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Natural & Organic Empties June 2018

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Natural & Organic Empties - Green Life In Dublin

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So, it is that time of the month again.. No, not that time, silly, empties time :) Every month it goes like this:
Week one - "I used up no products, I will have nothing to talk about this month!"
Week two and three - "Okay, I will have some things to talk about, I see some product coming to an end"
Week four - "Where did all of this came from??"

You can expect mini reviews on each product and of course I will tell you if I am going to repurchase the product or not. Honesty is what sets me apart from other bloggers, and whoever said that - thank You!

Natural & Organic Empties - June 2018

Rose water (edible kind)
This I have been using to wipe my face in the mornings. Good, cheap as chips and of course I am going to repurchase it, have been doing so for ages.


Calia Moisturising Shampoo
This I bought for myself from So Natural Beauty ages ago, and put away to wait its turn. Guess what? Mr Green Life In Dublin have finished the whole bottle before I reached for it! It was neatly tucked away in my stash and everything - and when I said I bought /needed that for review purposes, he smiled ear to ear and pronounced 'tell them it's good'. Long story short, I made him buy ALL Calia shampoos, because the boy had to learn it's lesson! I am testing their Balancing shampoo now.


Tea tree oil
Used for everything from zits, cuts to disinfect. I talked about it in my Top Three Natural Favourites post and I make sure I am never without it.


Extract of wild oregano that I use instead of antibiotics. Another product I make sure I am never without! I also talk about it in my top 3 natural products post, (see the link above) so make sure you read it if you are interested in it :) I also talked about it like a million times since.


Jack N Jill toothpaste
The only toothpaste my 5yr old will use, so yes, it is a repurchase for sure. It is also in my every empties post.


Kingfisher toothpaste
Not too sure if I am going back to this, l am not loyal to my toothpastes. I have TheraNeem one waiting to be open, am using Ecodenta one as we speak and eyeing up a bunch more from Ecco Verde!

Natural & Organic Health & Wellness Empties

Nyr Organic Thyme & Honey Cough Syrup
It is organic and I find it truly works. So I make sure I stock up before every winter.


Udo's Adult Probiotic Blend 17billion
A crucial key in managing my perioral dermatitis! Probiotics are all the rage at the moment, and for a good reason - I could write up a whole blog post on my thoughts on them, but to sum it up I'll say I really feel the difference when I take them vs when I don't. If you only want to take one thing when it comes to supplements, I suggest it's probiotics. That's how much I believe in them.


Mindfull Earth Balancing Aromatherapy mist
Bargain from TKMaxx (have you seen my post on their beauty section yet? It can be found here) - love all things aromatherapy made with natural ingredients and essential oils - if I will see it again, will buy for sure.


100%Pure Maracuja Oil mascaras x2
Hmm. Hmm. Well, I will be frank, this pisses me off - this is fantastic natural mascara that will rival conventional mascaras, and will last you months and months - if you will get a fresh one, that's it! I have been a customer for well over five years now, so I know it should smell of blueberries, or chocolate, depending which one will you go for, black or brown. This one smelled of alcohol once I opened a tube, and irritated my eyes (just like the rest of me, my eyes are very sensitive). Knowing full well mascaras smell of alcohol when they are old, I complained. To be fair 100%Pure sent me a replacement, but guess what - it arrived the same, smelling of alcohol straight up! This is not the first time either, so I am sad to say this is where we part ways. Love the formula but if they can't guarantee consistency, I am out. After all I paid full price for it and it costs like high end product. 100%Pure, if you are reading this, I am happy to send them back as long as you cover the costs.

100%Pure green tea eye masks

Not too sure what to think of them yet, I only tried one from the pack of five - and they irritated my under eyes! After a few minutes my under eye area started heating up and tingling so much that I had to take it of asap! Not too sure what to make of it I tried it again the next day, using the same pair on the different side (yes, I am frugal like that, if I can make a product work harder, I will do exactly that) and the same thing happened! So disappointing!

100%Pure Collagen sheet mask
Now, I found this amazing! Just like Caffeine Sheet Masks, this made my skin red carpet ready - and I wish I had bought 5 of these instead of those green eye masks! I don't think I am going back to the brand anytime soon, and EU stores that carry the brand (that's Naturisimo and Ecco Verde for you) neither have this type of masks. Sigh!

Cannuka soap
Us brand that combines manuka and hemp oil - I will talk about their products very soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested. 

Meadows hand cream

Nice product from an Irish company, I have a review here if you want to see it? This isn't empty, it is changing smell, so I think it is time to replace it. Not getting the same product due to having Chobs one on the way to me - that's the reality of green beauty bloggers, as soon as you are kind of done with one product, an offer comes for the next and you are moving on at such a speed that you almost never go back to the products you had. It does not mean the products are bad in any way, I just wanted to make it clear.


Voya Mama Oil
This I had a pleasure of trying for The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards, and I enjoyed every drop of it - kind of obsessed with luxe body oils at the moment! And yet again, I have a few products lined up.. Blogger's problems, much?

Pure Anada Garden Facial Mist
Facial mist by my favourite Canadian brand - I have a few Pure Anada post on my blog, and for those of you who didn't know, their mineral foundation is my Holy Grail foundation for the last two years running - fullest coverage I have come across! This Garden mist came so in handy in this heatwave - and this was a part of the giveaway we collaborated on, so I hope that the winner enjoyed it as well.

That's all for today lovelies! What have you finished up lately? Please share with me, I would love to know!

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