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My Love Lula Must Haves

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my Love Lula must haves

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Today I am coming at you with the best products from Love Lula that I've tried to date. I can really recommend them - tried and tested by willing human bunny, aka me :) Most of them have separate reviews, but not all, so I will make sure to explain why I like them, and I will link the reviews back to this post once I will publish them. Shall we get started? In no particular order here are my best products from Love Lula:

green life in dublin
Rahua Voluminous Shampoo 

💕 Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

This was the first thing I chose when I joined LLABP blogger family, and I am so glad I did! You see, this shampoo and brand were on my radar for the longest time ever, but I was hesitant to try this due it's high price tag. Oh boy, how wrong I was - for the six months I had it (yes it lasts that long) I had a shiny bouncy hair, with zero flakiness or itching so many other shampoos give me. I am finally out of it, and went on to try some other shampoo that everybody in the green beauty community seems to love, but my scalp is having none of it - so Rahua it is for me! I have a full review on it here and I am looking forward to having Rahua back into my life. As long as I hide it from my family, I am good. What? It is parenting done right as far as I am concerned! I give them everything, can I have just one thing for myself? Besides, doesn't every household have that "Pricy Mom's Shampoo That You Can't Touch"? Yep, that's what I am talking about! Besides all four of us have different hair and there is no shampoo that would suit us all, so I don't feel too bad having it all to myself. Good hair days, here I come :)

green life in dublin
DrHauschka Rose Day Cream

💕 Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream

My skin absolutely adores this face cream! So much that I repurchased it five times in the last year alone, so let this be the testament of how much I love it. My skin is always happy, plump and supple when I use it, not to mention protected from harsh weather in the autumn and winter, due to the nourishing butters and oils in it. It takes quite a while to sink in, so it is not your average apply-n-go moisturizer, but I am putting up with it, because I know full well my skin will look and feel amazing afterwards. I have a review of it here, and I can highly recommend it to anyone with dry and dermatitis prone skin - I know my breakouts are far and in between when I use it. It makes me want to stick with this product forever and not to test any more products in the future. Coming from a blogger, that's huge, trust me :)

💕 Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel

After using only tea tree oil on all kinds of skin boo-boos, I finally upgraded to this wonderful product, which has manuka honey and tea tree oil in it. While tea tree oil is wonderfully antiseptic and antimicrobial too, it must not be applied on the skin around pimple, because it burns. This product is way better than tea tree oil alone, as manuka honey has a myriad of healing properties to it too, so it makes the perfect marriage between the two. And, before you ask, no, it is not sticky at all - it has sort of jelly texture, that dries down and protects the skin throughout the day. Pricy, so I treat it like gold and hide it from Mr. Green Life In Dublin, who uses stuff at blink-and-you-will-miss-it rate. What? We share everything, can I have just two products all for myself, please? (that would be this and Rahua shampoo).

green life in dublin
Dudu Osun African Black Soap

💕 Dudu Osun African Soap

This is really natural bar of soap that my whole family loves. Let me tell you why - it is made from sustainable ingredients (shea butter and ash from cocoa pods, anyone?), it works really well and does not dry out the skin; it lasts well, even when used by four people; and it is packaged in only cardboard box, which means it is a zero waste product. Fabulous or what? A re-purchase in my house over and over again, for sure. Review can be found here.

💕 Inika Highlighting Creme

I have to admit this wasn't a love at first sign. You see, despite the huge highlighting trend that's happening for a few years now, I didn't get into it until the last couple of years or so. So when I received it among some other Inika products for a review, it had to wait it's turn to get my attention. Boy, how I minced my words - it makes any make up look ten times more fabulous! Not too pink and not too golden in undertone, just the right balance between the two. Does not have chunky glitter in it, just a slight shimmer when you look at it straight from the tube, but, it looks beautiful on the skin. You look glowing, lit-from-within kind of glow. What I like the most about it, is that stays on all day on me - you have to blend fast, as it dries quite quickly, but when it does, it does not move all day, until you are ready to take it off at the end of the day. And did I mention you need the tiniest amount of it?

💕 Inika Long Lash Mascara

I am on my third tube, and that's what I used for the last six to nine months to date. It is amazing! Great ingredients, vegan, does not smudge or flake on me, which is big pet peeves in mascara for me; gives great length - what's not to like? I wish Inika would come out with volume mascara, but for now I am content with this and I don't plan to change a thing for a foreseeable future.

💕 Inika Mineral Bronzer in Sunkissed

Um, can you see how much I love Inika as a brand? I really ought to review it soon! I have quite a number of things, but for my Top Three Best I chose the ones you see here, including this bronzer, simply because that's what I use most frequently, not because other product's aren't good. Just like Inika's blushes, the bronzer is very pigmented, so you definitely need very little of it. This is my second favourite bronzer of all times, and I was so happy to score it for free when Love Lula had an amazing deal on Inika a while ago - you got a free full size bronzer with an Inika purchase over 25£. Sweet or what? I suggest you keep an eye for that, as they frequently have deals like that. And I love the fact that you can get everything you want from one stop shop, Love Lula. The only I wish they would carry again is Peachy Keen blush, which was one of my first ever green beauty buys from Love Lula back in 2014, but sadly it is not a part of the stock when Inika came back to Love Lula. It is a gorgeous natural Nars Orgasm dupe type of blush, and it is also probably my most favourite green beauty product ever! Seriously, it makes me smile every time I wear it :) Don't forget to check out my 20+ natural dupes for Nars Orgasm post (here).

green life in dublin
Walden A Different Drummer Natural Perfume

💕 Walden A Different Drummer Natural Perfume

Oh, what a happy day it was when the delivery guy handed me a box with this perfume. I didn't know it back then, but it was the day I discovered one of three my favourite natural perfumes! Made from only the finest natural absolutes, resins and essential oils Walden Perfumes are named after Henry David Thoreau’s seminal work Walden. The book - part meditation, part handbook for simple living in natural surroundings - has inspired countless readers and Walden Natural Perfumes are proud to walk in his footsteps. And I am really sure this A Different Drummer Perfume will be featured as my favourite for many years to come. With notes of sandalwood, tobacco, vanilla and black pepper, how can it not be? I will let you know into one little secret - I am one of that rare breed of females who loves wearing men's perfume, and often layer two different scents. A Different Drummer is perfect unisex scent, so you can safely gift is to any man in your life too. If you aren't too sure, Walden has a sampler set. And if you want to read more, here's my review on it.

💕 Hurraw Moon Lip Balm

All Hurraw lip balms are favourites in Green Life In Dublin Casa for the last six or seven years, and I have tried every single one except cherry, because that kind of tint wouldn't suit me. I chose Moon balm over any other of them, because that is the one balm I have to have every single night, no matter what season it is. It has a different texture than the rest of Hurraw balms, and also better staying power, and lovely vanilla scent to it. In winter this becomes my day lip balm, because I find it great at protecting my lips from harsh environment, while all the other Hurraw balms are on heavy rotation for the rest of the year. I also suggest you get their Sun Protection SPF15 Lip Balm too. So often we forget to put SPF product on our lips, when in fact that is one of the thinnest parts of your skin. Take care of it.

💕 Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser - SPF30

Despite no proper review on this product yet, this is a third tube of it I am getting. I find it works great, but please bear in mind we haven't got nice and hot summers for the last few years here in Ireland, so I haven't got a chance to test it's SPF claims properly, and that is the reason I haven't reviewed it yet. So here is a short version of it here - it is not a sunblock, it is a moisturizer with SPF in it, so I wouldn't rely on it for the beach holiday or when I would know I would be out in the sun all day. But I do find it great as "city SPF product" where it gives me enough protection for every day. Bear in mind I always wear a hat, no matter what. The reason I have repurchased it over and over again is because that is the only SPF product that does not leave dreaded whitecast nor breaks me out. A miracle product in that sense. Despite seemingly high price tag, it is also a good value for money, because you get a huge bottle of it that will easily last you a whole year. For those reasons it gets my seal of approval.

So, that are my top picks from Love Lula! All of the products were featured in my favourites posts multiple times, and all of them made it into my 2017 Best Products post. These are also the same products I recommend on Love Lula Bloggers Recommend page. It's good to be consistent, you know?

green life in dublin
Love Lula blogger recommendations - Green Life In Dublin

 What about you, what are your favourite tried and tested Love Lula products? Please share, I would love to know!

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green life in dublin
Love Lula Blogger Recommendations

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green life in dublin

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