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Natural Beauty Series - Meet Lynda from Wonderlusting

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Wonderlusting Lynda

 Another Monday, another post to brighten your start of the week :) I am so happy to present you guys with yet another fabulous Natural Beauty in a form of Wonderlusting Lynda - she is a fellow green beauty (and so much more) blogger, very funny and witty person too. I am always looking forward to her comments on my IG posts, as I know they will crack me up. Food and lipstick lover, she is starting to collect awards for her hard work, so definitely the one to watch. Don't believe me? Just visit her blog and see for yourself - her website and Instagram will be linked at the end of this post. And now let's just enjoy the interview, shall we?

💕 Tell us a bit more about yourself?  Name and where are you from? 
Hi. I'm Lynda living in London. I'm originally from Nigeria and have worked, rested or played on all the continents except for Antartica and Australia! I'm always exploring and discovering hidden little gems and friends would always ask me where I'd found things or for tips on things/places to try. Wonderlusting began as a place to share those things that inspire wonder and lust. If you look at my earlier posts I actually didn't focus on beauty at all! I've been using natural and organic beauty long before the term 'green beauty' existed and because they weren't many green beauty blogs I found people asking me about what I used so I started writing about the wonderful natural products out there.
  💕 How has going natural and non toxic in your beauty regimen changed your overall health and beauty? 

I would say for it's more the other way round. For me actually, beauty products are the last stop on the line.  I have been using natural products for health since I was a teenager. An ex used to call me a witch haha – because I would always have a natural remedy based that worked! Using natural beauty products hasn't changed my overall health, more enhanced as part of overall lifestyle. If you're eating crap, not looking after your mental health etc - beauty products alone aren't going to do much for your health.   

💕 Three things that make you happy?  
Sunshine; plucking perfectly ripe fruit fresh off a tree; invoices getting paid! 

 💕 What is the best advice you've been given? 

"So what if you're ugly?" As a teen I was sobbing about how ugly I was and a neighbour told me "So what?". Does being ugly stop you from having a brain? Smiling? Making friends? Being helpful?  Whenever I'm having an ugly day, which is most days, I remind myself. We all want to look good of course but it's not the most important thing in this world.  

 💕 What are your three (or five) can't-live-without-it beauty products?

This is a very tricky question. In terms of type of products it is oils, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. I know there's a lot of debate about oils but for me and my wannabe crocodile skin they are magic elixirs and I literally couldn't live without them! My top 5 faves are rosehip, jojoba, cacay, argan, tamanu. I will often leave the house without any makeup but without my brows sorted is a big NO. I'm a lipstickaholic (nearly 200 and counting). If I have one minute to get ready I reach for a bold lipstick. It distracts the eye, you can dab a bit on your cheeks and it looks like you have made an effort.  

 💕 Your best DIY recipe? 

I'm not too hot on DIY recipes – I tend to save my DIY for food or house. The thought of applying avocado or honey to my face makes me feel nauseous. Yes I'm weird. However scrubs are something I whip up myself as they're so easy and are zero waste. If you use ground coffee, you have no business buying coffee scrubs! To make a simple scrub, simply mix your coffee grinds with oil of your choice (two thirds coffee to one third oil), mix and voila! I also use sugar and salt as easy peasy scrubs – I literally just add straight to my skin with whatever liquid soap I've applied. 

 💕 What do you like and dislike about yourself? 

I like my ability to see good in people/the world and laugh. Being curious and fascinated by things so it's almost impossible to bore me. Also not being bitter. Recently I was treated really badly by someone. Rather than stewing about it and plotting my revenge, I thought FU. After an afternoon of feeling humiliated and upset, I let it go.  
I dislike that my mind can sometimes have too many open tabs, there's so much going on sometimes and I'm terrible about seeing my achievements.  

 💕 What are you currently reading? 

I'm just about to start 'America's Mistress', an autobiography of Eartha Kitt who I find fascinating.  
(noted - R.) 

 💕 What food do you like to cook/eat? 

NEARLY EVERYTHING! I'm a food obsessed pescatarian and love experimenting hardly ever following recipes.  

*same here - I loove food! Also, following recipes isn't my 
strong point. I joke that I always have the same meal called
"Everything I Had In The Fridge" - just the meal is always different :)

💕 If you were to formulate a natural skincare or beauty product, what it would be? 
The perfect personalised foundation. It's one area that green beauty has a way to go, especially for darker skin tones. I would scan customer's skin to find their exact colour match and also measure whether they need a hydrating or oil minimising finish in liquid, cream or powder. Then it would be mixed there and then in recyclable, refillable packaging so it would be fresh with no waste! Customers would also be able to return their empty packaging to me to re-use.  

(tell me when you are opening this business and I am 
your first customer - R.) 

💕 Your guilty pleasure? 
I don't do guilt very much. On TV shows I love watching which I guess would be called 'guilty pleasures" are 'Cheaters' and 'Judge Judy'.

 💕 Your top tips for being healthy and happy? 

Eat as much real (non processed) food as possible. 
Move – don't have to be a gym bunny. Walk, boogie in your bedroom, do something.  
Be kind. To yourself and others.   
Forget about being 'perfect'. Life would be exceedingly boring if nothing ever went wrong.  
Take social media breaks.  
💕 What scents excite you? 
I'm excited by everything at the moment!  In the past year I've cured myself using natural methods of severe hayfever and it's had a knock on effect of reducing all my allergies including a severe one to most perfume. At its worst I had to change my working hours to not travel during rush hour as I was reacting so badly to people's perfumes and couldn't walk through department store beauty halls. Overall I like woody, citrus and rose. Generally I'm not a fan of sweet gourmand or white florals – though the right blend can change my mind.  
💕 What's your favorite beauty trend at the moment? 
Not really a trend but I'm liking the skin positivity movement. Also bold lipstick. 
💕 What do you do to de-stress? 
Put on music and dance or go for a walk. I get excited about seeing the amazing colours and shapes of nature that I forget about whatever has been stressing me out.  

 💕 Last thing you do at night?  

At the moment I have very bad sleeping habits. I know I should be meditating or journaling but instead the last thing I do is watch crime shows like Law & Order SVU and CSI. Then wonder why my sleep is screwed.  

💕 A few words to Green Life In Dublin readers? 
If you're a reader then you don't need me to tell you what a great corner of the web Renata has created. Honest opinions and useful information can be in short supply. Thank you for having me! x

Natural Beauty Wonderlusting Lynda

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