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ISUN Skincare Soothing Relief Balm Review

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ISUN Skincare Soothing Relief Balm

Isun Skincare is a line I have become truly enamoured with. As I use it more and learn more, I am amazed. The mission of this company is a noble one close to my beliefs. Bunnie Gulick has founded a company with skincare that will truly change your routine, and I am really happy it is available on our shores too. Let's look at the Isun mission:

To create true, high performance products in harmony with nature and our bodies that do no harm. To produce the most advanced, highest integrity wildcrafted organic and natural skin care products teeming with life and energy, for the purpose of restoring, rejuvenating and giving pure vitality to one’s skin, senses, health and total well-being.

You may have read two reviews of ISUN Skincare products I have posted already, and what's more, I was very excited to partner with ISUN Skincare UK for a giveaway, which was happening on my Instagram page, so make sure to follow mine and the brand's pages as not to miss out. Psst, there are more to come, so stay tuned! Spoiler alert much? Might be so, but everyone loves giveaways, don't we?

ISUN Skincare was the only skincare line I took away with me when I went away for a month, and I am happy to say it worked great and my skin was happy and clear. Over time I will review all the products I own, which are Chlorella Algae Mask, Coco Cucumber Cleanser, Saphire facial oil, Peptide Eye Cream, Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant and you can see my thoughts on wonderful serum that is Emerald Sun Hydrosol here. I am so happy and blown away by the whole range, and needless to say I want to try everything!

Today we will look into Soothing Relief Balm more closely. It is intended for all skin types, especially beneficial for sensitive and hyper-sensitive skin (hello, me!) It has multiple uses for it and I will touch on it in just a second. Description says "A
soothing, calming and cooling balm that supports rapid and effective repair of inflamed and sensitive skin conditions while it moisturises and protects tissues. Gives a feeling of immediate relief from burns, bug bites, plant stings while it provides healing to irritated or damaged skin". I agree with all of it! To me it is worth it is weight in gold as it saved my skin (and my daughter's skin) multiple times. Even though most of us tend to associate and use balms in winter to protect our skin from harsh conditions, I think this is a great summer product too, as it heals, soothes and cools the skin. Great for burns, stings, seasonal allergies or as after sun product. You will get 50ml of product in dark Miron glass jar.

Shall we look into ingredients?

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil; Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, Calendula officinalis (calendula) flower extract, Chamomilla recutita (chamomile) flower extract, Symphytum officinale (comfrey) root extract, Lavandula intermedia (lavender) flower extract, Azadirachta indica (neem) leaf extract, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) leaf extract, Centella asiatica (gotu kola) leaf extract, Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, Helichrysum arenarium (helichrysum) flower extract, Urtica dioica (nettle) leaf extract, Olea europaea (olive) leaf extract, Plantago major (plantain) leaf extract; Rosa damascena (rose) distillate; Beta-glucan (oat-derived); Glycerin; Cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit water; Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf; Ozokerite (mineral wax); Helichrysum arenarium (helichrysum) flower extract; Populus tremuloides (aspen) bark extract; Tocopherols (vitamin E); Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl glucoside (vegetable wax); Xanthan gum; Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil; Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid concentrate); Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf (concentrate); Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract.

Let's look into some of the ingredient's effect on the skin, shall we?

Virgin Coconut Oil

Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial antioxidant with regenerating and moisturising properties.
Effect - calms, cools, repairs, moisturises, purifies and protects skin. Provides natural sun protection and has a natural coconut aroma.

Beta Glucan 

Stimulates fibroblast cells and collagen. Supports skin’s own immune system against bacteria, free radicals and UV rays.
Effect - firms, soothes and hydrates skin. Reduces sensitivity and promotes healthy, clear skin.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera has been used for a host of purposes since the ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality.” 
Effect - it acts as a moisturiser, treats sunburn, acne, fights aging, helps with skin inflammation and so much more. 

Cucumber Water
It is a well known remedy for sunburned skin, which is equally beneficial for eczema and reducing inflammation. 

As you can see, it is coconut based product, but it didn't cause me any breakouts or other trouble, while straight up coconut oil does. There is something magical in this formula, and it gives me confidence to try more coconut based face products, whereas in the past I used to avoid them like plague. As you can clearly see, the ingredients are all natural and gorgeous - from what I can tell, all ISUN Skincare products are truly natural and wonderful, and I came to trust this brand 100%. If they came out with a new product and gave it to me to test without disclosing it's ingredients, I would happily accept it, as I could guarantee it wouldn't have anything in it that would be harmful to the skin. This brand is a rare gem in today's market full of greenwashing products. Obviously check for any ingredients you might be allergic to.

This was the product I got the most use out of while away and I will tell you why exactly. It came in handy on multiple occasions and I took it away with me everywhere. Because of the climate change my skin went a bit haywire in the first couple of days, and the normal skincare wasn't working or helping much, and accidentally glutening myself on my first day didn't help either. So I reached for this balm and it worked like magic. All my angry red splotches were greatly diminished in just a couple of hours. My skin was almost back to normal the next day, when normally it takes nearly a week for it to calm down, so I was really chuffed I took this balm away with me. After that I made sure to avoid all the foods I should avoid and apply Soothing Relief Balm as a part of night skincare routine, and my skin was happy! You can use this balm post sun too, and all three of us, my mom, kid and myself made sure to do so after sun exposure.
Another area where the balm really came in handy was on my daughter's legs, she got bitten by bugs on her legs badly (and her constant scratching made it so much worse) so after applying some natural antiseptic I treated the skin with this wonderful soothing balm, and it provided fast relief. 
I must admit I forgot my hand cream, and I certainly didn't want to buy anything non natural, so I used this balm as a hand cream every night too, and my hands were so so soft. I think this balm is perfect all rounder and as you can use it so many different ways, it is worth every penny in price. Not to mention it's all natural gorgeous ingredients of course!

Get it from ISUN Skincare UK

Also available from Dutch Health Store 

So that is my post for today. Have you tried this product or any other ISUN product? What are your thoughts on them? Please share, I really want to know.

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