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Natural Make Up Reviews. Links Galore

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Natural and Organic Make Up Reviews

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So there I was, working on a review of really natural lipsticks, and as I was finishing it, I thought of linking all the other make up related review posts at the end, and to my surprise the list was huge - I didn't realise until that moment I'd build up quite a content, so instead of adding three metres of links at the end of each make up post, I will make a separate post or Links Galore if you will. After doing any new make up review I will come back to this post to add an additional link to it, so you can find it all in one place. How does that sound to you? 

So if you fancy an in depth review of each brand or product, you can click on any of these links and it will take you to the related post. And don't forget I also created Green Beauty Swatch Galleries on my Facebook page and Pinterest as well, so please feel free to check those out as well. Link Galore indeed :)

Both are constantly updated.

In no particular order here we are:
 ✅ Luk Beautifood Lipsticks (and interview with the founder) 

 ✅ Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review

 ✅ Zao Organic Make Up Review

  Red Apple Lipstick Review

✅ Jane Iredale Review

✅ Lily Lolo BB Cream Review

✅ Lily Lolo Mascara Review

✅ Living Nature Illuminating Foundation

✅ 100%Pure Pretty Naked II Review

✅ 100%Pure Luminous Primer Review

✅ 100%Pure Gemmed Lip Glosses Review

✅ 100%Pure Mascaras Round Up Review

✅ Purely You Minerals Review

✅ Pure Anada Mineral Makeup Review

✅ Maias Minerals Review (Maias Mineral Galaxy)

✅ Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer

✅ Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Review

✅ My thoughts on Kjaer Weis Organic Foundation

✅ AnnMarie Skincare Mineral Foundation

✅ Couleur Caramel Make Up Review

✅ My Everyday Make Up or 5 Minutes Face

✅ DIY Master Multasker & Lip/Cheek Multiple

✅ Natural Nars Orgasm Dupes - Over 20 Alternatives!

✅ 2016 Best Products

✅ English Mineral Make Up Review

✅ Zuii Organics 

✅ My Morning Routine featured on No More Dirty Looks 2016

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So that's it for today, my round up of reviews, hope you will find it useful? I do think it will be more efficient to leave a link to this post at the end of any of my new posts than leave a list of links over and over again - eventually it will get longer than the review post and the last thing I want is to annoy you in this way. When the time comes I will do the same for skincare, and bodycare and haircare will be lumped together - I am very minimal with both so they will go into one place.

*Update a few weeks later. The posts are ready and I will link them here for your convenience :)

All my skincare posts can be found here

Body and hair care links live here.

Diy inclined? You will enjoy this post.

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