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Irish Brands & Shops

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green life in dublin
Irish Natural Brands ¦ Where To Shop For Green Beauty In Dublin

*First of all let's get neccesary but boring disclaimer out of the way, please know that Google is collecting your data while You are browsing my blog. (I don't, nor I ever shared or will share any info)
I hope You are well! As summer and holiday season is fast approaching, one of the most common questions I get is from people coming to visit Ireland and wanting to find green beauty brands and places to shop, so they ask for my recommendations. Well, yes, I can definitely help - that's why I am here for! This is the main driving force behind my blog, to help all the ladies to switch to natural and non toxic beauty, and help find it too. First thing to note to clear out any confusion - many people expect to find Sephora, Wholefoods, Detox Market and the like, because that's what they are used to. Well, sorry to disappoint, there are none here! And that is one and only aspect I kind of miss from my non-natural days, the ability to go into a brick and mortar store and browse and swatch/test products for my heart's content. The natural scene is picking up here too, I notice a huge improvement in this are in Ireland too, but we have such a long way to go still. While UK and the US are making huge waves in this area, sometimes I feel like a lone soldier in the field in this emerald isle corner of the world. I would love to see green beauty conventions and expos happen here too, not to mention green beauty bloggers meet ups, etc. And it would be so nice to see one big shop dedicated to only green beauty pop up! All of these ripples need to join together.
Anyways, back to the business, shall we?

Firstly I will list all the Irish brands I know of,  and You can take Your search from there. Please note I can't personally vouch for them, as I haven't tried all of them, but if I happen to love or have a review on them, I will make sure to add link. So, please note this is not a Green Life In Dublin Approved List, is it simply a list of brands I know of. Also make sure to do your own research before buying the products, as they vary in purity levels too, and I haven't gone through them with a fine tooth comb, and no links  either - that would be insane amount of work for uncertain reasons. Plus I am kind of overwhelmed with the amount of products I currently own - I suddenly get blogger's overwhelm now :)
If You happen to know (or own) a Irish Beauty brand I might be not aware of, please contact me on IG and I will make sure to update the list. 

Bees Flying Wild
Dublin Herbalists
Jo Browne
Warrior Botanicals
Ocean Bloom
Anneco Beauty
Black Canvas Cosmetics
Ayu Make up brushes
Nima Brushes
Bia Beauty
Human & Kind
Holos Skincare
Nia Skincare
Green Angel Skincara
Pixy Natural Skincare
Cocoa Brwon Tan
Karora (tan)
Handmade Soap Company
Kinvara Skincare
Emma's Eco Soy Candles
Boyne Country Candles
Flourish Organics
Pestle & Mortar Cosmetics
Anneco Cosmetics
EO Ireland (hand sanitiser)
Natural Ireland.ie (soaps)
Cocoa beauty
Bia beauty
Green angel
Lucyannabella organics
Seaweed products.ie
Black canvas cosmetics
Nima brushes
Ayu make up brushes
Ema's soy candles
Boyne country candles
Bio fresh skincare.ie
Irish organics.ie
Wild Irish seaweed
Irish Egyptian
Fern and fig tree.ie
Riona Natural  Skincare 
Rosie Supposes   
Bare Chic Skin 
Flourish Organics 
Botanical Soap Therapy 
Aroma Bliss Cork 
Modern Botany 
Little Red
White Witch
Oxmantown Skincare

Now, about the places to shop in Dublin:
Smaller health shops with a decent selection of natural beauty products)

Down To Earth Dublin
The Health Store
Holland & Barrett
Skinfull Affairs

(big shops with selected green beauty brands)
Marks & Spencers

Beauty section of TKMaxx
(see my post of what you can find here, 80+ photos)
Also check markets all over town
I would also suggest checking out Vclaire.ie for Couleur Caramel and more.

So that is it for this post, short and sweet, but at the same time I hope You will find it helpful! Please do your own research beforehand and don't be afraid to contact the brands if you have any questions about ingredients or their retail spots.

Happy shopping!

I hope You will enjoy Your holidays here to the fullest. Tag me in Your IG photos, I want to see what You will get xo

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green life in dublin
Huge thanks for the gentleman who updated my Irish brands list, but wanted to remain anonymous!

*If You are an Irish brand and want to collaborate with me for a review, please feel free to contact me on Instagram or any social media. Thanks and have a lovely day!

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