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Love Lula Beauty Box August 2017

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Love Lula Beauty Box August 2017

So after a little break from blogging and social media, I am back with a smile on my face and ready to blog, blog, blog! It's what I love doing, and I hope you enjoy it too.

In today's post we will look what's in latest Love Lula beauty box, shall we? It feels like a treat each month, doesn't it? I know I always look forward to mine! And I love how much thought and effort Love Lula team are putting into it - the products tend to be one or more of these characteristics -cruelty-free, vegan, natural ingredients, organic, ethically sourced etc. Speaking of taking the guesswork off your shoulders!

Beauty Brews Bliss Tea

Talk about perfect timing! I was bored of all my usual teas and wanted to try something different, so I was chuffed to see this. Organic teas are always appreciated at my house, so thank you Love Lula! I never bought Beauty Brews tea before, so it is my first time trying the brand, and I have to say I love what's brand all about - natural teas sans fillers and bleached tea bags are up my alley, and from what I looked around, this brand is great - Beauty Brews is dedicated to sourcing the finest organic teas that combine tried and tested ingredients into delicious blends, each with a specific flavour combination to help you enjoy moments of harmony, peace and beauty that help bring mind, body and soul into natural balance. The health benefits of natural teas such as green tea and rooibos tea have been known throughout the ages. In addition to these healing properties, herbal teas can also improve mental and spiritual well-being and create the setting for mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing.

Very true! Almost all problems can be sorted with a good cuppa :) Everybody got different flavors, I got Bliss and I really love it. Want to try more teas from this brand now.

Balm Balm Camomile floral water

Another item I am really happy to see in this box as it was on my wishlist! Now I get to try a mini version of it, how cool. Fingers crossed it will good, and I have a feeling my dry and sensitive skin will love it. After all, camomile is one of the most soothing things for your skin, and my skin definitely needs soothing right now. Scent is a bit strong and not what I expected though.

PHB Eyeliner in brown

Love Lula, how did you know I am in the market for a great natural eyeliner? We got PHB mascara (which I love) in the last month's box, and now we get an eyeliner. I only ever wear black eyeliner, so I wasn't super keen on brown, but I will happily test the formula and staying power. I will try it on my brows too.

As I happen to live outside of UK, they couldn't send
Glossworks 3in1 top coat and nail polish unfortunately, so instead I got:

Love Lula Beauty Box

Glossworks cuticle oil

This came in a really nice hefty glass bottle with a luxe feel to it, and after using only once, I can tell you that first impressions are good, the oil is lightweight and sinks in quickly. Really natural and minimal ingredients too.

Ooh! - Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil Travel Size

That's a mouthful, isn't it? Anyway, this looks promising, the description says that it contains 50% more vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than Argan Oil as well as 3 times more Retinol than Rose Hip Oil, giving it powerful anti-aging power. It is a fast absorbing, odourless, dry oil that leaves no residue. I will keep you updated.

So, I am really happy to start playing with the new goodies. Err, testing, I mean testing! They ship worldwide, and at the price is 13.95£ is is one of the best value boxes around! I mean you constantly get two or more full size products each month, and the sample sizes are always deluxe samples, allowing you to get a good feel of the product. And let's not forget, you get 20% off of the brands featured each month too! 13.95£ is a monthly recurring price for UK and for us international gals there are two options of three months (52.50£) or a year (210£) including post and packaging. Green beauty boxes are a great way to discover new items you might have missed otherwise, and I love that anything coming from LoveLula is cruelty free and guaranteed not to have any toxic ingredients - they have very strict criteria for any product they accept, and that is taking the guesswork off your shoulders. Another thing they recently started doing, is selling off the remains of their previous boxes, and at a very good prices too, so keep your eyes peeled if you fancy buying one off boxes.

         You can subscribe to Love Lula box here.

             Or shop LoveLula website here.

What beauty boxes are you guys subscribed to? What is your favourite products discovered this way? Please share, I really want to know. Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. I loved organic tea from Beauty Brews as well and it's a shame that some bloggers were actually disappointed with it. I think they are a great brand! I had similar thoughts about Balm Balm's floral water, was excited to try it but slightly disappointed with the scent (forgot to mention that on my blog though!) - it is a bit strong scent indeed and not exactly like chamomile tea!

    1. Many thanks for reading Petra! Well, many of us are used to teas with some additives to it like flavour enhancers, so that might be the reason some people didn't like it? Organic teas are different, and I happen to love it, and I am glad you love it too. I am certainly Bliss-ed out ever since <3

  2. I love the eyeliner (and usually wear brown or grey) so was very pleased with it. I'm also a fan of the teas. I got Energy but also love Poise. I also wasn't keen on the chamomile floral water.