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My Love Lula Wishlist

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My Love Lula green beauty wishlist

Today I wanted to share my wishlist from Love Lula, which is probably my favourite online store. And I don't say this because I am a part of their blogger family - I have been a happy customer for years and years before that - in fact, I still remember my first purchases back in 2014, so we go way back! All in all I am really happy with everything about them - from the amazing product selection to top marks customer service - in all of these years I never had any problems with items missing or wrong items in my order, nothing ever leaked in transfer, and the one and only time my order got lost in the post it was replaced without a bother - that is saying something, isn't it? I have no wonder why they keep getting award after award year in and year out, and I am very happy for them! CEO Sonia White is a permanent figure in Who's Who In Natural Beauty list, and I still can't believe she said yes to my Natural Beauty interview, which you can find here.

Ever since joining the Love Lula blogger family I have been hard at work reviewing everything they carry - I used to link all the related blog posts at the end of each new post I had, but as I now have more than forty posts, the list was getting as long as the post itself (well, not really, you know I love long posts) so I now link to my "All Things Love Lula" Facebook album, where you will find something you are interested in. If you want to see what new products I get and my first impressions of them, then head to my Instagram, where I frequently do InstaStories unboxing products - as well as giving my first impressions a couple of days on. Reviewing products takes time, and I pride myself on testing products thoroughly for weeks before I review them on my blog. Let's not get off topic too much, you know how I work, and if you want to see this never ending work in progression or what's happening behind Green Life In Dublin Casa behind the scenes, you are in the right place :) Just keep on reading.
At first I will reveal my wishlist, not in all it's glory, but toned down version of it, and even the way it is here, some people will think I am cray cray. You see, blogger's kitchen often has a rotation of products, with new products coming out all the time, so it is very hard to go back to the products you just finished - I am only one person with one face, so as soon as I finish one thing, I am most likely to have a small army of same type of products waiting to be tested and reviewed. It does not mean the products I reviewed but not repurchased are bad in any way - far from it, let's just say that honesty is my best policy and if the product ended up with a review on my blog, it is impressive! There are some products I keep meaning to repurchase, but haven't done so because I don't want to have too many of the same type of products - after all, let's collect experiences, not things? All of those who didn't live up to my expectations, end up in my Reviews I Never Posted post, or worse, Disappointing Products posts.

 My Love Lula Wishlist

I feel like I should explain my choosing criteria first - as you might or might not know, I have perioral dermatitis - on my face, no less! and uber sensitive skin - I am a lucky girl, I know. So, after reacting to dozens and dozens of green beauty products and finally finding my Holy Grail in Bella Aura line (I wish Love Lula carried it) I made a decision of not testing any more facial skincare products apart from masks and toners/mists. So although I am aware that Love Lula carries many beautiful natural lines like Neal's Yard Remedies, Pure & Light Organic Skincare, Earth Mother Soul Sister and many more, I am putting a halt on trying them all. People with sensitive skin do really benefit from using minimal skincare and minimal products too - so I've been doing exactly that. This leaves me with make up, body and haircare, plus my new favourite thing, aromatherapy - and I will be honest, I want it all!

First off it would be a crazy lot of Natura Siberica products - the company is on my radar for a couple of years now - I am really interested in the as they use extracts of wild harvested berries and herbs. They were quite hard to get hold of, which is why I am so happy to see them appearing in Love Lula - free shipping (on all orders above 15£, easily done) and delivery straight to my door always gets me :) This brand is not for a die hard purists, but it has affordable price point. I won't list all of the products I am planning to get from them, because I am afraid you will leave nothing for me, haha! Joking aside, I see quite a number of products I bookmarked are already sold out, so it is not me alone who's excited about it.

Natura Siberica Little Siberica Soothing Oil 
I am crazy for the body oils at the moment, and the ones I currently use or used are on the more pricy side, meaning I either have to savour them or find some cheaper alternatives for daily use. Hoping this might be it? 

Natura Siberica Vitamins For The Skin Shower Gel & Tonic Shower Gel
Curious to see if it might end up as our favourite cheap-but-oh-so-effective-and-natural product?
The official blurb says that this vitamin-enriched shower gel promises to invigorate you with it's rich aroma resulting in a lasting feeling of freshness. There is nothing better than fragrant shower gel filled with vitamins and minerals. This berry cocktail with notes of Siberian herbs will give your skin a feeling of tenderness and care. Silky textured gel perfectly nourishes and moisturises, and the pleasant aroma gives a harmonious charge of freshness.

Natura Siberica Oblelpikha Hair Straightening Gel
Getting this for Mr Green Life In Dublin, who, despite my best efforts for the last 5 years or so, still uses this conventional gel - and irritates the crap out of me! Hoping this will measure up and I will be one step closer to winning the war? Of course I will be using it too - all for testing purposes of course :)

Natura Siberica Volumising & Moisturising Shampoo
This I have high hopes for! I have tried one of their shampoos before, called "Natura Siberica Loves Lithuania" - how could I not pick it up while on holidays in Lithuania?? It worked well and the whole family loved it, apart from one fact - it contained SLS, and I noticed none of the shampoos in Love Lula do - this piqued my curiosity to no end and calls for investigation - does the brand do different formulations for different countries or did they remove SLS and improved their products recently? Let me get back to you on this!

Indemne Scented skincare oil Baba Cool Vanille Coco
Now, how could a body oil with Vanilla and Coconut NOT call my name??

The Handmade Soap Company 
I know I am kind of crazy to think of preparing for winter, but all the natural scented candles and the reed diffusers, come this way please!

1001 Remedies Pur Air
Natural spray with essential oils to purify the air and kill airborne bacteria? Yes please! And can I have an infinite supply of it for a lifetime too?

(I have to say I want to try similar products by Saint Come too, but frustratingly I can't order those due to these postal regulations, so I am hoping to come across them in Dublin somewhere somehow)

Planted 100% Natural Oil Cleanser with Black Cumin and Raw Honey + Muslin Cloth
Although I am very happy with my Bella Aura cleanser, I still want to try this too, due to black cumin and raw honey in the ingredients list!

CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture
I have wanted this for absolutely ages, but stumbling because it is so damn expensive.. Why do all natural products targeted towards dermatitis/rosacea etc are so pricy? This better be good! At the moment I have three or four similar products opened, so it will be a little while.

Inika Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Can someone come over and kick me in the you-know-what so I would finally start doing that Inika review I've been promising for ages? I have a bit less than 10 items and that's going to be a colossal post, which is why I am tired just thinking of it.. Love loads of Inika products and have been using them for the last five years or so - and if you asked me to name a few, I am in love with their highlighting creme (in a squeezy tube), long lash mascara (phenomenal, one of the best in green beauty), bronzer in Sunkissed, and their blushes are out of this world pigmented! My favourite is Peachy Keen, and sadly Love Lula carries anything but that. They did carry it years ago, and it was exactly my first beauty purchase back in 2014, but when Inika made a comeback to Love Lula, this was dropped without plans to stock it again - I know, I enquired. All of their other blushes are beautiful too, but Peachy Keen is absolutely gorgeous, because it is almost exact Nars Orgasm dupe, item I clung onto the most and found the beast to replace. have you seen my Natural Nars Orgasm Dupes post? I list more than 20 and I worked had on it! 

Herbfarmacy Rose & Echinacea Toner Spray
Keen to try more from this brand, they seem awesome! I have only tried their bitters for digestion, and want to venture into beauty, starting from this toner spray. 

Earth Mother Soul Sister Chamomile & Calendula Facial Wash
Rememeber I mentioned wanting to try this brand earlier? I think I will start with this awesome sounding face wash - it comes in kind of huge (for face wash anyway) 200ml packaging and it has sandalwood in the ingredients too!

Green People
I have tried only their sunscreen and toothpaste I think? I want to try their shampoo, conditioner, facial spray and I hope Love Lula will decide to carry their make up range someday.

Esse Sensitive Cleanser, Eye Make Up Remover & Toner Plus 
Probiotics in skincare fascinate me to no end, and I want to try everything for Esse. I am currently testing some of their products and I plan a review really soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

What else? Alteya Organics captured my attention with their amazing rose products - and although Love Lula does not carry their rose essential oil, I have to get it somehow - I remember my mom using rose essential oil as a perfume in my childhood, and it lasted three days people! Of course I can't remember the brand she used, nor I believe it would still be available to this day, but I have Alteya Organics Rose Water, and it smells exactly like it! Isn't it amazing how scent can trigger a memory from years and years ago? Hence me now wanting/needing their essential oil. I have perused their website and Bulgarian Rose Drops Rejuvenate 3800XR With Rose Oil and Acai Oil is calling my name too!

This is true for this moment, some beautiful products might get pushed down the list because some new and exciting products came onto my radar. But let me tell you one thing - all of those beautiful products Love Lula carries, I am coming for ya :)

What is your favourite product from Love Lula? Please share with me, I would love to know! What else I should know about and add to my wishlist?

(you can see mine here by the way 😊)

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  1. I didn't try any of those brands except for Esse (love that brand) and Indemne. I will have a look to those products...
    I so understand that you don't want to try any more products on your face as you are lucky to have found the one for you. I am in search of my perfect routine myself as I think skin does better with a steady routine ; I might have found my brand in Jane Scrivner and her marvellous cleansing balm...