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Natural Beauty Series - meet Emilie from Eminessences

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Emilie from Eminessences

Today is another exciting day where I want to introduce You to another fabulous boss babe, former beauty blogger who went on to open a fabulous green beauty online store - please step forward Emilie from Eminesseces! We connected via Instagram, where we had chats ranging from green beauty products to Vikings to Peppa Pig (yes, really). You see, Emilie too is a mom, and I admire and have so much respect for her and all women who have the guts to open their businesses that contribute to the better world and manage to juggle it with busy family life. Her online carries so many of wonderful US and other overseas brands, like Earthwise Beauty, Hynt Beauty, Herbivore, Lovinah and so much more. I am really happy she does that, as it means that us, EU residents, can skip those dreaded custom fees we would get if we shopped from outside EU. Her Instagram and online shop will be linked at the end of this post, so shop away if You want to, and don't forget to say hi from me once You are there :) Oh, and many things are available in sample sizes too!

P.s I am waiting for Fitglow Good Lash Mascara to come back in stock, and I am placing an order myself - very curious to compare it to the Inika Long Lash mascara I am currently loving. Plus Pinkibelle from Hynt Beauty is calling my name - so hard! I got the sample with my last order, and I can't stop thinking about it - it must be love! See a sneak preview at the end of this post if You are curious - I feel it will become my signature lipstick once I will get my paws on it πŸ˜‰ Once I'll get it, I'll do an updated lip products post, which has been highly requested - I am working on it, pinky swear!

For now, let's enjoy the interview.


πŸ’• Please introduce Yourself?

I'm Emilie, 33 years old and passionate about organic beauty. I've always worked in beauty industry and in 2012 I started a blog (which doesn't exist anymore). Day after day I was more interested by the ingredients and my organic journey begun with Tata Harper. That's were evrything started.
I had more attenntion on US brands because their compositions are more "completes" more rich. But there was always the customs problem. That's how I decided to create one shop with all my favorite products and share them.

πŸ’• How has going natural and non toxic in your beauty regimen changed your overall health and beauty?

I read a lot of reviews about ingredients and their toxicity. Blogs, internet, books,... I realized how much we're are surrounded by greenwashing and how we're poisoned with conservatives, colorants, ... So I decided to start a new routine with Tata and of course I felt in love.

πŸ’• Three things that make You happy?

My son, my job and my life. I wouldn't change it :-)

πŸ’• What is the best advice You've been given?

Drinking water? It's "clichΓ©" but so true. Water is so important and if you drink a lot, you'll see positives results on your body.

πŸ’• What are Your three (or five) can't-live-without-it green beauty products? Picture please 😊

Very expensive but this the most amazing serum I ever tried. You immediately see a difference. Fine lines disappear, the skin is smoother. I will definitely purchase it again!

This mask makes a difference for your skin. It gives an instantly glow, the skin is more clear and puffiness around the eye gone. If you don’t have a sensitive skin you should try it.


I have a light skin tone but this bronzer is perfect to give a sunglow with a natural way. I tried many organic bronzers but this one is so far the best for light skin. 

πŸ’•  Your best DIY recipe?

Body scrub with coffee beans and coconut oil. Cheap and works amazing.

πŸ’• What do You like and dislike about yourself?

I like my kindness but it's not always a quality. Physically, I like my mouth but hate my nose.

πŸ’• Your proudest achievement?

Definitely my son. I didn't know it's possible to love someone so much.

πŸ’• What are You currently reading?

Nothing for the moment. Between work and a baby, I don't have a lot of time and if I do, I prefer to sleep. 

πŸ’• What food do You like to cook/eat?

Energy ball. A blend of nuts and raw cacao powder. Healthy and delicious. Otherwise I love a slice of bread (gluten-free) with avocado, green onions and salmon.

πŸ’• If You were to formulate a natural skincare or beauty product, what it would be?

Makeup and specially lip products (gloss or lipstick). I love that even if I’m always wearing the same kind of colour. But I can’t go out without lipstick. I feel « naked »

πŸ’• Your guilty pleasure?

Ice coffee. I'm totally addicted. I try to stop dairy but it’s too delicious. I like cheese as well.

πŸ’• Your top tips for being healthy and happy?

Once again, drinking water, avoid cereals, avoid eating proteins and carbs in the same meal (it's like a bomb in your guts), doing what you really love to be in peace with yourself.

πŸ’•  What scents excite You?

Bergamot in top notes of a perfume and I’m in love . It reminds me of holidays.

πŸ’•  What is Your mantra in life? 

Do not compare yourself to anyone. 

πŸ’• Favorite affirmation if You have one?

I can do it, don’t give up.

πŸ’• What's Your favorite beauty trend at the moment?

Highlighter but it's not at the moment. It's since a long time haha.

πŸ’• Once an week for my health...

I swim.

πŸ’• Crazy health idea that actually works?

Eating psyllium. High in fiber, it helps the transit to work better.

πŸ’• What do You do to de-stress?

A long and warm shower... and apply a mask.

πŸ’• Last thing you do at night?

Checking my mails and social medias. Not good before sleeping but it’s important for my job.

πŸ’• Tell us a secret!

I love eating raw food. It’s not my diet but when I’m cooking I eat raw potatoes, raw beef... It’s weird I know haha.

πŸ’• A few words to Green Life In Dublin readers?

Thank you for reading! And thank you Renata for inviting me :-) It’s always a pleasure to share some tips. Take care of you.

I hope You enjoyed this interview as much as I did! I have done the whole series of them so far, and You can find them all in this FB album here. Feels so good to share the green beauty love xo

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