay House Radio, I’m also a best selling author, my first book Imperfectly Natural woman was a number one Amazon best seller and I’ve written five other books one with Hay House, I was rather ahead of my time I think leading the ‘holistic’ movement as that first book was 2006! I’m passionate about holistic living and health and wellbeing as well as authenticity and sustainability and I run a busy recommendations site – its important to stress the ‘imperfectly’ bit – I don’t get everything right and doubt others too, but I do believe in the ‘small change big difference’ approach, I also work with small brands, therapists and coaches to help them get more visibility for their work.


💕 How has going natural and non toxic in your beauty regimen changed your overall health and beauty?

I’ve been using only natural and organic products for over fifteen years now and I think it’s the reason I very rarely get ill, before I took this path I got many colds every year, had headaches, insomnia but I think this way increases immunity, I think my skin is pretty good considering my age (which I won’t tell!!) and my hair is in great condition since switching to organic products only.

💕 Three things that make You happy?

My children, seeing people find their purpose, step into the spotlight and shine…walking along the seafront by a fabulous choppy sea.


💕 What is the best advice You've been given?

Never try to teach a pig to sing, it won’t work and it annoys the pig ..(ie don’t try and force someone else to do something they can’t).


💕 What people inspire You? (And did I tell You You are my inspiration?) 

Thank you! Eddie Izzard is a huge inspiration, you can’t get better than his confidence, chutzpah and the tenacity to do whole gigs in different languages and run 56 marathons…. The recently passed Louise Hay…she carried a mirror in her bra so she could whip it out and say…love you…I have to constantly remind myself of the importance of self love…. Lesley Kenton, also sadly passed away, she wrote Endless Energy, in the 1980’s it was the book that changed my life, she was way ahead of her time!

💕 What are Your three (or five) can't-live-without-it green beauty products?

Scented hair oil from Tabitha James Kraan – I also can’t live without the organic dry shampoo, great for a bad hair day.

Hair Oil by Tabitha James Kraan

Tiana fair trade organics coconut oil – a multitude of uses, as a facial moisturiser, deep hair conditioner, and as an all over body moisturiser.

Tiana Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

Hayo’u Jade Beauty restorer, a unique facial massage tool.

(I am surfing the net to get one for myself as we speak 😄 - Renata )


💕 Your best DIY recipe?

 Mix a handful of fine oatmeal with a little water and sea salt for a gentle exfoliating scrub.

💕 What do You like and dislike about yourself?
I like my energy and humour, I like my nose and my hair (sometimes), I dislike my shape, carrying a few extra pounds right now hey ho…and I dislike my tendency to be fearful…HOWEVER…unsure if I should let you print any of that… I am well aware that the right answer ought to be – I LOVE myself unconditionally…(I’m working on it)

💕 Your proudest achievement? 

Giving birth (naturally) to my four wonderful kids, I had never planned to have children and with the first one they thought I had an ovarian cyst, it turned out to be a 7 week foetus! It was pretty cool getting an Amazon number one bestseller too.

💕 What are You currently reading? 
I love good chick lit, I read very fast, just polished off a Jane Green novel, the latest Lisa Jewell and the new Marian Keys novel The Break, incidentally I’ve written my debut novel, watch this space!
(can't wait to see! - Renata)

💕 What food do You like to cook/eat? 

I love colourful salads, really good sourdough bread, I like making raw soups and raw chocolate desserts.

Janey Lee Grace - the ultimate Natural Beauty

 💕 If You were to formulate a natural skincare or beauty product, what it would be? 

I probably won't, I love recommending everyone else’s!

💕 Your guilty pleasure? 

A bag of chips (fries for the US readers).

💕 Your top tips for being healthy and happy? 

Choose the natural approach for everything, avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible, boost your immunity, smile and laugh a lot…fake it till you make it.

💕 What scents excite You?

Only aromatherapy ones, I can no longer bear synthetic fragrances at all.

💕 What is Your mantra in life?

All of these ripples of holistic living will one day add up to a sea of health…. or depending on how I’m feeling… Feel the fear and do it anyway.

💕 Favorite affirmation if You have one?

All is well in my world.

💕 What's Your favorite beauty trend at the moment? 

I like the fact that organic and natural skincare is really making its mark in the mainstream, facial oils are everywhere and largely organic, I’m a big fan of oils for skin hair and nails, and I like the fact that are now some amazing beauty from within supplements too, such as Skin Hair and Nails from Pure Balance supplements created by an established Uk therapist.

💕 3 resources every girl needs…

A way to recharge, for me I need to see the sea, support from others, one or two really good friends, I call them ‘4am friends’ – the ones you could ring at 4am if you needed too, and a way of going after your dreams, and fulfilling your purpose.

💕 Once an week for my health I...

Relax in a bath with Himalayan salt, with an aromatherapy candle.. (and an imperfect glass of wine).

💕 Crazy health idea that actually works? 

Applying Manuka honey to a small wound, it's antibacterial.

💕 What do You do to de-stress?

Walk by the sea.

💕 Last thing you do at night? 

Think of three things I am grateful for.

💕 Tell us a secret! 

I was a singer in my early years and as well as touring the world with George Micheal and Wham and many other famous artists, before all of that I had the role of a real live Barbie Doll, the ‘rock star’ Barbie.

💕 A few words to Green Life In Dublin readers? 

Great to be part of this rocking blog, I LOVE Dublin, I came over to speak at the Rude Health show some years ago and was struck by the passion and enthusiasm for taking responsibility for health and wellbeing, invite me back!!! 

Janey Lee Grace

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