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Natural & Organic Summer '18 Favourites

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green life in dublin
Pure Anada make up - Green Life In Dublin Approved

💕 Pure Anada mineral make up

That's all I used for the last few weeks when I had to wear make up for work, and I have only good things to say - if you are after full coverage mineral make up, this is it! My firm favourites are mineral foundation, which holds a firm spot in my Holy Grail Products for a few years already (I am Sunkissed Canadian in Summer, and Atlantic Bisque in Winter) and pressed blush in Forever Summer, which is a recent favourite. This is uber pigmented too, you only need a very light dip with brush, mind you! I have tried a good few things for the brand, and while some others change or are on rotation, some remain firm favourites for years!

 I have a review of it herehere and here.

💕 Mahana perfume by Leahlani

 I have been loving it ever since! This smells sweet and coconut-y, and although it is won't be my one and only favourite perfume, it is nice to have it to add to my usual suspects of more masculine and muskier perfumes, I looove layering my perfumes and creating something no one else would have. I see this lasting for ages, I have been using it almost daily for a couple of months now, and a few times per day as well (you have to re-apply it, it does not last all day) and I am only one or two millimeters down. I deemed them pricy at 25€ per 10ml bottle before, but now I have changed my mind and see it as a good value. Needless to say I now want to try the rest of them too,  I wish IG or online shops would have scratch and sniff feature so I could smell them before I buy. I am super curious about the Bless essence and the rest of Leahlani products too. I have been wanting them for forever, but in order to not to have too many products I keep postponing (and postponing) getting them. The thing is, my stash does not seem to be getting any smaller even though I am doing regular clear outs, so I have been asking myself when the time will be right? Blogger problems, much?

💕Having clear space & decluttering
Not so easy to do in a small apartment with four people, but I have been trying my hardest. I find clean space gives me clear mind.

green life in dublin
Hynt Beauty Pinkibelle Lipstick - modeled by Green Life In Dublin

💕 Pinkibelle by Hynt Beauty 

Another favourite since the day I got it, and second Holy Grail product from the same brand. I can already tell you that this will be a repurchase for life, or at least until Hynt Beauty is making it - and I really hope to God they will never discontinue it! My perfect nude 'your lips but better' and my new signature lipstick 💄 I have never had a signature lipstick in my young 30 something years of life, so let me have this little joy, ok? See it here and me modeling it here. More Green Beauty Swatches here


💕 Time with Mom

Like a true superhero, my Mother flew over to mind my kids temporarily when I had to temporarily do full time at work - I have been at that crucial step at the end of the training, moving into now-prove-yourself phase, and it has been super stressful, high pressure of make it or break it time at work, coupled with unsupportive family members. Even if it didn't work out for the majority of time, I am forever in her favour - we have had lots of great moments too, and for that I will be forever grateful.

💕 Sea

Sea is forever my happy place and that's enough said. I hope I can live next to it one day.

💕 Japanese food

Can we get 'yum'? My latest discovery is Yamamori Japanese restaurant in Dublin, and I can't get enough and so does my elder family members. Unfortunately that cannot be said for my 5yr old princess, as she is one of those fussy eaters and Yamamori is one of those restaurants that don't have a specific kids chicken-nuggets-and-chips kind of menu. I kind of respect them for that, but it also means my 6 yr old goes hungry. Stubborn much?

💕 Vanilla & Orange Joy blend

This is more like a Spring favourite that continues into Summer - I have been diffusing essential oils like a crazy person, and one of my favourite blends is vanilla and orange essential oils together - a blend that I nicknamed Joy, because who cannot be happy when there's orange and vanilla aroma in the air? 


💕 Sharing the Love game

Another favourite thing of the last month or so has been a little IG game that I took part in, I asked people to comment with three hearts 💚💚💚 on specific IG post of mine (here) if they wanted me to feature my favourite picture from their profile on my InstaStories. So I was busy for a good few days scrolling everyone's feeds and snapping screenshots, and I had great fun doing it! At first I thought I will be featuring the best flatlays of products or something similar, but I quickly found myself posting pictures of people themselves, as I really wanted to show my appreciation for them. I saved everything into a special collection on my IG profile, and you can check it out if you want to. It is called 'Fun & Games' - and if you want to, you can still participate - just find that post of mine and comment with three hearts in the comments. I am all about supporting fellow bloggers and like minded sisters (and brothers) - it is kind of a priority for me!


green life in dublin
Elsa's Organic Skin Foods deodeorants

💕 Elsa's Organic Skinfood Deodorants

These were just meant to be in my life - as soon as they appeared in Love Lula, I knew I wanted to try them, and soon my wish was granted, not only once, but twice - I got their Ocean deodorant in Love Lula box but I passed it on as I couldn't handle the peppermint in it. And I was spoiled some more by the brand themselves (with a little help of PR fairy) when they sent me the rest of their range - and I am happy to report they are now my favourite natural deodorants! I haven't had much luck with the natural deodorants until these little beauties came onto the scene, and I don't want anything else for the time being. My favourite scent is Dew, which is refreshing citrus notes. Love is also very interesting, with rose and ylang ylang, but more of the latter, which is why I am leaving it for fall, where I tend to gravitate to more heavy and earthy scents. Sensitive one does not smell of anything (it does not have any essential oils added) but guess what, you won't smell of BO either - these beauties went through vigorous testing - stressful work in the 30'C heatwave, no less! Nice to know I can count on Elsa's. What's more, the company is doing good deeds too, and I always respect when brands look furthermore that their own profits - they launched plastic free packaging and donating 1£ for every tin sold to Ocean Pollution UK - amazing, or what?

💕 Danielle Shleese 

I have no words to describe how much I love this girl - she is a natural and cruelty free make up artist, and how she does not have every follower ever is beyond me. She is so amazing with make up, but what I love much more than that is her amazing funny personality - watch any of her Youtube videos and you are guaranteed to leave in better mood than you started, I guarantee you! Not only that, but she can sell any product to me - did I tell you she is amazing with make up?? See it for yourself on her IG page here, and I think you will want to run out and buy everything she uses too. But I am not her, I can't create anything even half as beautiful as her, sob. So I came up with a plan - I am going to ask for Danielle for Christmas! Does Santa operate in humans as personal make up artists? Pretty please? I've been such a good girl for forever, pleaase?

So there you have it, my favourite Things and Not Things (I also loooved participating in a couple of awesome giveaways I collaborated on this summer - if You follow me on Instagram, you might know about awesome Bella Aura Coffret and Best Face Friend from Holistic Beauties giveaways? See, it pays to be friends with me all over social media, haha!)

 Now it is Your turn, tell me Yours, I really want to know :)

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