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Green Beauty Empties January 2018

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Green Beauty Empties Jan 2018

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How are you all doing? Hope all is well and no one is sick? I am so fed with winter, I can't even tell you, but I think that's all of us, right? Spring and summer, hurry up please!
As I mentioned in my Shop My Stash #4 blog post,  after much of mulling over it, I have decided to skip my November and December Empties posts, because in the December there seemed no good time to fit in Empties posts when all of us were doing all sorts of festive and fun stuff in the run up to Christmas; so talking about my rubbish, seemed well, rubbish! Then the January went by like a blur, and now I find myself with January empties to talk about, and too much of a hassle to catch up on those two missed months. So I have decided to wipe the slate clean and start again with January and leave the last year's rubbish in the last year. I hope you won't mind? It's not that I am obliged to talk of them, it's probably just me putting unnecessary pressure on myself. I am in the habit of putting those kinds of posts out by now, and every time I think of typing 3k+ words for something I'd finished ages ago, seemed like a chore I kept putting off like forever. So let's make a deal, I will put a pictures at the end of this post, and if there will be a product you will want my feedback on, you will ask about it ok? December only, as I seem to have deleted November's photo already. Whoops! I always answer questions about products on my social media anyways. And I have decided to stop talking about samples, especially sachet samples - it is too much of typing for uncertain reasons. I wouldn't mind if I had extra time on my hands, but I don't, so something has to give. I am very glad my blog keeps growing and growing at a steady pace (steady, because I don't buy followers and never will) but it also means it is becoming more like a full time job without the pay. I am most likely to be checking emails at 7am and answering people's requests for recommending products via DMs at 11pm. I think I need to manage my time better. And I need to think about the empties posts too, not feeling them at the moment, but I also think it is important to show that products I really use and review are the same products. So, shall we start for this month?

Mahalo Balm

Original review on some Mahalo goodies can be found here, and I have to be honest, although I loved this product, I haven't repurchased it, and here is why - I found Rare Indigo balm so much better for my dermatitis prone skin, so I went on to invest in a full size of it, despite the fact it has less product for more money. If you have no skin issues and are looking for a fantastic artisan balm, this might be the one for you. But please try to obtain a sample first, as Mahalo is a pricy brand, out of my budget if I am honest, and that's why I only invested in one of the products and not all. I'll get all off them the minute I will come into money, haha! 

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

It was a sad day when I ran out of this amazing shampoo! Easily one of the best natural shampoos I have tried to date, it has made it into my 2017 Favourites, and definitely the one for repurchasing. Review & link to it if you are curious. Another pricy product, not going to lie, but after trying so many natural shampoos that just don't work (and thus having many years of bad hair days) I am ready to drop the cash on it. And hide it from my family. What? That's parenting done right as far as I am concerned :) 

Dafna Personalised Skincare Velvet Glow Facial Mist

Absolutely gorgeous gift from Dafna herself, along her Nutrition Night Cream, which I am yet to try. Review to come in a few weeks. Thanks Dafna, I really appreciate it. Really gorgeous natural ingredients, no less. Will come back to this.

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Hand Cream 

A favourite for years, this is probably the third tube of it I've used. NYR has a special place in my heart, and I intend to blog so much more about them, but never get around to doing it, and that's a shame on my part. I really enjoy numerous products from this brand, and I love the fact they have everything! And I mean everything - from skincare to make up, to supplements to essential oils too - one stop shop for everything, and all natural too. I am a customer for well over three years now and keep coming back. If you live in Ireland, UK, France or Germany, you can shop my NYR page (if you want to, of course, no hard push) and all my green beauty sistas from other countries, seek out a rep in your area. One little tip from me, check out their Thyme Cough Syrup - the only thing that works for my family, so so good! Organic too! I stock up every winter. 

Wabi Sabi Botanicals Akaliko Facial Oil

So sad for two reasons - firstly, this product was so good, and stupidly I let it sit for too long, and it expired on me! I bought it of someone from Instagram, and I was assured it was fresh, but when I came to use it, it smelled too much like vegetable oil, a surefire way to tell it has gone off. The very few times I used it a couple of months back, I adored it, and it seemed so good for my sensitive skin, it seemed so much brighter and plump and soft. Even my dermatitis patch showed no reactions, which is very rare. Silly me for savouring and saving it! Second reason I am sad is because the brand seems to have scraped all the products they had before and came out with the whole new like of them, which seems a bit odd to me, but there is nothing I can do about it either. Seems like I will have to scrap my review of their products too, as I still have and use their Budhi Eye Nectar, as well as cleansing grains and a toner mist. No point of putting together a review of product that neither you nor I will be able to repurchase.

Meadows Revitalising Face Serum

This is a facial oil from a new-and-coming Irish brand, and I intend to review it very soon, so stay tuned! 

Balm Balm Organic Frankincense Hydrosol

This came from Love Lula Beauty Box, and I loved it a lot! Frankincense essential oil is a favourite in our house, and I was so curious about the hydrosol too. It is beautiful, and despite not loving the scent so much, I loved the effects of it. Given this is a brand of the Love Lula owners themselves and it is 100% organic, I can be sure it is a best quality there is. Definitely repurchasing it. Get it from Love Lula or Balm Balm

                                  Wellness Empties:

Green Beauty Wellness Empties

Terra Nova Cordyceps

Manuka Honey 250ml (not pictured)

A.Vogel Echinaforce Cold & Flu Oral Drops

Sambucol for kids

Magnesium Oil DIY in a recycled NYR bottle

Tangerine essential oil 

 Revitin Toothpaste

I talk about everything apart Revitin prebiotic toothpaste in my old post called "My Natural Arsenal Against Cold & Flu" - you might want to check it out for some other natural remedies and homeopathic remedies I always have a hand in winters. Delightfully bad pictures too, only showing my blogger struggles in winters sans proper sunlight. Cordyceps is a new addition, but seeing how well it helps me not to get sick, I intend to keep it up. 
Tangerine oil was bought from Holland & Barrett, but I will get it from my Neal's Yard Remedies shop next. Revitin toothpaste review will be out soon.

Natural & Organic Empties

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down below. I feel freed by my decision not blog about every sample that comes my way, because for one, you can imagine how much time it takes, for two, if I haven't invested in a full size, what's the point, right?

What have you finished lately? I want to know!

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    1. Thanks for reading beautiful! Hope life is treating you well xo