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Natural Beauty Series - Meet Danielle Schleese

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I am so happy to present You all with interview with this amazing green beauty sista that is Danielle Schleese! I don't know where to begin - she is a drop dead gorgeous cruelty free make up artist who does Youtube videos and so much more than that, she is building her own brand (more on that later), is a visual artist as well - is there no end of your talents Danielle? She is a wizard with her make up brushes too - and if you ever saw at least one of her social media posts or videos, you will know why - all the looks she does are AMAZEBALLS - seriously, one is better than the last one, you only have to look at thumbnails at her YouTube videos to know you want to watch all of her videos ASAP. I looove this girl and I am so sure you guys will too. All her talents aside, her personality is what you will fall for - she is so funny that you are guaranteed to leave in a better mood than you started with!  So, go on to have a Danielle day and you can thank me later! All of her social media will be linked at the end of this post.

Danielle Schleese

💕 Please introduce Yourself?

Hi my name is Danielle, I’m a professional make up artist and visual artist as well. I am also the co-founder of Holistic Beauties and online skin care e-commerce store. I run a YouTube channel which hosts various makeup tutorials, challenges, and lifestyle of vlogs, I am super passionate about makeup, art, beauty, and animals. So I’ve chosen to use makeup as a main path of expression and combining art to help inspire and educate other women on the benefits of clean, cruelty-free beauty.
*Is there no end of your talents? - R.

💕 How has going natural and non toxic in your beauty regimen affected your overall health and well being?

Going natural and non-toxic in my beauty regimen has changed my overall health and beauty in the sense that I genuinely feel healthier when I do wear the right products and look bomb 😉✨

💕 Three things that make You happy?

Three things that make me happy are nature (warm weather), my man & friends/ family gatherings and animals.

💕 Best piece of advice You have gotten?

Best advice: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life..... and put 10% of every pay-check away into savings right away 🤣 (thanks dad!)

💕 What people inspire You?

Who inspires me are activists who have created sanctuaries to save abandoned or hurt/sick animals. I’m also inspired by forward-thinkers in humanity and business-like Tesla, Tai Lopez, Tim Ferris, Jack Canfield, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio and so many others

💕 What are three (or five) Your can't-live-without-it beauty products?

Best beauty products:


Indie lee COQ-10 toner (from Detox Market)

Fitglow concealers

W3ll People bio Bronzer

Rms highlighter
Fitglow mascara

Pacifica brow gel gloss and set

💕 What are you currently reading?

Currently reading: the subtle art of not giving a f*ck


💕 Your proudest achievement?

Proudest achievement: being accepted into ocad university majoring in fine arts: drawing and painting with no former art training, graduating with a diploma in makeup artistry, and being accepted into the national ballet school of Canada in my first year of dancing.

💕 What do You like and dislike about Yourself?

What I like about myself is I’m very personable, what I dislike is I sometimes overthink - but that’s just a mental training malfunction 😉


💕 What is Your favourite food?

My favourite kind of food to eat is tacos, and ice cream. Everything vegan, of course. I also have an obsession with avocados. Oou, I also love lasagna, Shepard’s pie, sushi, Curry’s, Rotis, fresh salad bowls, chilies....Honestly, I love literally love everything...but vegan. Oh and fresh ripe fruits always.

💕 If You were to formulate a natural skincare or beauty product, what it would be?

If I were to formulate a product what would it be? It would be a palette for sure.

💕 Your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure: filming lip sync videos

💕 Your top tips for being healthy and happy?

Top tips for health: exercise is 20% diet is 80%... watch educational documentaries, research and talk to a GREAT nutritionist, develop a plan and set goals. Also most importantly save lives (including yours) and the planet and try going vegan.

💕What scents excite You?

Scents excite me: almonds, coconut, sandalwood, oranges

💕 What is Your mantra in life?

Mantra: is this serving me rn?

💕 Your favourite affirmation, if you have one?

Affirmation: I am so blessed.

💕 What is Your favourite beauty trend at the moment?

Beauty trend: glowy Gold bronze with self tanner

💕 Three resources every girl needs?

3 resources girls need: an awesome loving, entertaining and educational community (@holisticbeauties )

Self love books

Great skincare

💕 Once a week for your health...

Once a week for my health: I take a rest day and totally give myself an at home spa like treatment whether it’s only one thing like a mask to 4 hours of nails, shower, hair, shave etc.

💕 Crazy health idea that actually works?

Crazy health idea: wearing the right makeup can actually reverse the effects of damaged skin while protecting it at the same time

💕 What do You do to de-stress?

To de stress: Can’t say. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s how I roll 💨😃

💕 Last thing You do at night?

Last thing I do at night: cuddle my dogs and tell Gabriel how much I love him.

💕 Tell us a secret?

Secret: I’ve had my lips done ✅ well... not so much a secret I’m very open about it and value honesty, so I want to give it.

It’s something that shocks most people to know because they think I’m high and mighty to toxic free living. For me it’s more about the art of the makeup and beauty, I just happen to love the added benefits and the evolution of plant based products! I realize we can’t escape toxins anyway they’re everywhere and a part of life. For me, at the time it was a personal choice from an artist and balance standpoint.

💕 A few words to Green Life In Dublin readers?

A few words: thanks for reading a little bit more about me! Let’s connect and get to know each other better, so be sure to be following my YouTube channel and Instagram for mini, full, educational and entertaining vegan makeup videos!

                                            Danielle's Instagram

                                            Her YouTube channel

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