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Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review

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Living Nature Thickening Mascara

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I am coming at you with another review, and we will keep it short and sweet this time, promise! As I've written about Living Nature as a brand before, it means I can skip intro to the brand portion and we can chat serious business here, aka product talk! After all that is why you are all here, isn't it? 

Joking aside, Living Nature is the brand I have a lot of respect for, and you can find me talking more about them in my Living Nature Soft Lights Illuminating Foundation review, and I still love that foundation I have to say, although I call it BB cream for light coverage.

Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review

So, let's peruse their mascara this time, shall we? It was sent to me for a review, and as I was in the market for a new fabulous natural mascara, I accepted. Did it live up to my expectations? We shall find out :)

This mascara is a Gold Award Winner of Best Mascara with Green Parent Magazine – Healthy mascara for stunning, not-to-miss eyes. Halloysite clay thickens lashes for impact without clumps or chemicals. FRAGRANCE FREE and suitable for sensitive skin and eyes, to minimise any irritation from fragrance.

Aqua (water), Iron oxide (CI 77499), Ricinus communis oil (castor oil), Cellulose, Kaolin (halloysite clay), Cetearyl wheatstraw glycosides (&) cetearyl alcohol (wheat straw extract), Euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, Copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax, Iron oxides (CI 77491, 77492), Jojoba esters, Cera alba (beeswax), Mel (manuka honey), Citrus grandis seed extract (grapefruit seed extract), Sclerotium gum, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Leptospermum scoparium oil (manuka oil).

As you can see, it has really natural ingredients - ever heard of manuka honey AND manuka oil in your mascara?? - and it is preserved with grapefruit seed extract instead of dreaded phenoxyethanol. Because of this it gets my vote instantly, but then again all the ingredients the company uses are really natural from what I looked around. The volumising or the thickening part is supposed to come from clay, but I have to be honest I didn't see it, no matter how many coats I applied. Sorry, just being honest. The mascara made my lashes long and separated, and it also didn't flake or smudge on me, but I didn't see any volume for all six weeks I had it. 

So for this reason I am not sure if I am getting it again - you see, my natural lashes are short and sort of invisible, so my expectations for mascara are high. On top of being all natural it has to do many things, give me length, much needed volume, do not flake, do not smudge (big pet peeves of mine), last all day, do not irritate my eyes - I could go on! In short, I want it to be like any conventional mascara, but be totally natural - the bar isn't too high, no? 
Again, joking aside, this mascara is all of those things without one detail - as I said, it does not give me volume, and I desperately need it. If your natural lashes are better than mine, or if you are not looking do-it-all mascara, or you are not looking for volume in your mascara, this could be your perfect product. And as I said, I am really impressed with the ingredients - manuka honey in your mascara, hello! 
Having said all that, as I was typing all this, I just remembered one thing that would help this no-volume problem. So I might get it again after all - I just remembered I intend to purchase Jane Iredale Lash Extender & Conditioner - I had a mini sample of it and it made any mascara (I've tested with three different ones) PHWOAR level amazing, so the combo of the two might be a winning one?

So that is my post for today. Have you tried this mascara or anything else from Living Nature? What is your favourite product? What would you suggest I try next from them?

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P.s. This is a PR sample, and I am not sure if it's missing label or what is the deal with it - it looks like it has greasy finger prints on it, but I swear it came this way, the pictures were taken as soon as it came out of the box. Hopefully not all of them are like this?


  1. Great review! I am trying this too and have had exactly the same problem on my non-existent lashes! Thanks for the Jane Iredale tip x

    1. Many thanks for reading! I hope the Jane Iredale will lash conditioner will work well for you xo