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Natural & Organic Products For My Little Princess - And Yours!

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Natural Products for my little princess

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So, to be honest the idea for this post never crossed my mind until a few days ago, when I got my blogger package from Love Lula (love You guys) and my little princess squirreled away a product to her school bag quicker than I could take a decent photo of it :) She used her eagle vision to spot some colorful packaging in between my products, even though I never told her I ordered a product specifically for her. Next thing I knew some little hands were in my package and off she went to put it away. The product I am talking about is Hello Barumi Soothing Essence from Chobs, a Korean brand new(ish) to Love Lula. She inquired what is it, compared it to the sweet she has had ages ago (it is in a rollerball format, like a deodorant) and was quick to tell me all about her bruises, and put it on them. Next she announced "I am going to put it into my school bag!" and was quite displeased when I told her I need to photograph it first (blogger's problems, much?). Unlike her sister, she is interested in my products, and I have had to give her some products to keep her off my stash (more of it later) - otherwise she was taking a great pleasure in "testing" aka destroying my products. It was the best decision I ever made, because we are like this now - "Do you want this lip gloss?" "Nah, I have my own!". My stash is finally safe! :)

Now, about her stash, shall we see what products she uses? It is not much, mind you, and that's exactly why the idea for this kind of blog post never crossed my mind. Up until now, that's it.

I have to say it won't be a post on products specifically designed for kids, once we moved out of the toddler-hood phase, I never bothered to get her kids everything, because one, I didn't see the need, and secondly we never used kids or baby lotions for example, coconut oil can replace a thousand and one product in this case.  Besides, the products I use myself are safe, so I am confident in using them on her. 

I am not sure where to start, so let's start with the products we would use in the bath, shall we? I use any shampoo I am using myself on her, and at the moment it happens to be Tabitha James Kraan Golden Citrus one, because I am testing the line for upcoming review, if you want my two cents on it, here it is - the shampoo is gorgeous, and I'll want more when I'll run out. It might seem extravagant to use pricy shampoo on your kid, but oh well, the products are meant to be used, right? Calia line is a firm favourite, and we have used Earth Friendly Baby, Child's Farm or Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash for years - you can find all of them at Boots. The last one is Mr Green Life In Dublin approved, you can find the products he uses here. Just like myself, I don't use conditioner on her, just leave in conditioner by Acure Organics and hair oils for me. I have bought her a kiddies leave in conditioner by Child's Farm for her, but she didn't like it, and in order not to have too many products I gave it away. To be honest, I kind of understand where she was coming from - while the shampoos smell of strawberries and some things equally nice, the leave in conditioner is scented with grapefruit and tea tree oil! I mean, what? Why?? And why no other scents than this horrible one? Oh well, let's just leave it. For washing, all of us use Dudu Osun African Black Soap (review) and I am happy to report I get no more moaning about not having bottles of shower gel at all times. Odd time she has a bubble bath, I use Neal's Yard Remedies Aromatic Foaming Bath. We use no products once out of the shower, no oils, lotions etc. 
Some other product that's part of her daily routine is Living Libations Everybody Loves Sunshine with Zinc Beach Balm (SPF balm stick, review) & Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser SPF30 - that's what I use too, for the last three years, actually. This is fine for the city SPF, if we are ever on sun holidays (it's been years since we could afford one), I make sure to protect her with Green People Organic Children Sun Cream.  I also got her EQ EVOA lip stick SPF30 so she would have it in her school bag, with the plans to get their purple stick next, but seeing how white it goes on (think chalk white), I quickly changed my mind and went on to get Coola Sports Stick - this came only yesterday, I have say the first impressions of it aren't too great - not only it is three times smaller than I expected it to be, but it is hard to use too - it crumbled rather than glided on once we tried it on the back of our hands. So we will see. I would appreciate your recommendations for kids SPF product! Oh, I forgot, last year we used 100%Pure SPF, the one in the spray can, and although the formula was good, the spray pump broke on me after a couple of days of use. 

Another product that's part of her days daily routine is Moisturising Hand Sanitizer by Bentley Organic - affordable, alcohol free and 93% organic - why, yes please! It actually took us a bit of a time to find it, and we are on our first bottle right now. I should probably explain that she didn't want one to begin with, as she, like all her friends, was using a conventional nasty hand sanitizer at school - try to convince a 5yr old to not touch it! Teacher said it is good because it kills germs, she would argue. Long story short I could talk some sense into her once she saw herself how dry her hands have become from using it, to the point of cracking and peeling - and she would not use any hand cream or a balm I offered. Needless to say I searched high and low for a natural option that would suit both of our needs, she finds it very hard to use spray bottles, and I was looking for one that would not have lavender and preferably tea tree in it - most of the ones I could find were with tea tree oil, and although I understand that tea tree oil is very good at killing germs, I didn't want my child to be the odd one out smelling of it at all times - we all know how cruel kids can be. This ticks all the right boxes, so I am very happy we've found it - and it will probably stay for a long haul with us! Fingers crossed the company never stops making it, because it seems to be my life story - once I find something I like, next thing I know it is gone for good. I should also add that we use the same African Black Soap for washing hands too. 

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I think that's all for this post, I can't think of any other product she uses, although if you are interested, I can tell you her "make up bag" consists of PHB eye shadow, 100%Pure Chiffon blush and lip caramel - and a few 100%Pure brushes as well. I had no intention of giving her those products or her having make up at this young age, but she was gifted a few of those nasty kids make up kits for Christmas and her Birthday, and I was livid with my friends and family for doing so - they knew full well I use only natural products on her, and yet they went on against my will with this. "It was cheap and a good present" was the excuse I got. Gee, thanks guys! It took me weeks of pleading and bribing to finally get her to part with it, and although I can perfectly understand her, what little princess will want to part with such treasures, especially her first ones? So, yeah, judge me all you want - my kid has a "make up bag" but it is natural and non toxic make up. Plus she never leaves the house with it on! I am doing the best I can with resources I have. Did you see those photos of one little girl burned by girl's make up? And I am sure all of us heard horror stories about Claire's Accessories make up contaminated with asbestos! Please never buy those kits for girls, I am begging you!

The only supplements she is taking on the daily basis are KIKI Health Body Biotics For Children 650mg Chewable Tablets - phew, that's a mouthful! Say that three times fast :) We have tried a few different varieties and this is what we've settled on, they taste like glucose, so she takes them without any objections. She also takes Solgar Vitamin C and multivitamins but only on Sickness Season, aka Fall & Winter, as well as Sambucol from time to time, especially if she seems to be going down with cold or flu. If she does get sick, it is taken care in natural ways, you can check out my old post on my natural ways to treat colds and flu here - the remedies and homeopathic medicine remains the same. Plus the post has delightfully bad pictures for you to look at :) I must do an updated version - here.

Oh my, seven to nine products used daily, it turns out my little princess does use more products that I thought she does - but I am very glad none of them will harm her in the long run. By the way, You probably have noticed I didn't include ingredients of each and every product, or it would have turned into two mile post. If You want me to review any of the products in depth, let me know!

So that's all for today, see you here very shortly. Let me know your kiddos favourite products too, I would love to know!

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