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What I Bought in May - Natural & Organic Beauty

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green life in dublin
100%Pure haul - make up

green life in dublin
100%Pure haul - masks

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Ok, in this post I will share with You what I've bought in May - I've been planning this post for a while now, at first I thought it was going to be one of those minimalistic no-buy type of post, so I've been snapping food and lifestyle pictures all May, but... And that's a big BUT - in the last two days of May I've managed to spend nearly 200€ on green beauty! Umm, my finger slipped 😄
So I will scrape the food/ lifestyle haul pictures and focus on green beauty instead. They weren't that exciting, honestly, and I will list the stuff anyway. Isn't natural beauty products everybody's favourite thing? I think so!

So, in no particular order, here's what I bought in May and my initial impressions of everything:

green life in dublin
Hynt Beauty Pinkibelle Lipstick - say hello to my new signature lipstick!

💕 Hynt Beauty Pinkibelle Lipstick 

Haven't stop reaching for this lipstick for the second month straight - hello, new obsession! And my signature lipstick too - see it in my IG here. Second Holy Grail item from the same brand, not bad at all, huh? If You follow me for any length of the time, you will know that their Duet Perfecting Concealer is my fave for years and years! I have not one, but two reviews on it, please see them here and here. Coming back to the lipstick, I have to say it is love from the first swipe, and it is definitely going straight to my Summer Faves!
(got from Eminessences, but You can get it from GlowOrganicBrighton too) 30€

green life in dublin
Deep Steep Argan Oil Hand Wash
💕 Deep Steep Argan Oil Hand Wash
Bought from TKMaxx, and I was very happy to find it there - it is one of those rare brands/products to make a re-appearance there! Natural and a bargain at 6 or 7euros, what more could you want? Be sure to check my post out about TKMaxx beauty section here - it is one of my worst kept secrets to where to find clean products in Ireland & Dublin - and I worked hard on that post! 80+ photos prove it :)
💕 Salus Dandelion Juice & Stinging Nettle

Around 6 or 7€ each, bought to try to manage seasonal allergies and help my liver to work better, but haven't even started taking either of them yet. Whoops!

💕 TherraNeem Neem Mouthwash & Toothpaste with Cinnamon

Mouthwash is a repeat purchase, and toothpaste I think I have tried before too? Mouthwash cost over 15€ and the toothpaste isn't cheap either at around 7€, but I am taking my dental hygiene very seriously, so I am swallowing the costs. And I am oil pulling with sesame oil while I type this too! I am about to order some Living Libations dental care too, as I really miss what I had from them - they work amazingly well. See my holistic dental routine post here. Need to save up a bit first, mind You.

💕 Organic Neem Oil

Bought to treat a persistent rash, and it worked amazingly well! I think I will use the rest up in my weekly scalp masks, it is amazing for hair, as well as being good all rounder too. Just the smell! Think men's socks. Marinated!
Oh, and I paid around 10€ for 30ml bottle. 

💕 A.Vogel Pollinosan Nasal Spray

This I bought in the hopes to manage seasonal allergies too - I really loved the look of the natural ingredients, but I have to say I struggle with it - the packaging is so bad imo, my 5yr old is refusing to use it point blank, so I am left on my own here. It is housed in a plastic bottle with a manual spray pump, but it does not disperse fine mist into your nose - think more of a garden hose. You are left with pools of liquid up your nose, and of course you have to blow your nose asap, and then you are left with no product. Packaging fail if You ask me, and I don't think I will repurchase it because of it. If You happen to know a better nasal spray product, please let me know! I am looking for one with herbal extracts, not simple saline solution, just wanted to be clear.

Around 10 or 12€. All of this was purchased in The Health Store in Dublin. As well as my regular supply of Rice Dream organic rice milk (love the taste, minimal ingredients with no added sugar or carageenan and reasonable price), Koko margarine (love the yogurts, but not this spread) - again, if You happen to know dairy free butter alternative that would taste nice, or close to real butter, please do me a favour and comment below! Most of them taste horrible, and the only one I liked was discontinued like a month later, I was ready to cry! It was rapeseed and coconut spread from Aldi, fleeting visit around a few months ago - and like I said, it was discontinued just a few weeks later. It was in orange packaging and cost around 1€ only - I am so mad at myself for not taking photograph of it or even remembering the brand name! Insert every sad fave emoji you can think of here. And I wasn't able to find it ever since. I also bought a bunch of yummy healthy Japanese food after discovering our new fave restaurant Yamamori and Asian Market nearby!

💕 Rosewood massager thingy

I find it soothing and relaxing, and I haven't put it down since :) The best 4€ I've spent recently!

💕 "Oud"
Umm, I guess I should have done a research (aka guick Google) before buying it off the stall holder in George's Arcade - the oud turned out to be fake. She had frankincense resin with jasmine and other things I was eyeing to buy next, but I ain't coming back now. The loss was a mere fiver.

💕 Frankincense resin, charcoal tablets, matrioshka doll, Palo Santo sticks, soy candle and Nag Champa incense sticks. The haul came over at just over 30€ at Pagoda in Ilac Shopping Center. I also buy my soap nuts there.

Umm, so this is where my post (and the haul) was supposed to end in my head, buuuut I managed to drop nearly two hundred quid in the last two days, and I can't wing my way out if it :) In my defense, both were pretty awesome deals and I am glad I bought them. I am sure I will be singing a different song when my credit card bill hits next month though!

So, my first haul was from 100%Pure - and it was discovered by pure accident. I was browsing the IG one day (as you do) and I saw the awesome GWP or gift with purchase in other words on Ashley's aaquino22 page, and it pulled a massive trigger in me I dropped whatever I was doing and I was browsing 100%Pure page immediately! I;ve kind of been ignoring the brand for the last year or year and a half due to them increasing the shipping to EU to 25€ instead of previous 7, and free shipping limit to 125€ instead of previous 45. As you can imagine, I was not happy with them! A few things from them hold a Holy Grail status for me (I am looking at you Peacock Ore Lip gloss, Caffeine Masks and Maracuja oil mascara) but the other things didn't quite work out for me, namely skincare, so I never ordered from them since the increase in shipping.. until now. 
I must also say that Naturisimo and Ecco Verde also carry the brand, but they never have deals on them. I never knew Ecco Verde carry my beloved Gemmed Lipgloss - why has no one told me that before?! I've been crying crocodile tears ever since I ran out of it a year ago! These are perfect natural dupe for Juicy Tubes, and I have a whole post dedicated to it here.
Oh, Renata, will you ever list the damn products without massive de-tours?
Here's what I got and my first impressions of things:

💕 Gemmed Lip Gloss in Peacock Ore

One of my Holy Grails from the brand, and one thing I will be repurchasing as long as they will make it. I hope that never happens, because 100%Pure are known for discontinuing things at random, like Dandelion lipstick I wanted to get. Perfect natural Juicy Tubes by Lancome dupe if you ask me, and see my post on them here.

💕 Maracuja Oil Mascara

Another hit, it is amazing imo, just one thing to let you know - I find they are very inconsistent with the freshness of them. If your mascara smells in any way of alcohol and not the fresh blueberries/ chocolate it is supposed to smell off, complain and ask for replacement. If you get a fresh one, it lasts for ages, well over 6months with daily use (I know I should be parroting the 3months rule as a blogger, but let's be real here), if it smells of alcohol, it is already off and it is time to chuck it. See my full review and comparison to their original mascara here.

💕 Lipstick in Peach Bellini

The one in silver sleek bullet, my favourite formula from them all. Sadly this does not show up on me one bit! I have had one of these like 3-4yrs ago and it was lovely, I remember using that with pleasure, when I am normally not even a lipstick person. Sadly in a hurry I didn't check what shade I had, and just chose the one I like the look of. Oh well, I guess I will layer it up with some other products, I tend to do that a lot. 

💕 Caffeine Masks x5 pack

These masks are amazing, even for my uber sensitive skin! I try to save them for special occasions as they are not that cheap and I am not happy with the plastic waste I create using them, but they take care of everything I need to take care of - brightness, skin evenness, my skin is left hydrated, plump and even dermatitis is temporarily gone. I have a full review of it here. I have had a love-hate relationship with the brand, all these reviews are from the love period. Don't forget to check out my post on how to make these masks (or any sheet mask) go further, I am revealing the trick that will save you so much money, you will be glad you read my post! And no, I am not suggesting you reuse the same mask over and over again, honey! Find the post here.

💕 Eye Hydrogel masks x5 pack

These are a cult favourite in the green beauty community, thus influencing me to get them. Well, I tried it once, and I have to say the first impressions aren't great - after 5 mins or so, my under eyes get very hot and itchy, how odd! I had no visible irritation once I removed them, so not too sure if that's how they work or what, but I had the same reaction once I reused them two days later. Not too sure what I will do with the rest of the pack. I should have gone for one pair, not bulk pack.

💕 Collagen Sheet Mask

I wish I have gotten five of these instead, this was amazing! I really hope these will reach EU distributors sooner rather than later!

💕 And now for the gift with purchase that came with my order. It all came in gorgeous cork baggie, which I immediately repurposed as my work bag - let me know if you would love to see a post on my desktop essentials? I tend to use 100%Pure baggies, as unlike many others, these tend to have a zip and not drawstring, so I find uses for them around the house.

💕 Water foundation in Sand

I haven't had luck with their foundations, and the last time I ordered one was before they even had Sand as a shade, ages ago. So I was very nervous about getting this. First impressions after one use - it collected into my pores within minutes, the coverage is more on the medium rather on the full side, and it lasted about half a day only without setting. Also, be sure to blend quickly or you will be left with streaky face. The shade is too dark and very orange on me, so I am not even sure if I will be able to wear it or not. See, no luck with their foundations. Powder products (blushes and shadows, not face powders) I find good though.

💕 Multiple in Pink Grapefruit

I have had that before and it wasn't my fave product, I found it too natural on my cheeks (also quite wrong in shade for me, I can't wear anything with the blue undertone) and quite-ok-but-not-moisturising on the lips, so I planned to put this aside for a giveaway or something like that, but it took all of 0.25 seconds for 5yr old to unwrap it, the plastic seals and all! So I guess I either have a multiple for the summer, or I'll swap it? (it's not used, just opened)

💕 Flat top kabuki style foundation brush

Funny thing is, I was thinking of getting one of these brushes only a day or two ago - I was looking at all of these mini-bukis I've collected over the years, and thinking I'd like to have one like that, just with a proper handle. There you go, now I have one!

💕 Cassia Lipstick

Two words - matte. brown. Two more words - passing on!

All in all this was a good haul, and in a way I am glad I made this order, as you get value for your money with deals like this. Otherwise the brand is super expensive, at least for me. After years of being a stay at home mom, I finally started working, but on the weekends only (childcare system in Ireland is atrocious, way more expensive than anything else, including mortgage, long story, not for this post) so my play money is still next to nothing, which is why I have to make it stretch as far as I can. Green beauty is not exactly cheap - and this order was a steep one for one person. Thankfully I found a shopping buddy for the next time, just the question is, will the brand give us two goodie bags if we will make one order to split the costs?

green life in dublin
Naturisimo Healing Beauty Discover Box - May 18

💕 Naturisimo Discovery Box

I usually skip those, but I went for this one as it contained all the items I wanted to try. It cost 17.95€ if I remember correctly, and it contained nine items, one full size mascara and then samples. They value the box at 70£, which I think is kind of laughable, but still, it was more than the price I paid for, and I am hoping I will discover some future favourites from this haul.

💕  Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strengthen Mineral Mascara

This is the one full sized product in this box, and the one I was most excited to try. At first I was going to put this aside, as I use Fitglow Beauty Good Lash mascara at the moment, plus I just acquired 100%Pure one I was excited to use, but the blogger in me took over, and I opened it by now. The brush is massive, and it looks like it should deliver volume and length, but it produces results that are not as dramatic as I'd hoped, just OK lashes, nothing special. Plus I find it comes off really easily, I have to remember not to touch my lashes at all during the day. I usually don't have this problem. We will see.

💕 RMS Beauty Translucent 'Un' Powder, 0.44g

A mini of iconic RMS powder I'd always wanted to try. This is pure silica, which I know shouldn't work for me (I've read/watched enough reviews to know it is not suitable for dry skin) and I don't have a formed opinion on it yet. I only used it once, to set my under eye concealer. I haven't noticed any difference, but please bear in mind it was only one use.

💕 Bellapierre Mineral Blush Powder in Autumn Glow, 4g

I think this is full size of it. Didn't like it as a blush, too orange/muddy/sheer - I like my blushes way more pigmented and in different colour. I also have acquired their Desert Rose blush in a set I'd bought in TKMaxx just last month, and I am not a fan of that either. I will try them some more, as well as on the eyes, but I see both of them exiting my collection in the near future.

💕 REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist, 9ml

This was one of the main reasons I'd bought this discovery box, as this product is in my wishlist for ages and I keep going back and forth about it. I love the idea of protection from blue computer rays, but I only had to use it twice to know I won't be repurchasing this in full size. The smell is gross, and it is very drying to my skin. If You happen to know another mist that protects from the urban pollution, please let me now? All natural of course :)

💕 Dr Hauschka Lip Gloss (Raspberry), 3ml

Lovely shade, I always wanted to try DrHauschka lip glosses. This has good ingredients, but lasted like the whole five minutes on my lips - and I wasn't even eating or drinking! So probably a no from me?
Hey, I said probably :) I am interested in trying their make up.

The box also contained Odacite Black Mint cleanser and Inika lip tint in Candy, and both of these went straight to my daughter - minty! I can't handle any mint anywhere on my body. Glad I tried Inika tint via this box, and not in the full size, as I've been thinking of ordering it. Hate when the mintiness in not mentioned in the description of lip products. 
The box also had Estelle & Thild foundation and tinted moisturiser sachet samples, and I have to be honest I am not even sure when or if I will use these. Up until this year I was very diligent about using every single sample in order to try and know about as much products as possible, but the truth is my skin is protesting wildly if I do so, and you can't form a fully rounded opinion after one or two uses anyway? Plus if I am not after a full size of the product, what's the point, right? 

P.s. sorry for the late post, I fell down the Ecco Verde rabbit hole and have been compiling wishlist well into four digits by now :) Plus I am making lots of changes in my life behind the scenes. 

So that's my haul for May, what did You guys get? More or less finger slips than moi? I want to know, so please leave a comment below or on any of my social media pages?

I hope You enjoyed this post and found it helpful? Then please make my day and share this or any of my blog posts on social media - it helps to get the green beauty word out and for that I Thank You!

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Lots of Love,

green life in dublin
Ps. This post features items bought entirely with my own money and contains no affiliate links. Thanks for reading the small print.

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