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What Natural Products Does Mr. Green Life In Dublin Use?

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What Mr Green Life In Dublin uses

Today I wanted to share with you what Mr. Anti Social Media Green Life In Dublin uses in his daily life. A little preview: he is such a macho man that wouldn't use ANY product at all, and when I transitioned to the "green side" many years ago, I was met with a strong resistance for many years. After a few disagreements we resorted to having "his" and "hers" products of every kind, but now I am doing happy dance, because I see that vast majority of the toxic products have vanished from the house.  I gave up arguing and trying to prove my point many years ago and just let him to come to his own conclusions, and he finally saw that "mine" natural products work just as good as their toxic counterparts, and in many cases even better! In the last two years he even started showing interest into natural products, much to my surprise, because up until that point all he used was soap, shampoo and a toothpaste. Yes, not even a moisturiser or shaving cream, nuffing! Even to this day he still does not have the two, and if I want to employ him as a (very unwilling) human test bunny, I have to chase him down to the ground and slap a cream or any other product on some body part. After some grunting and puffing he finally admits that the product was "fine", so I quietly add it to his slowly growing stash. "Fine" is usually what I get for a feedback, and if some product gets "nice", that means I can safely get a product five stars out of five! As you can guess, he is a man of a few words. Heck, he even started reading ingredients on products in the shops, and sourced one rather impressive natural medical cream on his own, so I am rather impressed! I always tell people that they don't have to get chemist degree and try to decripter every single ingredient in products - switching to natural products does not have to be super confusing and daunting task it seems at the beginning, nor you have to carry a list of bad ingredients to avoid - make it simple for yourself and look for ingredients you CAN understand (and pronounce!) and you are on the right track! And the less ingredients the product has, the better in my opinion. So I guess all that has rubbed onto him somehow. And when I once glanced at his chest of drawers and saw a nice little collection growing, I thought to myself it's probably the time to post about it. 

Shall we begin?

Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

This was acquired in a Holland & Barret post Christmas sale, where he took initiative to buy us a few discounted sets of Burt's Bees and DrOrganic products. Nothing of them worked apart this hand cream, so it remains to this day, although I would like him to move on from Burt's Bees - after the company sold to Clorox, it is no longer cruelty free in my mind. (no company is cruelty free if their parent isn't if you ask me). But one thing at a time, and patience is the key here.

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash

This product was the tipping point in him switching to the green side, because this was an exact product that erased his "backne" in a matter of week, whereas it was a persistent problem for years! He wouldn't listed to me when I was telling him the root cause is SLS in his "regular" shampoo, and he was on forever search for the next pill, cream or liquid that would help. Problem sorted itself out when he found himself with no shampoo and had to use whatever was on hand, aka this Burt's Bees one, and lo behold his backne was reduced in half after using it once, and totally gone after second or third use! That quickly made him a convert, and I quietly congratulated myself on winning first battle while doing a happy dance :)

Nyr Men Purifying Face Wash

A newest addition in my husband's arsenal, I got this in my last Nyr order, and hopefully he will like enough to ask for a full size. 

Flying Wild Organic Foot Balm

A product by my favourite Irish company, I have a full review on the products here, but it seems to be discontinued now. I sent an email to the company to ask about it, about a week later still no reply. I will keep you posted on this. My husband and I enjoyed their wonderful hand balm as well (note to myself, get more soon!)

Om Botanical Eczema Relief

This is great for eczema or any kind of skin inflammation - my husband is breaking out in weird places like a back of his head, so he asked if I would have any products that would help with this. One of the things I gave him was this, and he liked it the most. He said it is great in a way that it helps the breakouts heal by reducing inflammation in the area. We are sad to see it coming to an end and he even asked how much the product costs and was sad to learn it came from US, meaning he would get those damned custom charges if he went on to re-purchase it. Wish those pesky charges went away, they drive me crazy! (they more than double the price of the product for the consumer, and the money don't go to the maker of the products either, so the only "winner" in this situation is the middlemen, not brands or people. I talk (rant) more about it here.)

Theraneem Naturals Neem Leaf & Aloe Gel 

This was bought with the intention to replace the product above, but it is no match, nor it helped much with the breakouts. Despite this, I want to try a few more products from the brand. I have my eye on the shampoo and the tooth powder I spied with my little eye. My husband stopped using this product for a while, but now that I see it can be used post shaving, I will move this product to the bathroom to be used up.

Manuka Doctor Manuka & Tea Tree Antiseptic Gel with Propolis

I first discovered the beauty of manuka and tea tree oil gel when I got a sample of it from Living Nature, it worked like magic on blemishes. That product is really wonderful and natural, but also hella expensive, so we compromised on Manuka Doctor, which is only half natural, but also costs a fraction of the price. (Me, I tend to treat those kind of products like they are worth their weight of gold and administer only when needed; my hubby can go through a tube at a blink-and-you-will miss it rate, so it makes sense to go cheaper)

Human & Kind Hand + Elbow + Foot Cream

I received this and a couple of more H&K products for a review and found them too strongly scented for me, so this product found home in my husband's stash. If he decided to repurchase it, it is easily available here, it is by Irish brand after all. 

Puressentiel Articulations & Muscles Massage Gel

This was the product my husband sourced on his own, and I have to say I am proud of him for doing so! I should mention that his is physical job involving a lot of heavy lifting, so his joints are suffering as a result. He has tried almost anything there is to try when it comes to joint products, and his verdict was that this helps far better than any conventional gel on the market. This consists of 14 essential oils in a base of turpentine, which is derived from tree resin. We are onto a second or third jar of it - I feel it will be a repurchase for life here in Casa Green Life In Dublin :)

and one more product that didn't make the cut to the main picture purely because it didn't pass the "aesthetically pleasing" test, but it is a very good product nonetheless, is:

100%Pure Organic Neem Oil

Organic neem oil

I am so so glad this really natural oil is available locally via some health shops - it works wonders on all kinds of skin "boo boos" - it was the only thing that helped with my daughter's diaper rash when she was little (sorry for TMI) and now it is very helpful for Mr. Green Life In Dublin breakouts, so we also constantly have it in the house. This is great for hair too, but one thing to warn you, this smells horrible! Like marinated man's socks or something. Not for everyone. We don't mind the smell because we know how good this stuff is, but if it's your first time using, you might think it is gone off - don't worry, it is supposed to be that way. Give it some time to work it's magic and you will be a convert too.

I guess I should also mention a couple more products that I notice my man steals from me, aka he likes the products, but they are technically mine - that would be Mahalo Balm or Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm, Walden Perfume in A Different Drummer and he uses whatever toothpaste or shower gel I leave in the bathroom, although the only positive comment I got from him was about Dudu-Osun Black Soap - he said he liked the versatility of it and the fact it lathers well. 

So that is all the news I have to report from the dark side! Let me know if you found this post interesting and if you would like to see posts like this in the future?

What is the situation in your house? Do your husbands / boyfriends like using natural products? And if you a man reading this, how natural are you with your routine? Please share with me, I would love to know.

That is all for now,
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Disclaimer: this post features a mix of items bought with our own money, as well as PR products. I am very clear about it in my reviews. No affiliate links here.
Disclaimer II: You can't use my photos or my blog text without my permission. 
Disclaimer III: I hope  the background does not offend anyone. Decided to do something different than pretty picture with flowers in it :)


  1. I've introduced my teenage sons to green beauty. It's quite easy as I'm the one buying the products! They are using Laidbare and Green People. It can be quite hard to find 'masculine' beauty products but both of these brands look unisex x

    1. Thanks for reading dear! Thanks goodness you are setting them on the right path for life, well done <3

  2. I loved the idea of this post! Great One!