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Natural Beauty Series - Meet Naturally Keri

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Naturally Keri

Do You guys recognize this beautiful face? Why, yes it is our own Naturally Keri - a sweet soul behind NaturallyKeri.com and a creator of The Greenly Guide - a searchable clean living directory you can search 500+ brands for products you need, and it is all free for us to use! She used to have a Youtube channel as well (which I have followed from the very start and watched all videos, no less) but she decided to move on to blogging with more varied content.

💕 Tell us a bit more about yourself? 

My name is Keri and I am from Michigan! I am a mom to the sweetest 4 year old girl and the feistiest little 5 month old boy, and I am married to the greatest man in the world for going on seven years!  Like many women, my green beauty journey began about 5 years about when I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  What I ate and put on my skin became so important, and I was shocked at what I found when I started researching the ingredients in my personal care and beauty products.  From then on I went green and haven't looked back!  I decided to start my YouTube, Instagram and blog (Naturally Keri) to document my journey and share with others who were just starting out - it is such a great platform to connect with and learn from other like minded individuals!

💕 How has going natural and non toxic in your beauty regimen changed your overall health and beauty?

I have definitely experienced a change in that I feel better about what I am putting on my skin.  Since starting to use natural and organic products, particularly skincare, I can honestly say that my skin has never looked as good as it does now.  It also makes me so happy that I have made this change so my daughter will grow up watching me and learning about safer non-toxic products.

💕 Three things that make you happy?

My family, Disney World and cupcakes.

💕 What is the best advice you've been given?

One of the things that has stuck with me is when things aren't going well, or you're feeling frustrated or stressed out, think of three things you are grateful for.  It always helps me to put things in perspective.

💕 What people inspire you?

I'd have to say my parents are the most inspirational people to me.  They are the strongest most selfless people I have ever known. Both have gone through cancer, but they never stopped giving of themselves or supporting myself and others = they always put their family first and I aspire to live my life like they do.

💕 What are your three (or five) can't-live-without-it beauty products? Pic please!

Oh, this is a tough one!  I'd say, for makeup, my absolute favorites are the Root Pearl Powder Foundation as well as their pressed eye shadows.  For skincare, the Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask and my worker B Raw Honey Face Wash are two of my top must-haves!


💕 Your best DIY recipe?

I don't do many beauty DIYs, but I do make all of my own cleaning products - I think my best DIY is my tub cleaner which is made with just baking soda, castile soap and essential oils!  It works as good if not better than my old Soft Scrub cleaner used to!

💕 Your proudest achievement?

Might be a cheesy answer, but my kids!  Having the opportunity to raise these little ones and watch them grow and thrive makes me feel prouder than anything else ever has.

*Not cheesy at all - every single Natural Beauty has said the same! I happen to agree - Renata.

💕 What are you currently reading?

Children's books!  haha  Unfortunately, reading, one of my favorite hobbies, took a huge hit when I had children. It's something I am actively trying to make more time for because I miss getting lost in a good story! The last thing I did read though was one of the Harry Potter books, which I will forever love. I used to re-read the entire series at least once every year!

💕 What food do you like to cook/eat?

I love to cook and eat all types of Mexican food!  It is usually quick and easy to make (I love this part so my family can have more time together playing vs in the kitchen cooking) and it's SO yummy!  I eat a primarily vegan diet and  I would have no probably eating a bowl full of brown rice, black beans, cauliflower-pecan 'meat', salsa and avocado every single night!

💕 Tell us a bit more about the Greenly Guide?

The Greenly Guide was born out of my own frustrations when I was transitioning my products to natural and non-toxic.  I felt completely overwhelmed and had a hard time keeping straight all of the products and brands I was learning about and finding through blogs and social media.  I had compiled several lists and kept wishing I could organize all of that information and keep it in one place so I could go back to things more easily.  So, I decided to create this free searchable resource to help people easily find brands that carry the types of products they are looking for.  I also included information on subscription boxes, shops, bloggers and resources to learn more about ingredients so that hopefully if someone is new to this world of green beauty, this will help to make the transition a little easier and less overwhelming.

💕 Your guilty pleasure?

The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows!  I don't know why I keep watching, but every season, I somehow find myself tuning in every week! LOL

💕 Your top tips for being healthy and happy?

I think everything in moderation is what works best for me in regards to health.  I am not overly strict with my diet, but strive to do my best and eat organic and clean, but I also don't beat myself if I have a craving for a huge slice of pizza or a dessert! 

💕 What scents excite you?

Lavender is definitely one of my favorite scents, as it brings me to a peaceful place almost immediately.  Also, every product in the Leahlani Skincare range smells incredible and makes me SO happy!  Her products just speak to me in a way no others do.  The scents have a way of relaxing me and making me feel happy.

💕 What's your favorite beauty trend at the moment?

I honestly don't really follow beauty trends much, as I have never been a person who is into trends, but I love that a more minimalist style is becoming more popular, especially in regards to makeup, because I have always liked to keep things very easy and simple - especially now with a 4 year old and an infant, the 'no makeup makeup' look is a go to anytime I wear makeup!

💕 3 resources every girl needs..

A support system of family and friends around you who love you and believe in you, a library card, because nothing compares to an endless supply of books at your disposal (I much prefer hard copy over digital!) and a passport!

💕 Once an week for my health...

At least once a week, if not more, I like to make an effort to get outside.  There is something about fresh air and nature that melts away my stress and anxiety and brings me back to a calmer place.

💕 Crazy health idea that actually works?

Coconut oil...for everything. 

💕 What do you do to de-stress?

Face masks are my biggest source of de-stressing and self care. There is something about applying a face mask, and the ritual that goes along with it - it just makes me feel like I am doing something special for myself.  Even sometimes I will apply a face mask in the morning when my kids are awake instead of in the evening after they are in bed, and it still makes me feel like I am sneaking in a little time for myself which makes me feel good.

💕 Last thing you do at night?

Look at the baby monitors to check on the kiddos :)

💕 Tell us a secret!

I eat little desserts or treats in secret during the day when my kids are napping so I don't have to share!  haha

💕 A few words to Green Life In Dublin readers?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read more about me and thank you so much to sweet Renata for featuring me!  

Naturally Keri and her beautiful children

Isn't she the sweetest? I urge You to to go on and check her out, and I am sure You guys will love her as much as I do. Don't forget to say hello from me while You are there :)

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